Ever handed your papers in on time, but haven’t received marks for them in over a month? I have, and apparently alot of other university students have the same problem.


This weird university phenomenon is probably the one thing that irritates me about university life. Essentially, your lecturers can get away with a lot more than your high school teachers – including losing essays, and handing them in whenever they want to, whether that be the day after hand in, or three months.  It kind of defeats the point of handing in papers on time; what is even the point in receiving marks at all, if they’re so late anyway?

This phenomenon becomes an actual “problem” around exam time, when you’ve handed in an essay in preparation for your end of year or mid-term exams, and yet you get the feedback for the essay AFTER your exams are finished! Not much of a help, right?

Is there any way for us tired and somewhat exasperated students to get our marks earlier? Hmm, not really, it depends entirely on your professor’s a). work load (will they have time to mark your work straight away, or not?) and b). laziness (pub vs. sleeping vs. food vs. work, which to choose?). Or, you could always rely on favouritism – if you hand in your work on time regularly, and your lecturer/tutor actually likes you, you may be able to get your marks earlier than the rest of us.

I’m not sure if this is something that just happens in UK universities, but, do you think this is right, or just something university students have to adapt to?

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