Now that you’ve passed your GCSEs, you may be interested in the new media-based subjects being offered to you. When the time came to choose my A Levels, I knew very little about what Film, Television and Media Studies would actually be like. My Secondary school hadn’t provided a great deal of information about what these courses would actually entail and having no past experience of studying Media, I was pretty much clueless. So, to help out anyone who thinks a media based subject might be for them, here is a list of ways to tell if you’ll enjoy it:

  • Are you curious about the power and influence that media has over us? We laugh when we’re supposed to, feel sad when we should and are happy for the hero when they prevail. We know none of it is real but we subconsciously accept its messages in to our worldview, internalising the ideologies, prejudices and what we perceive as knowledge. Studying films, television or any other form of popular media will permanently change the way you view your everyday life. You will become a lot more self-aware and critical of the messages that we are constantly fed, enabling you to become a more conscious, active and critical consumer of media.
  • If you enjoy studying Literature but are hungry for a new medium, a subject like Film Studies might be right up your street. We’ve all been analysing literature since primary school so we are much more used to being active readers and can appreciate the power of written language. But there are so many other powerful images, colours, editing styles, cinematographic techniques and more that are just crying out to be analysed! It’s really true that a single image can say a thousand words. It’s a whole new world ready to be discovered.
  • Do you often become frustrated with simplistic, dull, unrealistic television and film? In Film Studies you will get the chance to study some quality films and television shows and you’ll even be given the tools to view even the most predictable media in a new light. You’ll see past the simplicity and be able to uncover the subliminal messages, clever cinematography and perhaps even where the film went wrong.
  • Are you interested in cinematography, colours, music, dialogue or editing? Each element has a huge effect on a film, advert, leaflet or film and, if you study media, you’ll know why. You’ll understand the ways in which people who work in media are able to manipulate an audience to feel happy, sad, angry or to form certain opinions about something.
  • This may seem a slightly obvious point but if you are considering any media based career, it would be extremely beneficial to study Media studies, Film studies or Television studies. It will give you a valuable insight in to the world of media to help you decide if this career path is right for you.
  • Do you thrive on being creative? Media Studies gives you the opportunity to create your own media, whether you chose to do a magazine feature, film trailer, radio advertisement, newspaper headline or a web page. You will not only be taught the skills you need to create but also given the freedom to choose and express yourself in whichever medium you enjoy.

Media, Film and Television studies can be exciting new subjects to delve in to. Although certain old-school universities turn their noses up at them, the knowledge, skills and personal gains are undeniable.

Have fun exploring the new world of media.






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