Have you just started your degree at university? Are you finding it difficult to conceptualise working whilst at university? Sometimes, for a student, it’s difficult to find, let alone juggle a part time job with university. However, if in need of a few extra bucks, one should not completely neglect the possibility of employment. Moreover, employment at university can open up a world of opportunities for a student. For one thing, a student can use a part time job to gain valuable work experience, especially advantageous if the job is related to what one is studying!


One way to earn money at university, and probably the easiest way to do so, is to get a job within your university. A university’s Student Union usually offers a lot of student jobs, ranging from working at the Student Union bar on club nights, to helping out at various fundraiser/charity events on behalf of the SU. Apart from at the SU, your university will usually offer student jobs such as answering calls from high school students on and after results day. Call jobs usually pay especially well, sometimes offering up to £11 per hour for set periods a week for a couple of weeks work.

There is always tutoring of course. It seems only natural for someone in education passing on their knowledge and experience to younger students. You can place ads in local newspapers or shop windows of course, but online tutoring is much simpler as websites such as Superprof find the students for you and allow you to work from home.

Another way to find a job while at university, is to look at various sites that offer jobs to students. Jobs usually include catering and waitressing jobs at major events within your area. These sites usually offer internships too, however, these are usually unpaid. I have compiled a list of the top three of these sites that are worth looking into:

1) Student Gems

2) Student Job

3) Just Jobs 4 Students

However, I personally found it easiest to get a job by first doing an internship. I emailed one of my favourite fashion labels earlier this year and was offered an internship with them for London Fashion week in February. After finishing this internship, I was then offered an extended internship with them leading to employment. So, not only do I get a job, I get to work in the industry I am passionate and with the people who inspire me the most.

As a student, your opportunities are endless, and one should not let university work inhibit your potential as a employee or an intern, as experiencing a work environment and showcasing your skills to potential employers could strongly benefit you in the future and look great on your CV. However, one must find a balance between work and university, neither should be overlooked, and completing your degree to the best of your ability is by far within your best interests as a student and growing individual.

Happy job hunting!

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