Liverpool: what a music-oriented city to live in!

Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Capital City of Pop Music, The Pool - as locals call it, is where the most successful male band members, and those from female music acts originated from.

With the advent of The Beatles, Liverpool became the seat of the Beat Music movement, which in turn became the British Invasion.

The Merseybeat, the name given to the unique fusion of Chuck Berry style guitar, played at mid-tempo, with jazz and soul riffs thrown in, became the foundation of the standard rock group of today.

All over the world, pop and rock bands of today owe their format – lead, rhythm and bass guitars, drums and vocals – to the Liverpool music scene.

Whether for fun or to get serious about a career in singing, you might want to add your name to the long, illustrious roster of Liverpudlians whose echoes of talent, style and vocal prowess still dazzle us today.

The best place to start is with singing lessons, so let's go find some!

LIPA music programmes focus on commercial and popular music genres
Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts has a programme for every aspiring singer Source: Wikipedia Credit: Rept0n1X

Take Singing Lessons in a Music School

Scousers know, and it should come as no surprise that there would be numerous avenues to pursue in gaining an education in music and singing.

Foremost on that list would surely be the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.

Their focus is on contemporary and commercial music, with a curriculum targeted to all aspects of songwriting and performance.

Learning how to sing through LIPA's three- or four-year degree programme ensures you will be indoctrinated in everything from breath control to ear training – connecting the sounds you hear with notes on a paper.

You will learn all about reading and writing music and, on evenings and weekends, you will have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience of your peers (and possibly heavies of the music industry, such as agents and producers).

Are you worried about stage fright?

LIPA has a solution for you: weekly one-on-one voice training sessions with a vocal coach.

This individual attention will help you improve your technique, find your pitch and help you become a better vocalist.

You will find it easy to extend your vocal range: through their singing exercises, it will only a matter of time before you hit all of those high notes!

By the time you graduate, after three years (or four), you would be a well-rounded professional singer, as adept at songwriting as you would be comfortable in front of an audience.

What if your circumstances and schedule do not permit a three year commitment to vocal training?

The Choir With No Name

This group might be a fun bunch with whom to kick your musical ambitions into high gear!

Founded three years ago in Liverpool, they give regular performances around the city. Their singing success is due in large part to weekly rehearsals.

After which you can enjoy a nice meal together!

Not only are they a diverse group of people from all walks of life, but their repertoire reflects individual members' backgrounds. They have been known to sing:

  • Rock and Pop
  • Soul and Funk
  • Jazz and Blues
  • Reggae
  • Gospel
  • Show tunes

Admittedly, they've yet to do any acid rock or punk... but they are open to suggestion!

The Choir With No Name hosts regular singing workshops, open to beginners and advanced singers alike.

You do not need to be an accomplished vocalist to join them; in fact, they do not require you to audition at all!

If you are at least somewhat confident of your singing voice and wish for some informal vocal coaching, or if you just want to learn from others to improve your singing technique, this choir could be a step in the right direction for you.

Imagine how stunned your mates would be on karaoke night when, fresh from choir practice, you belt out Adele's Hello!

Be sure to not strain your voice with too much singing, though.

Find your confidence with the right voice coach
Don't let a lack of self-confidence freeze you behind the microphone! Source: Pixabay Credit: Neoloky

What to Look for in a Voice Teacher

Unless you are a natural talent with perfect pitch and a tuned ear, you should take singing lessons London to hone your skills.

Even if you are a natural talent with an uncanny ability to recognize chords and sing on key every time, you should still seek out the guidance of a voice coach.

Finding a good singing teacher is as easy as conducting and Internet search.

Finding a singing teacher suited to your particular vocal range and singing ambitions... that is altogether a different sequence of notes.

The following are all aspects of vocal training that every good instructor of vocal techniques should impart:

  • How to breathe – your coach should start each session with a series of breathing exercises.
  • Good posture: believe it or not, a stoop-shouldered pose can compromise your air intake and capacity for resonance
    • speaking of which, your music teacher should explain head voice, chest voice and range
  • Music theory – the methods and concepts used in creating music
  • Confidence: even famous singers are sometimes plagued with bouts of self-doubt; it is up to voice teachers to help their performers feel more relaxed
  • Vocal health: rest, moisture and muscle tone are the three key ingredients to healthy vocal cords
    • taking care of your larynx is an important part of your development as a singer; avoid straining your voice box at all costs!

Beyond teaching you how to sing better, your singing classes should be structured around your overall artistic development; not just your singing technique.

As fabulous as her voice is, Mariah Carey has often been cited as a singer more interested in exercising her admittedly impressive 7-octave range, rather than putting heart into her music.

Don't be that singer! Let us help you find vocal lessons that amount to more than performance coaching.

Take Singing Lessons with a Private Instructor

With two of the only ten singing teachers in the UK who are certified by Vocology in Practice, Balance Vocal Studio might just be the right place for you to learn how to sing.

Their method of instruction is nurturing and supportive; embracing all aspects of voice training.

For instance, they would not have you start singing if your throat does not feel in tip top shape, nor would they arrange for you to sing out of your range.

They would, however, lead you through vocal exercises, and then, once you are thoroughly warmed up, have you start singing songs you are comfortable with.

Have you written any songs? Have you composed brilliant lyrics, and only need help putting them to music?

Here again, Balance is ready to help. If you want to learn how to write a song before you can sing any songs at all, their instructors are just waiting to teach you.

There is a popular misconception that only classical singers have these sorts of voice lessons. - Ian Davidson

Balance Vocal Studio is there to help you learn how to sing, whether you are classically trained or not... just in time for you to serenade next anniversary, or sing at any other grand occasion.

They also give voice lessons online!

Taking lessons online is not difficult if you are motivated
With a decent set-up, you could take singing lessons online Source: Pixabay Credit: Mohamed Hasan

Learning to Sing Online

If you have a decent Internet connection and a deep desire to learn how to sing – but no time to attend scheduled lessons, making use of Skype to connect with a voice coach could be a workable solution.

Music Teachers UK is a resource for the determined but busy singer who wishes to hone her skill or build his craft.

Working with a singing coach online is not so very different than going to a studio or school.

Granted, you have to be a self-starter, and it might be easier and more efficient if you already know fundamental singing techniques, like proper breathing and pushing from your diaphragm.

Still, if you know how to read music and have benefited from voice lessons in the past – if you just want to improve your tone quality or, even better!, have landed a gig...

Online singing lessons may just be the right fit for you.

If you are open to taking lessons online, Superprof has hundreds of qualified voices just waiting for you to take lessons from them.

Whether you are into contemporary music or bel canto is more your style, you will certainly find the right trainer for your voice.

Any one of our music coaches could take your training in hand and turn your voice into an instrument akin to those of great singers you might hear in a concert hall.

Singing has been proven to have numerous health benefits, for your mind and your body.

But mostly, we sing for the passion of it; for the sheer joy it brings.

So, with all of the ways to take singing lessons in Liverpool, how to learn to sing is all up to you.

Breathe in, log on and find a teacher. Your vocal chords will thank you!

And if you live across the pond, find out more about learning to sing in the famously musical Madchester.

Whether you're from Cardiff, Glasgow, Bournemouth, Nottingham, Belfast, Edinburgh or the capital, you can learn to sing in any UK city!

Need a Singing teacher?

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