Manchester has been described as the ‘city of languages’. And this isn’t very far from the truth at all. There appear to be around two hundred languages spoken in Greater Manchester – and over half of the city’s adult population are thought to be multilingual.

Why are we telling you this in an article about opportunities to learn Hindi in Manchester? Well, isn’t the answer a little obvious? Given this fact about the city’s linguistic diversity, Manchester is one of the best places to learn a language in the whole of the UK. And you’ll never guess what the most commonly spoken language is after English?

Unfortunately, it isn’t actually Hindi. Rather, it is Urdu, which, if languages had brothers and sisters, would be Hindi’s (almost) identical twin. This language, spoken by over six thousand schoolchildren in Manchester as their first language, is actually pretty much identical to Hindi – in its spoken forms.

Hindi and Urdu are, as they say, ‘mutually intelligible’, but they are just written in different alphabets – Hindi in Devanagari and Urdu in Persian. (This comes from the fact that Urdu, spoken in Pakistan, has closer contact to Arabic than Hindi, which is spoken in northern India.)

Yet, between them, they make up what is known as Hindustani, a language that has over four million native speakers – and a further 350 million who speak it as a second language. That makes Hindustani the third most widely spoken language in the world.

Let’s have a look at some reasons why you should learn to speak this foreign language – and where you can learn it Manchester.

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Learn to read Hindi!

Why Learn to Speak Hindi?

There are so many reasons to learn a new language – and so many other languages to learn.

However, we in the UK either shy away from learning languages at all – or else choose from a very limited pool of languages. Spanish, French, and maybe a bit of German or Mandarin are the different languages people tend to go for. For legitimate reasons, sure – however, there are plenty of other languages that might be just as handy.

Hindi is one of them. Aside from the huge number of speakers that this language has, Hindi is one of the official languages of India (the other being English), it is a lingua franca across much of India, and it is also spoken in parts of the Caribbean and Fiji too.

If you are travelling around the area, a bit of Hindi will go down a treat. And if you are a businessperson with international aspirations, Hindi will become absolutely crucial in this respect too. With over a billion people in India – and an economy that is growing massively – it’s an increasingly attractive place to do business.

And, of course, being able to speak a bit of Hindi will make this whole process a lot easier.

Yet, at home in Manchester or further afield in Asia, some language skills in Hindi can be hugely important for a whole variety of reasons. And not least of these is the fact that, simply enough, knowledge of a different language is just an awesome asset to have in life in general. Honestly, there is nothing better.

Find out how to learn Hindi across the UK.

The Best Places for Hindi (and Urdu) Language Courses in Manchester

As we said, Manchester is one of the best places in the UK – if not in Europe – for learning a new language. And its particular strengths lay in Urdu and Hindi.

Yet, we know that finding the right language class can be a little tricky – what with the huge number on offer as well as the subtle differences between each one.

Let us make things a little easier. Here, we have collected into the same place some of the best ways for you to learn Hindi in the Manchester area. However, we can’t do all the work.

Rather, the first thing you need to do is consider whether you want to learn with a private tutor or in a group class, whether you want conversational practice or specific training on vocabulary, grammar, or pronunciation. Or whether you should join a class for beginners, for speakers of intermediate level, or for people much more advanced.

And if you aren’t quite sure, try out some different options. Your perfect Hindi teacher is out there somewhere!

Find a Hindi tutor in London!

Study the Hindi Language with the Indian Institute of Art and Culture, Manchester

Manchester’s Indian Institute of Art and Culture – or, as it is otherwise known, the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan – was set up in 1993, one of many that have opened across the world since 1938.

The Bhavan is an organisation that seeks to promote Indian language and culture – including music and yoga and meditation.

In terms of classes in Hindi, they provide beginner, intermediate, and conversational lessons each week at the Manchester Grammar School for Boys.

A great place to go if you want to learn both Hindi and some of the central tenets of north Indian culture.

Check out Hindi tutors in Leeds.

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Can you read this Hindi writing?

Head through to Liverpool to Learn Hindi with Cactus Languages

No-one in the UK is ever very far away from a Cactus Language centre – one of the largest providers of language education in the country.

If you are based in Manchester, your closest centre will be in Liverpool. Here, Hindi classes are offered for two hours weekly, with an average of six people in a class. Alternatively, Cactus could organise for you to learn Hindi online – over Skype.

Whichever option you prefer, Cactus are known for providing excellent language teaching.

Take Hindi Language Classes – or Learn Hindi Online – with Language Trainers

Language Trainers offer a similar sought of set-up, but primarily with teaching taking place online – through Skype or Google Hangouts.

Whilst they do general language tuition, their strengths are in business language skills – something that you and your business might benefit from yourselves. They cite Nokia as one of their clients, which suggests that they work with some of business’s big players.

Learn Hindi in Glasgow!

Find a Private Hindi Tutor in Manchester with Superprof

If you want private one-to-one tuition in Hindi, there is no better place to look than Superprof. With literally millions of tutors worldwide – teaching students in over a thousand subjects – Superprof can offer all the language help you will need.

In Manchester, we have seven tutors of Hindi who can meet you face-to-face – either in your home or in another place that’s convenient for you. Otherwise, you can choose from one of the nearly nine thousand tutors available for online Hindi language lessons!

Join a Hindi Class at VOICE, Altrincham

A bit like Manchester’s Bhavan, VOICE – or the Vedic Organisation for Indian Culture and Education – is a cultural organisation based in Altrincham that offers classes in yoga and meditation, philosophy and religion, and languages – including Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, and Gujarati.

This is a great place to come if you live a little outside of Manchester itself and want to learn Hindi from a native speaker.

Try Out a Hindi Conversational Session with the Manchester International Language Exchange

Whilst you can happily attend a Hindi language course in many locations across Manchester, a different way of learning the language – a way that is more social and relaxed – might be through the Manchester International Language Exchange.

This is organised through the online platform, MeetUp, which allows people to host and share different events that they are holding across the country. Through the Language Exchange, you can link up with other people who are either learning Hindi or who can teach it – as well as twenty-three other languages too.

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Students, Start Learning Hindi with the University of Manchester’s Language Society

Universities are great – and students are some of the luckiest people alive.

Whilst none of the Manchester universities offer a degree in Hindi, the Language Society of the University of Manchester Student Union provides plenty of opportunities for language learning.

Right now, they can organise classes in both Hindi and Urdu – as well as a huge amount of other languages besides.

Right now, it only costs a quid to join. Told you students are lucky!

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Hindi is the official language of India.

Take a Class in Urdu at the University of Manchester’s University Language Centre

Whilst they don’t offer degrees in Hindi, the University of Manchester has a strong language department – which includes classes for those who are not enrolled students at the university.

These include classes in Urdu for beginners. Now, whilst Urdu does not use the Hindu alphabet, the course is focused mainly on speaking – and so is useful for those who are looking to get to grips with either of the languages.

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