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Where Can You Find Vocal Lessons with a Singing Teacher in Glasgow?

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If ever a geographical location could tempt one into singing, Glasgow would be it.

Assorted spires pierce the heavens; a subtle goad to everyone that they too should hit the high notes – literally and figuratively.

If the stunning architecture within the city doesn’t set your heart to song, then the surrounding hills surely must.

And, as though all of that were not incentive enough to make you want to sing, perhaps knowing that Glasgow has been voted the world’s friendliest city would give you something to sing about.

Have you ever imagined yourself belting out a tune in the Armadillo or The Hydro? Maybe you would like to audition for The X-Factor or Britain’s Got Talent?

So much musical genius originates in Glasgow!

Oasis, originally from Madchester, were discovered at King Tut’s. Find out about learning to sing in this incredibly musical city.

Primal Scream members are all Glaswegians, though.

If singing is indeed your life’s dream, let us take a look at how you can make it come true.

A scarf will not warm your throat for singing A scarf is a lovely throat warmer, but it will not prepare your throat for singing Source: Pixabay Credit: StockSnap

The Do’s and Don’ts of Singing Classes

Don’t be shy!

Studies show that a lack of confidence, in oneself and one’s singing abilities, is the primary reason that people do not sing.

Discovering your singing voice is a great way to become more confident.

In learning to sing, you will find that everything from your posture to your breathing will improve.

  • To make the most of your lung capacity, you will have to stand straight, with shoulders back.
  • For your diaphragm to push the air out forcefully – to give power to your singing voice, you will find your abdomen must be taut.
  • For your larynx to function optimally, you will have to work your neck muscles, keeping your head as high as possible.

As your vocal training progresses, you will find that, in your everyday life, you will have unconsciously adopted the stance necessary to produce amazing sounds during your voice lessons.

Head up, shoulders back, flexed stomach… the very pose that exudes self-assurance!

If you are self-assured, then you would be less likely to be plagued with stage fright.

Read about voice training in London, Bournemouth, Cardiff and Liverpool too!

Do Vocal Warm Ups

Have you ever wondered why you feel compelled to sing in the shower?

Singing has been proven to boost emotional, mental and physical welfare, and the act of showering releases feel-good endorphins.

Thus it could be that getting pelted with warm water makes you feel so good you must burst into song!

Or, it could just be because of the fabulous acoustics that bathrooms provide…

It is OK to sing in the shower because the steam naturally conditions your vocal chords for singing.

Otherwise, you should never put your singing voice to work without first doing warm up exercises.

Interestingly enough, many professional singers confess that they seldom warm up. That is an aspect of their career in singing that you should never emulate!

What does a vocal warm up consist of?

For one, running scales – just as you’ve seen or heard done in countless movies about singing.

You can also hum.

Humming in higher and lower pitches activates your head voice and chest voice. Here, being familiar with scales is helpful because you can raise your hum to the corresponding scale note.

There are other vocal exercises, such as the lip trill, you can do. Be sure to ask your music teacher to explain and demonstrate warm up exercises.

Don’t Blast Broadway at the Karaoke Bar

For one, alcohol consumption is notoriously bad for your vocal chords. If you intend to wow your mates by covering Adele or Joss Stone, you should probably stick with water.

For two: remember that warming up is essential for not stressing your voice. Unless you hum and do your lip trill, you should probably stick with low-key ballads.

Be sure to use the microphone rather than project to the back of the room using all the raw power you can generate.

And, if you are a football fan, you shouldn’t yell at the match, either.

Do Engage in Voice Training

Statistically, less than one percent of the population have what is called perfect pitch: the ability to sing, on key, with no formal training.

You may be surprised to find that several big name performers consult a voice coach, and for several reasons:

  • after an illness or injury; to get back on track
  • to expand their range
  • to pick up the latest singing tips
  • as a confidence booster prior to performing

Many times, such a singer would actually pay the vocal coach to go on tour with him/her.

If you wouldn’t run a marathon or play a sport without proper training, neither should you sing without doing exercises for your throat.

Your singing teacher would instruct you on all of these aspects of vocal health, and more.

Let’s go find one, now!

Where to Find Singing Lessons in Glasgow

Take Instruction from Singing Fiddles

How very Scottish to blend Highland voices and violin! With Singing Fiddles you can learn singing, fiddling or both.

Whether you want to sing for fun or prepare for your grade exams, this dynamic group of voice teachers can take you from the very beginning of learning how to sing all the way to performance-ready vocals.

They welcome students of all ages and genders and, most importantly, never tell you what you should sing!

You might want to sing classical music – opera or cantata. Perhaps you prefer pop or rock; country or gospel or jazz.

Any style, any type: every voice coach will work with you to realise your singing aspirations.

Singing should put a smile on your face Learning to sing should not be all about scales and breathing Source: Pixabay Credit PDP

Learn to Sing with Happy Voices

Many music teachers get bogged down in music theory, or have you run scales the entire session, leaving only a few minutes to actually sing.

Hannah Howie is not such a teacher.

She has an impressive repertoire under her belt. After years in musical theatre, she is passing on all of the tricks of the trade to her clients.

From absolute beginners to those who just need a more commanding voice, she will impart everything from breath control to vocal techniques you can use in a boardroom or classroom.

Teachers need powerful voices, too!

You should note however, that she does not give online singing lessons. For now, at least, only Glaswegians can learn how to sing from Hannah.

Through whom should you take singing lessons online?

Learn to Sing Online

These days, the Internet is the be-all and end-all of everything you ever wanted to know or learn.

Isn’t it?

It then stands to reason that you could learn how to sing from an online tutor, but which tutor to choose?

The answer to that question comes down to how you define singing success.

Are you trying to make good on a New Year’s resolution – or trying to decide what next year’s resolution should be?

What style of music do you want to sing?

Do you plan on making a career out of singing?

The answer to all of these and other questions, and the singing exercises you need to get where you want to be musically, can be found through Superprof.

With nearly seven hundred teachers online and ready to help you master singing techniques, all you really need is a decent Internet connection and Skype.

Knowing that you only have to sit in front of your home computer for your breathing exercises and vocal lessons – instead of dashing off after tea, should help ease a bit of tension.

That means you will sing better, faster!

And, if nothing else eases your tension, think about how most of Superprof’s voice teachers offer their first lesson for free.

Superprof vocal coaching is done at your tempo, in your style of music, at your pace.

Furthermore, seeing as you are learning how to sing online, your tutor could be anywhere in the world.

If bel canto sends shivers down your spineNessum Dorme being a fine example of such, perhaps you would find your ideal singing teachers somewhere in Europe.

Sure, but what if you have no desire for anything that structured?

Join a choir to pick up singing tips and gain practice Singing with a choir is a good way to pick up singing tips Source: Pixabay Credit MiriamMichelle

Sing with a Choir in Glasgow

In a city with such a prominent music presence, you can be sure to find fun and funky choirs to sing with.

If you are new to Glasgow, this is a great way to meet new people, too!

The Glasgow Contemporary Choir does not require you to wear robes, read music or audition.

They would like it if you had a good ear for rhythm and a strong desire to have fun with music.

They sing a pop and rock repertoire and even permit opportunities to solo, if you so desire!

Or, you could try Voicebeat, Glasgow’s only multinational choir.

As their designation attests, they sing music from different parts of the world, and in different languages.

Here again: no robes, no auditions, no formalities save for rehearsals.

Where is the learning in singing with a choir, you ask?

Choir members tend to share their collective experience and singing tips.

You could learn how to sing better in this informal setting than you might during one on one sessions with a voice teacher.

You could learn even better with a combination of choir and lessons!

What are you waiting for?

Develop your vocal range! Cultivate your ear! Find your instructor and start singing!

And if Glasgow is too far from home, find out about taking singing lessons in the rest of the UK!


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