Unlike other cities in around the UK that have a heavy association with music – such as The Pool or Madchester, Bournemouth is better known for its tourist culture and nightlife.

Surely some of that after-hours fun involves karaoke bars, doesn't it?

Still, there is a rich musical heritage here, with members of internationally renown bands like Manfred Mann's Earth Band and Supertramp calling it home.

Those worthies notwithstanding, perhaps the most notable aspect of Bournemouth's social climate is that, according to a survey conducted in 2007, that area was reportedly the happiest place in the UK.

More than 80% of survey respondents stated that they were happy with their lives in Bournemouth.

We find that an interesting statistic, as singing has been proven to positively impact mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Does that mean that everyone there hums a happy tune?

How great a portion does music occupy in the lives of people living in Bournemouth? How does it impact your life?

Let us now discover where in the region you too can learn to sing like Lou Brown!

What Does it Take to Take Singing Lessons?

Many people believe they must somehow have a predisposition or aptitude for singing in order to warrant cultivating their singing voice.

Others believe that you must train classically or be a professional in the vocal arts in order to even be considered by a vocal coach for singing lessons.

Still others contend that unless you plan for a career in music, there is no point in even thinking about voice training.

Wrong, wrong and wrong again! All of those assumptions are ill-founded. Here is why:

  • Studies show that people with perfect pitch are few and far between; most popular singers today have no better a voice than you do; theirs is just well-trained.
  • Voice coaches enjoy working with people of all vocal ranges, from every walk of life.
    • What matters most to your prospective singing teacher is that you are passionate about music and self-expression
  • Learning to sing with a qualified instructor and singing for the masses are mutually exclusive concepts.

You may want to sing at your parents' silver anniversary or at your sister's wedding. You might have signed on, or been recruited into a talent contest at work.

You may even just enjoy singing in the shower!

Now, we give you pragmatic reasons to consider vocal training, besides the general statement made above – that singing improves overall health.

Before stepping into the studio, you should learn breath control and good posture
A good voice coach would emphasize good posture and breath control Source: Pixabay Credit: Mohamed Hasan

Better Posture

The first aspect of learning to sing would surely be how you hold yourself.

A slump-shouldered pose affects your breathing and, later in life, could lead to debilitating disease.

From your very first lesson, your voice teacher will show you how to maximise your air intake: shoulders back, abdomen taut and using your diaphragm to push the notes out more forcefully.

Soon, you'll be belting out a chorus like Adele!

Breath Control

This is the single, most important aspect of learning to sing well.

How you exhale controls the sound you emit, as well as its volume, pitch and tone.

Have you ever wondered how Mariah Carey manages to hit every note along a 7-octave range?

Your larynx plays a part in determining whether you are an alto or soprano; tenor or bass, but how you exercise your voice, along with how you use wind makes all the difference.

Good singing teachers would emphasize how to use head voice, chest voice and mixed voice.

Proper breath control helps build resonance, too.

Vocal Exercises

Singing scales have been so popularized that they have become almost clichéd.

In movies about music and movies about ordinary school, we hear the piano strike a key and voices intone...

But are scales actually still relevant in voice training today?

Even established singers confess, with a measure of guilt, that they do not necessarily run scales prior to a performance.

They just sing and warm up as they go along.

The best way to stress your vocal chords is to jump right into a complex melody without adequately preparing.

You may be dismayed that more than a third of your singing lessons consist of warm up exercises.

The fact is, scales are designed to extend your range as well as get your throat ready to work.

When you learn how to sing with a teacher well versed in music theory, s/he will keep you, the beginner, in your perceived range – the notes you can comfortably reach.

However, as your breathing and endurance improves, s/he will add notes to the top and bottom of your range, so that you can extend it.

Using this technique, you will soon be able to sing high notes that, before, you were straining to reach.

Where can you find such voice lessons? 

Get your singing groove with private lessons!
You too can be confident in wielding a microphone after your singing lessons! Source: Pixabay Credit: Quimuns

Vocal Coaching in Poole/Bournemouth

The College offers full time or part time enrolment for music lessons.

Whether you want to be a classical performer or prefer singing covers of popular songs, this school has state of the art recording facilities, and professional musicians to lead you to singing success.

Their staff has far-reaching contacts in the music industry, too!

Studying singing there, you will be a part of a large group of musicians, who even gig on the weekends!

Bournemouth School of Music

Set in the funky Pokedown area, this well-established institute has a solid reputation for turning out singing (and other musical) talent.

Their premier singing coach made her splash in the mainstream music scene and is now ready, with all of her verve and energy, to put you into the spotlight.

In their facility's soundproofed rooms, she teaches vocal techniques to beginners as well as more advanced singers.

You can take lessons by yourself, or invite your mates to join in!

Singing Lessons Bournemouth

Brittany Soriano lends her dynamic teaching style and passion for singing to this venture, offering lessons to aspiring singers of all ages and genders, individually or in small groups.

She is proficient in imparting singing techniques for all styles of music, from Jazz and Blues to Rock and Contemporary.

If you have a special love for Country music, that is where she excels!

This professional singer is as concerned with your vocal health as with your learning how to sing, so be prepared to do plenty of warmups and get a great background in musical theory and how to breathe.

In fact, she recommends bringing a bottle of water and a notebook to your sessions.

Singing With the Choir

Let us paint this scenario: you were taking voice lessons for a specific purpose – the aforementioned anniversary party, for instance.

Since then, you have discovered that you love to sing, are not half-bad at it, and wish to continue – preferably without the fees and formality of actual classes.

If that is you, consider joining one (or more) of the many choirs active in the Bournemouth/Poole area.

But, aren't choirs something you hear in Church? Very formal affairs, singing classical numbers in Latin?

Sing Now is a group of music lovers who lift their voices enthusiastically, all over town and at special events.

Their philosophy is that singing is for everyone. In that spirit, they do not require you to know how to read music; they don't even require you to audition!

They do ask that you attend rehearsal regularly, and that is when you will glean the most singing tips.

The Funky Little Choir Co actually has three different divisions: Children, Youths, and Adults.

While not exactly professional – they do not even wear choir robes!, they have a polished sound that can only come from a tight-knit group who just wanna sing it loud!

They will happily give you a trial session on Mondays (in Christchurch) or Thursday evenings.

What if you don't have time to sing with a choir on a regular basis? What if you are already committed on the days they rehearse?

What if singing in a choir is simply not how you envisioned improving as a vocalist?

You can find suitable singing lessons online
You only need one web address to find quality singing lessons Source: Pixabay Credit RachelScottYoga

Take Vocal Lessons Online

If the demands on your time and energy are such that you simply cannot envision yourself going back into town for vocal warm ups, perhaps singing lessons online would be the best option for you.

If you lack in confidence; maybe even suffer stage fright and cannot squeak a note out with someone else in the room, online lessons might be the only solution to training your voice.

You could shop around the Internet and trust your search engine to lead you to the right music teacher for your vocal range and singing style...

Or you could just head directly to Superprof and engage any one (or more) of the nearly seven hundred tutors, to start your singing exercises today!

Superprof voice coaches generally offer their first hour free, which would give you a chance to see if their teaching methods suit your needs.

All of their profiles detail their level of experience and certification, and their preferred style of music.

To find a teacher in tune with your singing goals – maybe you want to become more confident through song, you only need one Internet search.

And a decent computer set-up.

Here we are, so close to Christmas: are you ready to go caroling?

You will be next year, after building your repertoire with the great singers you'll meet during the course of your singing lessons, wherever in the UK you learn to sing! Whether it's Bournemouth, Cardiff, Glasgow, London, ManchesterNottingham, Belfast, Edinburgh or the World Capital City of Pop: Liverpool.

Happy Harmony!

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