Belfast, whose metropolitan area population reaches almost 600,000 people, is more than just the capital of Northern Ireland. With its history and settlements dating back to the bronze age, Belfast has witnessed some of the world’s most defining moments. Whether it be the city’s involvement in the Industrial Revolution, building the notorious RMS Titanic or being home to the biggest free-standing cranes in the world - there’s no better environment to supplement or continue your learning journey.

Whether you’re interested in finding tutoring courses for your children or desire to acquire the mathematics skills you never got to complete through supplemental instruction, this guide will walk you through the best places to start taking math lessons in Belfast.

maths resources
When learning higher level maths like Calculus, take advantage of math resources!

Student Learning for Elementary Math

The basic pillars of Northern Irish education revolve around Math, Science, History and English literature. While basic math involving elementary level courses might come as a reflex to us now, learning these basic skills for the first time can be as jarring as understanding college math at the undergrad level. Luckily, there are many different resources in Belfast for children who are struggling in their math classes or math lab to benefit from.

Start by understanding the typical maths system in Belfast. Children rarely need to take a placement test in order to be enrolled in primary school arithmetic courses. The topics that are usually taught at this level include concepts spanning from learning numbers and operations through to plotting graphs and calculating the volume of objects. Here are some of the tutoring centres you can check out in your area or online.

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Future School Online Mathematics and English

If you’re child finds themselves having to retake exams or learns better when they have a personalised guide, the resources at Future School can be a great option. Offering helpful plans and materials for subjects ranging from primary school to advanced level math, the interface gives you the accessibility and flexibility to pick and choose which subjects you may be struggling with the most.

The cost of accessing these guides are either 29 pounds per month or 224 per year. If you’d like to try the service out first, they have a free trial that can be accessed for one month for those that are hesitating between using their services or not.

Explore Learning

A learning centre in Belfast dedicated to providing a personalized approach to learning school subjects, they specialize in the subjects of maths and English. They’ve capped the student to tutor ratio at 6 to 1 in order to ensure each student has enough accessibility to individualized tutoring advice in maths.

While prices for their membership or registration fee aren’t publicly available, you can contact their centre or book a free session. This membership will allow your child to access their centre, at most, 9 times a month. They also offer financial assistance and scholarships for those who need it.

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Middle School Maths Tutors

Math skills at the middle school level can start to get tough for many students. With introductions to higher level school math concepts such as trigonometry or algebraic functions, many students can often feel as if they need a secondary education to keep up. Becoming masters at the skills taught at this key stage can be crucial for math classes later on, such as pre-calculus, calculus and geometry.

If it seems like the mathematics education at the middle school level at your institution isn’t adequate, you will fortunately be able to find online math tutorials or a math teacher at a tutoring centre. Here are some of the courses you can check out for math at this level.

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Kumon Math

With two locations in the greater Belfast area, Kumon is a tutoring centre that originated in 1958 by a Japanese mathematician. Notorious for its math program and original approach to teaching math concepts, it also offers English tutoring services. They offer a wide range of services, covering primary to secondary school. With a registration fee of 30 pounds, the monthly price for using their services is 62 pounds. Their membership includes access to their tutors up to two times a week and also five work sets to be completed at home.

Childcare UK

If you’re interested in having trusted professionals with experience in both mathematics and child-care, take a look at Childcare UK’s selection of tutors. Ranging from teaching elementary school subjects such as basic addition and subtraction to the more complex topics taught in middle school, such as solving inequalities and trigonometric equations. Their prices vary depending on the maths tutor near me.

2nd grade maths
Elementary school and middle school maths can be made easier through math games for kids

High School and College Level Math

Regardless of whether its public or private schools, college and high school grade math can include headache inducing mathematical concepts going from general theorems to differential equations. The pedagogy of mathematicians at this stage in the education system involve trying to prepare students with essential life skills and for various different qualifications such as the GSCE, A-levels, PhDs and more.

College and high school math can differ greatly from elementary or middle school grade level maths because of their complexity. Gone are the days of multiplication and decimals - at this stage, math problems can often be difficult to solve on your own. If your mathematics teacher isn’t able to provide the right pedagogical, meaningful support, getting a math tutor might be the best solution.

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Whether you’re looking for math teachers to provide math courses to improve your knowledge in secondary or postsecondary mathematics, Superprof might be a great resource to check out. With a community of almost 150,000 maths tutors around the world, 113 of which are available in the Belfast area, courses are offered for an average of 16 pounds an hour. Ranging from school teachers and those striving for their teacher certification to high school and college students, you’ll be able to find the perfect tutor for your needs.

Maths Tutoring for Test Prep

Numeracy isn’t just a skill people learn from getting a math education at school - mathematics courses are just one part learning the discipline. Taking examinations allows you to put that knowledge into practice through real world math problems. Whether your school teacher or institution doesn’t offer test prep courses or you simply want to explore your options, here are some solutions you can turn to for A-levels and more.

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Explore Learning

SATs in Northern Ireland are Standard Attainment Tests that are offered during years 2 and 7 of the school system. If you’re worried your child needs some extra help on the subjects they test on, from number theory to quadratic equations, make sure to check out the Explore Learning tutoring centre. Mentioned above, they also offer help for those looking to get some personalized help and lesson plans to supplement their education program.


The A-levels are probably the biggest national exams in the UK, meaning you will have a variety of different study options if you’re looking to start preparing for the exam. Many choose to study with preparation textbooks, which include examples and explanations on the various different subjects that are offered.

If you’re struggling with pre-algebra or geometry and learn better with one-on-one tutoring, check out Gumtree. Listing tutors by area, you’ll be able to select from the range of tutors in Belfast to help you practice for those maths A-levels no matter what your skill level is.

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Homework help for math can come from tutors or helpful online tutorials, games and quizzes!

Free Math Help

If you’re interested in getting help in mathematics for free, whether it be linear algebra or elementary level operations, there’s no better place than online maths guides, games and tutorials. This can be a great option for those that simply don’t have the budget for maths tutoring services.

One of the best online resources for math is Khan Academy. This online tutoring platform hosts a number of videos, lessons and guides relating to a diverse range of math categories. Walking you through concepts and examples step-by-step, you’ll be able to learn concepts with the help of experienced tutors.

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Another great site to check out is Math Tutor UK. Created in part by the HEFCE Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning by teachers from the University of Leeds, Loughborough and Coventry, this site offers tutorials and practice problems in seven different subject areas:

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Functions, graphs, series and sequences
  • Geometry and vectors
  • Trigonometry
  • Differentiation
  • Integration

If you prefer one-on-one tutoring, you may want to check out your school or local library. Schools often have tutoring centres or even math labs led by peers and staff dedicated to providing maths help for those who need it. Many libraries offer tutoring programs that can often be found either at the location or online.

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