As one of the cities in the UK most famous for its musical legacy and cultural life, Manchester is a brilliant place to immerse yourself in music. It has more gigs annually than any other city in the country as well as some of the best music universities and institutions. Its heritage is inseparably entwined with music.

Owing to all this, it’s a brilliant place to learn any musical instrument. This, obviously, includes the guitar – whether electric, classical, acoustic, or bass – and it wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that Manchester is literally overwhelmed with musicians waiting to teach you the guitar. Just have a look on Google, and you’ll find hundreds of different guitar teachers, offering lessons, courses, and classes – either in person or online.

So, whether you are hoping to take lessons in fingerstyle guitar or aspiring to develop your music theory – or whether you are a beginner guitar player or experienced musicianship hoping to try a new genre – you’ll find plenty of fantastic opportunities to learn the guitar in Manchester.

Join a Serious Guitar Class at Presto Music

Presto Music runs guitar lessons across the north of England, and Manchester is one of the lucky cities that benefit from its services. It’s not just guitar lessons either: Presto offers drum lessons, piano lessons, and singing lessons too.

Whatever your chosen genre of music – jazz or blues, folk or funk, or rock, metal, or a little bit of everything – Presto can offer classes by experienced, thoughtful, and qualified teachers. Take it seriously and take an exam, or just learn the fundamental techniques to solo alone in your bedroom, Presto Music will help you with whatever your goal.

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Learn the guitar and get out busking!

Find a Private Guitar Tutor with Superprof

Superprof hosts over five million tutors across the world, offering tutoring in over a thousand subjects. And its aim, in connecting these tutors to students eager to learn, is to build a global education community. In Manchester, there are thirty-six guitar teachers, charging an average of £21 per hour.

The great thing about Superprof is that it allows you to find the perfect teaching style to suit you. So, whether you want to take your guitar lessons in a purpose-built music studio or in the comfort of your own home, whether you want to focus on ear training or to develop your knowledge of chord progressions, Superprof will have the right person for you. There are so many options in Manchester waiting for you right now!

Take Your Pick of Private Lessons with Manchester’s Individual Guitar Professionals

As we noted above, Manchester is a city saturated with guitar teachers and musicians. Because of this, the quality of teaching is high – and the prices are highly competitive. Here are some of the best options of individual guitar teachers offering their services in Manchester.

Guitar Lessons Manchester is a guitar education company run by Michael Woodward, a professional session guitarist working with every genre of music from drum ‘n’ bass to folk. His approach to guitar teaching is comprehensive, covering everything from the scales and chords and aural training of music theory to the practical grades by Rockschool and LCM.

The incredibly similarly named Guitar Lessons in Manchester is the professional name for Adam Smithson who – guess what! – is a guitar teacher in Manchester. With over ten years of teaching experience, and conveniently located near Manchester city centre, he’s a great option for anyone looking to start – or just to polish – their guitar career.

Michael Banfield is a recording artist and Manchester resident offering guitar lessons from his studio in Northern Moor. Handily, he offers half an hour guitar lessons, which are often a better bet both for young kids and those adults who are either pushed for time or who only need a short lesson to keep progress ticking over.

Andy Rees is another performing guitarist working and teaching in Manchester. As his website makes clear, he is willing to travel to any part of the city to teach you – and this is a bit of a bonus for those with difficult transport links. If you play jazz, pop, or fingerstyle – or electric or acoustic – Rees can help!

Maunder’s School of Popular Music, or MSPM, has a huge number of music teachers – and they are all based in Manchester. Offering classes in piano, singing, drums, bass, and guitar, they are well-equipped to walk you through the most basic and the most difficult parts of musical practice and theory.

Working everyday apart from Sundays, MSPM teaches everyone from the age of five all styles and genres of music. Nicely, they also offer band workshops, which you can attend with your musical comrades. Playing socially is a real confidence booster – as well as a great way to refine your technique and your musical ear.

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Get guitar tuition alongside your band with Manchester's workshops.

Become a Specialist Guitarist with BIMM

The British and Irish Modern Music Institute – or better known as BIMM – is an associated array of music schools across England, Ireland, and now Germany. These offer higher education qualifications in music, for which you can specialise in guitar and song-writing, or even music production, music journalism, and event management.

In Manchester, BIMM opened in 2013 and has since gathered brilliant tutors from around the world. As part of your degree, you can even have masterclasses with the likes of Queen’s Brian May and Queen of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme. Even if you don’t care much for these particular musicians, there’s nothing cooler than having a degree in guitar – and the teaching is really excellent too.

Get Guitar Teaching in South Manchester with Sounds Great Music

Sounds Great Music is a bit of an institution in Manchester. It’s known primarily for having sold musical instruments – and particularly guitars – for over forty years. The awards that the shop itself has received are really quite impressive, and they are known as stockists of the most cutting-edge musical technologies.

You’ll be pleased to hear that they also offer music lessons – including in the piano, the ukulele, and the bass, electric, and acoustic guitars. Rob, the teacher, is hugely qualified and experienced, and has taught in institutions including BIMM (see above!) and the University of Salford.

Take a Class at the Manchester Guitar Academy

The Manchester Guitar Academy is quite a classy affair run by academic musicians. Focusing on classical guitar – something that may be a little refreshing! – MGA delivers in professionalism, quality teaching, and musical theory, musicianship, and composition.

MGA offers both one-to-one lessons and ensemble lessons, and encourages their students to play to an audience a few times a year (this may sound scary, but, honestly, they are right!).

Guitar Tuition in Stockport, with RiffsUK

Just outside of Manchester, in Stockport, are based RiffsUK, which hosts a guitar school, a music shop, and an examination centre. You’ll be pleased to hear that they have won plenty of awards – including from the UK’s Registry of Guitar Tutors – and they have plenty (really, plenty!) of excellent staff.

Whilst it is a little out of town, this music centre provides excellent music tuition to those less able to reach the centre of Manchester.

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The only way to improve in music is to study - that includes with the guitar.


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