digital single-lens reflex camera (also called a digital SLR or DSLR) is a digital camera that combines the optics and the mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor, as opposed to photographic film.

Digital Photography is the most used technical medium amongst beginner and intermediate photographers!

Convenient, fast and efficient, the DSLR camera can easily be transported and even neophytes can take pictures easily with a quality camera. However, few people really know the various functions of their camera and Some budding photographers are content with average photos, not having the basics of shooting in this immensily generous format. 

DSLR photography : on which sites to buy your device?

DSLR photography : What are some good sites to look into?

You just bought your first digital camera but you do not know how to use manual mode and auto mode? Rest assured, there are websites ready to help you!

Make sure you check out some photography blogs in order to get a better sense of what's out there.
  • Depth of field
  • Output format
  • Quality
  • White balance
  • Sensor size

There are dozens of sites where you can pick up some essential information and thus learn to master your brand new reflex camera.

Before you even begin to find tips online, it is advisable to immerse yourself in the instruction manual. Although this small booklet is sometimes unattractive, it contains sound advice for the budding photographer and it will help in the long run to know exactly what your camera can do!

The photography manual will help you get to know your camera better once youchoose which brand you prefer (Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony ...)

After this short reading, take a look at the sites dedicated to this:

  • Learn Photography
  • Nikon Passion
  • Tutos photos
  • Advance in Photography
  • Learning the art of Photography
  • How to Photograph
  • The Lense choice in Photography 
  • The History of Photography
  • Courses available for Photographers
  • Courses focused on learning Photography 

In addition to being particularly comprehensive, these sites are written by a photographer or a professional photographer who knows the techniques of photographyso you are sure to find sound quality advice!

Finally, think of looking for sites on line within your own tools of Photography .While some platforms are dedicated to Kodak devices with great tips for those specifically, others will focus on Nikon's SLRs and so on. In short, to take advantage of the most appropriate tips, remember to check which SLR camera is also used by the author of the site.

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Taking SLR photo classes in school

What if you took advantage of photo classes supervised by great photographers who proved to also be wonderful teachers?

Today, it is quite possible to live from photography as a profession thanks to the demand fpr professionals of photography. Dozens of art schools encourage this path, whether to become a photojournalist, fashion photographer or even wedding photographer.

Learning in a school of photography remains one of the most effective ways to learn to master your camera and your craft. The courses will be sharp, and the teachers will have the mission to make you pass from a level of amateur photographer to a level of a professional photographer.

Here are some possible SLR photo opportunities in school:

  • A degree aquired from a master class in Photography
  • A BA, Bachelor in Arts, usually a four or three year course in Photography
  • A MA, Master of Art, in a specific field or technique of Photography
  • A school which specializes and teachess only Photography.

Note worthy : the reflex photo classes in school are better addressed to those who wish to realize a complete improvement of their capacities of photographer.

Here, students learn not only the mastery of digital devices, but also to make beautiful photographs in film photography, to make photo editing in post-processing or how to set a time of exposure and the results of this (such as long exposure in a darkroom) .

For a simple introductory course in SLR photography, the student can go through photo associations: in addition to costing less, art associations are ideal for beginners who want to learn the basics of photography.

Whetever your final goals is in this medium you will always find the correct school for your needs, however, and this goes without saying, you must first know what they are! 

Learning Digital Photography from a tutor

How do I find a tutor to teach me some of the tricks and tools of Digital Photography?

Private lessons are THE solution to finding the perfect personalized photography training with an experienced photography teacher!

A professional tutor will go a long way in ensuring that your progree is swift, organic and uniform!

The benefits of private lessons in photography are these:

  • Regular follow-up with the teacher,
  • Active listening during the lesson,
  • More small group pedagogy in individual classes than in school
  • Affordable price with special rate packages,
  • A more relaxed atmosphere than at a photo school
  • Rapid development in photography skills,
  • Varied subjects.

It is possible to start a self-taught course, but a student wishing to become a photographer must trust an expert when it comes to sharpness, exposure, or shutter speed!

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Landscape photo, night photo, macro photography and shutter speed: nothing will be left out during a private photography class. The private lesson is primarily based on the active listening of the teacher. The professional tutor will understand your problems and help you make the best photos possible with your camera.

Here are some ways to find a private photo teacher:

  • Classified local ads in the newspaper
  • Word-of-mouth from other students in photo classes
  • The classifieds of photo courses in specialized magazines related to photography
  • Classifieds photo classes in shops
  • Photo class classifieds in photo schools
  • Online forums with information on these topics

Learn how to do a perfect frame, mount your tripod or master the portrait picture with this home photo course!

Get inspired by the best US photographers on the net.

Take SLR photo classes with Superprof

Superprof has made finding the ideal tutor to suits your needs super easy!

It only takes a few minutes to find a teacher on the Superprof platform. The student must first type the class he / she wants (a classic photo course or culinary photo course, an animal photo course, or maybe a studio photo course- there is so much out there.) as well as its geographical location.

On Superprof, it is always possible to take a photography class online. Indeed, the vast majority of teachers agree to organize online training from the other side of The US if it's necessary and you've found a match-  this is an opportunity for the student to find a teacher perfectly suited to his research.

Last but not least, over 92% of our teachers  give their first photo class for free! The future professional photographer has the opportunity to test several teaching methods before choosing his final photo reflex course.

Manuals to learn the art of SLR photography

Trust the greatest professionals in photography thanks to photo learning manuals!

The photo book is generally agreed to be the basis for every early learner of photography. Each great photographer has a reference book, which they can consult from the beginner to the advanced level in order to progress continuously in their art.

Get inspired by the work of others as one day young photographers will be by yours!

To choose a photography manual, students must pay particular attention to the content of the book. While some use the approach of photo tips for beginners, others evoke technical photography and detailed descriptions of photo equipment (fixed focal length, autofocus, telephoto, viewfinder and shutter speed)

A small non-exhaustive list of the most popular SLR photo books:

  • Photographing all year, from Tom Ang
  • The Guide to Light and Lighting in Digital Photography, by Michael Freeman
  • The Practice of photography exposure, by Bryan Peterson
  • Digital Photography for Dummies, by Julie Adair King
  • A Small encyclopedia of digital photography by Chris Gatcum,
  • Master your camera by Jérôme Pallé.

To acquire a photo book in line with your photo lens or equipment, the best is to go through a store specializing in photographic art. The advisors there will guide you on your choice of book and explain the concepts in this or that book. A great source of information!

There are also articles devoted to the best beginner photo reflex books: why not take a look before buying your first photo book?

Apps that can help you improve your SLR skills

What if you master the art of natural light,  automatic mode and focus mode settings without even leaving your home?

In the digital age, it is quite possible to learn to take photos, to frame and retouch the background and all other sorts of interesting tricks  from your smartphone.

Educational applications are aimed at all levels, from the beginner level to the initiated level; however, this formula will be more appetizing for young technology-savvy learners.

You can easily transfer photos from your SLR to your smart phone and the result, especially with the right apps is always incredible!

Discover the best apps to learn on which to learn about and with your SLR:

  • Photography Lenses
  • My Canon Photo Coach
  • Photography Course
  • FotoTool
  • Guru Shots
  • PhotoProf
  • Learn Photography
  • Photography Lessons
  • Photo Tutorial and many many more being developed and discovered every day!

As a general rule, downloading an application to learn SLR photography is totally free; however, this type of application imposes some scattered advertisements.

The advantage of this type of learning? The possibility to consult your  course during a photo shoot! 

Here, the student can fully practice  during his shooting and improve his post production image skills directly from his smartphone. The application is the ideal tool to learn and progress quickly in photo art and put that practice into practice.

The application does not replace a real photo reflex course with a professional however, it is still useful to supplement photo tutorials and to practice before the next session with beginner exercises and tips to improve the quality of your image.

Time to take out your SLR camera and start immortalizing every moment of your life! So get out there and shoot something amazing! 

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