Are you a student in Manchester with a passion for geography? Have you been looking for ages to find a geography course that is right for you? Are you a little sick of trawling through the internet to find information on GCSE modules, A Level topics, or degree programmes?

Here, we’ve tried to make things a little easier, by bringing the best that Manchester has to offer in terms of geography education all into the same place. (You can see the same information for different cities in our series on geography education across the UK.) So, whether you are a GCSE student struggling in meteorology, or an adult learner with a particular interest in geology, you’ll find the best options here to succeed.

Manchester is a fantastic place to study geography, with a world-class university, lots of sixth-form colleges, and an array of alternative educational possibilities – for whichever level and age of learner you may be. So, have a look below, and let’s get learning!

Geography Revision Courses in Manchester

We can all get a little stressed before our exams – not least in geography. And, if you have been studying for ages but you still can’t crack the analytical aspects of the discipline, you might be seeking some geographical assistance.

Luckily enough, Manchester is a city with a whole load of opportunities for revising the diverse subjects that geography has to offer – from small classroom-sized seminars to large-scale group revision lectures and presentations.

A Level Revision UK

A Level Revision UK is an organisation that, as the name suggests, runs A Level revision sessions across the country, in all subjects you could possibly imagine. In Manchester, they are based in the Manchester Metropolitan University, and run courses there during the February half-term and the Easter break. The first is a two-day session, whilst the other, closer as it is to your exams, runs for four days.

The courses this organisation offers are based around the syllabus from the Edexcel exam board, so if you study this, you will be familiar with the topics such as Globalisation, Coastal Environments, and Geopolitics. The teaching is of a high quality and, whilst there are no group size limits, personalised assistance is guaranteed for every child.

Justin Craig Education

Justin Craig Education has run revision sessions for students up and down the UK for over thirty-five years, and they offer guidance with GCSEs and A Levels in small centres dotted around the country. The organisation conducts revision sessions during every school holiday throughout the academic year, and they even offer residential courses. They’ve honestly become something of an institution for revision – and they keep the class sizes down to keep the teaching quality high.

In Manchester, Justin Craig take over St Bede’s College and Chetham’s School of Music for revision courses of all levels and subjects – and whichever exam board or elective module you are studying, you will find the guidance you need. Of course, they offer geography courses too. (And you can see more on them in our piece on geography opportunities in Leeds.)

Manchester's weather looks a little scary here.
Revise your geography, and keep your exam period free from the storms of anxiety!

Taking a Course in Geography at one of Manchester’s Colleges

Before you’ll require revision courses in Geography, it would probably be worth enrolling onto a Geography course first! In Manchester, if you do not want to continue at your school, the opportunities are plentiful for studying A Levels at a further education college.

The Connell Sixth Form College and the Abbey College Manchester both offer the Edexcel A Level in Geography, and, depending on which is more convenient for you, one of these could be a great option. Whilst at both colleges you will study hydrology, the geographical and biological effects of climate change, migration, and the interrelationship between humans and our world more generally, at the Abbey College the emphasis is more on independent research into and fieldwork on a geographic subject of your choice.

The Manchester College offers a wider range of qualifications in geography and the social sciences more generally. Whilst you can take A Levels in Sociology, Psychology, and Geography, you can also take Access to Higher Education Diplomas in Social Science. This award is perfect for older learners who do not yet have many qualifications, but who want to apply for admission to university in a related subject.

Geography at Manchester’s Supplementary Schools

Manchester is a city known for its broad diversity and its multicultural heritage. As such, there are a whole load of options for people who speak English as a second language to supplement their mainstream education with classes in their first language. There is a wide range of cultural schools across the city that hold supplementary classes at the weekend or the evening, and extra courses in geography – as a fundamental subject in both the humanities and social sciences – are offered widely.

To give some examples, the Libyan, the Bosnian, and the Ukrainian Supplementary Schools are all prepared to teach core school subjects, which are studied in the respective language of the school. The benefits of these classes is that they can introduce children to and aid them in the language of their community – whilst giving them knowledge of the breadth of geographical themes too.

If you are interested, get in touch with your local community, and examine what opportunities are on offer!

Finding a Private Geography Tutor in Manchester through Superprof

Whilst you can track down the right course, college, or revision session for you, you could also just visit Superprof and find, easily and quickly, a geography teacher that is perfect for you.

Superprof connects pupils to tutors across the world, and right now it hosts tutors teaching over a thousand different subjects. Geography, of course, is one of them. And whilst you can connect to over two thousand geography tutors for online tuition, there are also twelve geographers in Manchester waiting to help you study – at an average rate of £15 an hour.

We all know it can be a little frustrating if you attend a class but are secure on all the content you are covering. Superprof offers the opportunity for learning which is at precisely your level, your pace, and in your style. Check it out now: you’ll find graduate students and qualified geography teachers ready to help you from the comfort of your own home.

Continuing Professional Development in Geography at MMU

Continuing Professional Development is a scheme to promote lifelong learning and professional growth. The Manchester Metropolitan University, or MMU, offers courses in this to anyone looking to develop their skills.

CPD courses include the Environmental and Geographical Sciences, which are broken down here into Environmental Management and the Geography of Health. If you continue with these short courses, you can earn yourself enough credits to get a proper qualification at the end.

See what Geography has to Offer with the Manchester Geographical Society

If London has the Royal Geographical Society, Manchester is the home of the Society for the north east. And if you have a passing interest in the subject, but don’t want to commit all of your time to it, the Manchester Geographical Society might be a great place to start.

In aiming to promote geographical knowledge in general, and to promote geographical interest in north-east England in particular, the Society runs events and a lecture series to enable a public engagement in the subject. The lectures are free and open to all and feature major geographers, alumni, and professors in geography.

If you are looking just to dip into the subject, the Society’s series is well worth your time.

A lecture at the Manchester Geographical Society.
Attend a lecture at the Manchester Geographical Society.

Degrees in Geography at Manchester’s Universities

If, having gone through school, you have decided to pursue the life of the geographer, you will need to apply to a geographer degree at university. Each different university has different approaches and focuses, and these are things you will be encouraged to consult if you are considering progressing to an undergraduate degree in the subject.

The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is ranked very highly in the UK for geography, and you will notice that the university offers two different bachelor programmes in the subject. Depending on whether you are more interested in studying Human Geography and Cultural Geography or Physical Geography, you will have to choose between the BA or the BSc.

If you are looking for a postgraduate geography degree, the University’s options are still strong, with Master’s programmes in Geographic Information Science, in Environmental Studies, and in Research Methods. A PhD or doctoral research project in Geography is also possible at this university.

Manchester’s Other Universities

The University of Salford and the Manchester Metropolitan University also offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in geography.

Geography at Salford's wonderful quays
Study geography at the University of Salford, based near the spectacular Salford Quays


And that's your lot! Find out more about geography in the UK by checking out pieces on learning geography in Glasgow and studying the subject in Birmingham!

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