“All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own. And if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it.” – Samuel Johnson

Marjorelle Gardens, the Palmeraie, the souks, etc. there are plenty of things for tourists to do in Marrakech. Millions of tourists visit Morocco each year and there are plenty of opportunities for them to discover Moroccan cuisine, mint tea, and Moroccan hammams.

So how can you find the perfect accommodation in Marrakech?

A nice flat with a terrace, guest houses, luxury riads, charming villas, deluxe apartments, campsites, etc. there are plenty of options. The choice is yours!

Staying in a Riad in Marrakech

Once you’ve booked your flights, the next step is to find your accommodation. In Morocco, like in other touristy countries, there’s no lack of accommodation for tourists and the first place you’ll probably think of is a hotel.

What is a riad?
If you want to get the most out of your time in Morocco, you should stay in a riad. (Source: olafpictures)

While Airbnb and Couchsurfing have changed how we travel, hotels still are the most common type of accommodation for holiday-goers. In Marrakech, there are plenty of different establishments.

There are also hotel chains like Ibis, for example. You can stay in these hotels in the city centre for a good price. There are two in Marrakech, one by the station and another by the Palmeraie. At a cost of between £35 and £40 a night, you can enjoy a good location during your time in Marrakech.

However, it’d be a shame not to stay in a riad. Riads are traditional Moroccan houses with several floors built around a central patio. The patio is often filled with flowers and a small fountain. Riads are not just traditional houses anymore, they’re often used as hotels. If you’re staying in Marrakech, you can’t miss this relaxing and picturesque type of accommodation. As for the price, you can get a double room from between €40 and €200 a night.

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Airbnbs in Marrakech

Created in 2007, Airbnb allows private owners to rent a room or an entire property to travellers. The sometimes-controversial Airbnbs are now found all over the world, including in Morocco.

Are there Airbnbs in Marrakech?
Would you prefer the services in a hotel or the freedom of an Airbnb? (Source: HappyPlanete)

In Marrakech, there are hundreds of them. Of course, there are also businesses operating on the platform as well as private owners. In the city, you can find accommodation for between £30 and £80 a night. Airbnb is a huge advantage if you’re travelling to Marrakech as a group. The cost of accommodation doesn’t increase as the size of your group does and if a few of you are going, you can get some great accommodation for very little.

Airbnb is a great way to learn more about Moroccan culture and local life, too. You can get advice from the locals about the best places to visit in Marrakech. In some instances, you’ll even also have your kitchen, something you can’t get in a hotel. It’s a good option for larger groups.

Booking a Bed in a Youth Hostel

Youth hostels are the go-to accommodation for travellers on a budget. These establishments offer simple accommodation and beds in dormitories where up to 20 people stay in the same room. Of course, hostels aren’t for everyone but you can enjoy a good atmosphere, make meals for yourself, and save a lot of money. That said, some youth hostels in Morocco are nearly as expensive as hotels or Airbnbs.

In Marrakech, it’s very difficult to find accommodation cheaper than youth hostels. It’s quite easy to find youth hostels for as little as between £5 and £10 a night. Some hostels are as charming as Morocco’s typical hotels. Travellers on a budget can enjoy themselves. Similarly, eating in Marrakech is cheap so you won’t save that much money cooking for yourself in a youth hostel. Generally, the atmosphere is the main reason to stay in a youth hostel and you can meet other travellers.

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Can You Camp in Marrakech?

There are plenty of places to camp in the UK.

But can you camp in Morocco?

Of course! However, campsites aren’t in the heart of the city but there are campsites around Marrakech.

Here are some campsites:

  • Manzil La Tortue
  • The Source
  • Camping Ferdaous
  • Le Relais De Marrakech
  • Camping Ourika
  • Les Jardins d'Issil

Generally, you’ll pay around 100Dh (around £10) for a campervan and campsites are generally out of the way outside of the city in big open spaces. There are often facilities like a pool, for example. To get to Marrakech, many campsites offer a shuttle bus service into the city.

While most campsites are designed with campervans in mind, some even have bungalows and other permanent structures for you to stay in.

The Best Places to Find Accommodation in Marrakech

How can you book accommodation in Marrakech before you get there?

Nowadays you can get a villa with a pool, a holiday flat, hotels, or a bed in a youth hostel via the internet. There are several sites where you can find accommodation without too many problems.

Which are the best websites for finding accommodation in Marrakech?
Thanks to the internet, you can find accommodation almost anywhere in the world. (Source: StartupStockPhotos)

Booking.com, for example. While mainly used for holiday-goers, the hotel comparison site allows you to sort results by price, distance from the centre, etc. travellers can get a better idea of the accommodation through reviews on the site. The advantage is that you can book accommodation but pay for it on arrival. This should give you some peace of mind on holiday. Make sure you look around for discounts. If you find the right deals, you can save a lot of money on Booking.com.

Similarly, Trivago can be used for booking accommodation. Just like Booking.com, Trivago is used to compare a good number of different types of accommodation. You can also search for accommodation in Morocco and Marrakech on Google.

Finally, a little look around Airbnb is a great way to find accommodation. It’s worth it. Furthermore, you can look directly at a map to see where the accommodation is and when it’s available.

You can also find a hotel or youth hostel once you’re there if you prefer being able to change accommodation whilst you’re there. However, be careful during the high season. You run the risk of not being able to find anywhere.

The Best Neighbourhoods in Marrakech for Accommodation

The big issue when looking for accommodation is working out where to stay in a city as big as Marrakech.

The Medina Neighbourhood

The historic heart of Marrakech, Medina is built around the famous Jemaa el-Fna square. It’s one of the best neighbourhoods for discovering Marrakech. You’ll find souks, museums, and the most popular tourist attractions in the city. There are also riads where you can enjoy Moroccan culture.


Marrakech’s trendy neighbourhood is great if you are already familiar with Marrakech and want to see another side of the city. However, this neighbourhood is famous for luxury hotels and isn’t accessible on every budget. On the other hand, you can enjoy some lively nights!

The Palmeraie Neighbourhood

Away from the centre, this neighbourhood is home to large villas and is great for spending a relaxing time in the city. Gardens, large private pools, etc. there’s plenty of traditional Moroccan architecture.

So where will you stay when you go to Marrakech?

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Staying in Marrakech for Free

You can also stay in Marrakech for free. Your first choice is to use “Couchsurfing”, a way to stay with locals who want to open their home to travellers in exchange for some friendly company and the occasional chat. This is a great way to discover Moroccan life.

How can you stay in Marrakech for free?
The locals know best! (Source: paulbr75)

You can also go to sites like HelpX or WorkingAway and volunteer to work in youth hotels in exchange for free accommodation. Of course, you won’t get as much free time to visit the city as you’ll have to work for a few hours each day. Finally, if you have a campervan or van, you can use the Park4Night app to find places where you can park up overnight.

Now you’ve got no reason to not visit Marrakech! With so many accommodation options such as guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, motels, you can find budget accommodation, self-catering accommodation, and all manner of holiday accommodation in Marrakech.

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