"The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future." -Theodore Roosevelt

Napoleon. Shakespeare. Hitler. George Washington. Martin Luther King, Jr. Malcolm X. Margaret Thatcher. What do all of these names have in common? They are historical figures that believed in their causes and fought hard to make them a reality; whether bad or good.

Studying moments of History in yellow-stained textbooks should be viewed as something more than merely memorizing information to receive high marks on the end of year finals. Instead, effort should be made to encourage students to see history class as an essential academic discipline that teaches citizens how to avoid problems in the future by learning from the mistakes of well-meaning past figures.

Therefore, if the study of past events among humans come alive in your mind and fascinates you to your core, becoming a history teacher might be your calling. The reality of the matter is that there is an ever-growing need for passionate history tutors in the UK and elsewhere. Why's that? To make things fun and to put a positive spin on learning about dates and events in a country's past.

Nevertheless, without further ado, the following subheadings will show all those interested in becoming a history tutor with the necessary steps to succeed and make historical events exciting!

Study, Study, Study

studying at Uni
University classes prepare history tutors with the information they need to convey. (Source: pixabay)

"Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn." -Albert Einstein

As is the case for most professions, a few years of studying at a qualified academic institute is needed to find work and have people trust in your abilities; the same case is made when deciding to become a history tutor.

Some might say that knowing about your country's history and the world's historical events might suffice for being a history tutor at a primary or secondary school level. Nevertheless, to become a history tutor similar qualifications to that of being a history teacher at a school are highly recommended and in most cases required.

Therefore, are we to assume that to become a highly successful history tutor that charge big bucks, a degree is necessary? Yes. Alrighty then, which degree should an aspiring history tutor try to get?

An undergraduate or bachelor's degree in a historically based field of study should be enough since teaching experience also much helps tutors hone their craft.

Without further ado, the following are some recommended degrees that are available at some of the UK's most prestigious additional education centres:

  • History BA (Hons) from the University of Southampton: being one of the global top 100 universities, the University of Southampton merits significant consideration. Also, with over 20 History-based degrees offered, it is a haven for history buffs.
  • History with Art History BA (Hons) from the New College of Humanities: with an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, the history degrees offered at the New College of Humanities in the area of Bloomsbury, London are varied, educational, and hugely suggested. If a Bachelor's in Art History does not float your boat, aspiring history teachers may select between 18 programmes such as History with Politics & International Relations, Economics with History, and Law with History to name a few.
  • University of Birmingham: with over 16 history degrees, the University of Birmingham boasts a 90% employment rate for graduates of history-based programs such as Ancient and Medieval History and History and Theology, etc. The reality of the matter is that undergraduates are spoiled for choice when selecting a degree that best suits their unique desires.

The previously mentioned three options are only the tip of the iceberg. According to the always helpful and informative site WhatUni, there are currently 112 universities across the UK in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland's major cities that are offering more than 1450 history-based courses.

We can affirmatively state that aspiring history tutors in the United Kingdom will have no problem finding a degree at a reputable higher education centre near their town or city of residence!

Nonetheless, after the long nights of studying have been completed, how does a person with a history degree follow the alternative route and make it as a tutor? Read the following subheading to learn about the best tutoring website in the UK and how to market yourself.

Marketing Yourself as a Tutor and Setting Reasonable Prices

lessons online
Superprof tutors can work in the comfort of their own home via online lessons on Skype or Zoom. (Source: pixabay)

While handing out flyers to elementary or secondary school parents and sticking your advertisement on grocery store bulletin boards are noble efforts, the majority of people in the 21st century use the internet to find everything they need. You won't catch the big fish by marketing yourself on paper anymore; efforts need to be made to have an online presence.

In the past five years, the education system has shifted, and online classes with professional tutors are much sought out. 

Therefore, history enthusiasts with a relevant degree in their field are smart to find a tutoring-based website with an excellent reputation to market their skills and attract students who need remedial support in History from all ages. But, which site? Superprof!

Superprof is a leader in online and in-person tutoring across the UK and other parts of the world.

According to the current Superprof page, there are over 12 million professional tutors currently working on the Superprof platform teaching subjects from sewing and dancing to mathematics and History. Also, it is essential to mention that while some other highly recommended and trusted tutoring platforms charge new instructors for creating a profile, Superprof does not!

The following are the three steps required to become a Superprof and start teaching History ASAP:

  1. Visit the Superprof website and create your tutor ad for free by selecting the "Create my profile" option.
  2. Define your terms and have complete control over your schedule, fees, and teaching methods.
  3. After your profile has been created and your ad is published, students can see your ad live!

Remember that if there are any questions, the Superprof technical support team is more than happy to help!

Also, it is essential to keep in mind that many students look for specific tutors that can directly help them with something. Therefore, do not shy away from stating your expertise and particular field of study.

How should I price myself as a history tutor?

Probably the primary concern of a new tutor is determining their price; how much should I charge per hour without seeming too desperate for students but at the same time realizing my worth?

To effectively market yourself from the beginning, we recommend choosing a competitive starting price per hour that is nether to little or too much.

It is essential to mention that without any reviews, potential students may shy away from taking classes with a tutor; this is the case with all academic disciplines and on all tutoring sites. Therefore, as a new tutor, it is essential to market a price that is lower per hour at the get-go. How will this help? For example, broke kids attending Uni will be tempted to try a lesson with you, they will recognize your skills, and they will most likely give you a glowing testimonial that will attract future pupils.

After a few great reviews and some months of practice, it is entirely acceptable to gradually raise the overall price of your classes until you have arrived at your desired amount.

It is crucial to keep in mind that those who boast more impressive qualifications and specific niches of knowledge in History can charge more than those who have a general understanding of the discipline in question.

To give newbies an idea of pricing, history tutors in London charge between 10-40 pounds per hour greatly depending on experience. For example, new tutors are on the low side while knowledgable tutors with various active students are on the higher side.

Why Choose Superprof?

Some of the pros of joining Superprof to become a history tutor include a flexible schedule, earning more money than in a traditional classroom, thousands of students browsing through the site daily, and being part of a community that cares about their instructors.

An added bonus about becoming a tutor on Superprof is that you can work in the comfort of your own home! 

In all honesty, a company does not come to have over 12 million tutors by chance, the numbers speak for themself. So what are you waiting for? Apply to become a history tutor on Superprof today!

Hot Tips for New History Tutors

teachers helping students
History teachers actively help pupils become interested in past world events. (Source: pixabay)

New history tutors fresh out of Uni with little to no experience are wise to accept the helpful advice of more skilful professionals in their domain.

Therefore, without further delay, the following tips will help history tutors garner the skills to make classes more enjoyable for students and teachers alike:

  • Develop Helpful Methods: since so much of History is about remembering important dates and events, it would be in the tutor's best interest to develop a way or method to help students memorize these critical historical moments. By sharing your study tips, pupils will continue to book classes with you.
  • Prepare Yourself: preparation cannot be stressed enough; it is entirely irresponsible for a professional tutor to start class without having reviewed the work to be considered. While it is true that the first class is challenging to prepare for since you haven't met the student yet, the subject matter of subsequent courses must be discussed ahead of time for both parties to work things out.
  • Assign Homework: while it might be true that no one likes homework, asking students to research specific topics or perform a homework task is in their best interest for progress.

We are sure that you're going to make the right career choice as a history instructor and by following our advice on how to get started, you'll be golden. See you in class, future history tutor!

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