"To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world." - Famous Chinese proverb from unknown author

Learning a second language opens up worlds of possibilities; ease of travel, business opportunities, eligibility for the best jobs available on the workforce, and a better understanding of cultures that are distinct from our own.

When deciding upon which language to learn it is important to think of your situation and the usefulness of the foreign tongue. 

Millions of people around the world speak languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Malay, Arabic, and Chinese and by learning these foreign tongues individuals unlock previously unattainable possibilities.

Since the world has been compared as a global village, the basic concepts of complex languages can be acquired at language schools, with private tutors, or by using learning software in an individual's hometown without moving abroad to where the foreign tongue is spoken.

Therefore, without further delay, Superprof will demonstrate to curious polyglots the best language and culture schools to learn the basics of Mandarin, the most highly recommended online resources to find professional Chinese tutors, and essential tips to learn Mandarin Chinese without getting discouraged and eventually giving up.

The Best Language Schools to Learn Mandarin Chinese in Glasgow

the best language schools
The city of Glasgow has a number of language schools and private tutors offering Mandarin Chinese classes. (Source: pixabay)

Glasgow has been an important trade and economic centre for centuries. Therefore, many immigrants from all over the world have arrived in Glasgow looking for a more economically prosperous life that is difficult to attain in their countries of origin.

Immigrants from China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Poland now call Glasgow home. 

Due to the constant exposure of distinct cultures, many Glaswegians have been inspired to learn a foreign tongue. A wide variety of qualified languages schools in the Glasgow area offer language programmes in Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, and, of course, Mandarin Chinese.

Without further ado, the following are the best and most highly recommended foreign language institutes that offer specialised courses in Mandarin Chinese:

  • Live Language: an accredited language school that specialises in English training courses such as CELTA. However, to meet the needs of Glaswegians, Live Language offers fantastic language courses in a variety of foreign tongues. Considered by many as the best place in Glasgow to acquire a foreign tongue, the Mandarin Chinese programme at this institute comes highly recommended. The Chinese programme is a 12-week small-group course with two hours of class weekly. The entire course costs £179 and students are promised a cultural activity at the end of the term to ensure that learning Chinese is an engaging experience. Check out their website to see what students have to say, what are the exact details, and when do classes start.
  • Confucious Institute at the University of Glasgow: the highly recommended language class at the Confucious Institute at the University of Glasgow welcomes the general public and fellow students. Classes are designed for complete beginners, intermediate or advanced students. There are three sessions of Chinese courses each year that run for eight weeks. Tailored one-to-one courses are also offered for interested students who feel shy to practise their Chinese in a group. Check out their website to learn more about the beginners, intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced classes;  studying Chinese in a high-quality learning environment with dedicated individuals at the University of Glasgow has never been so possible for Glaswegians!

The two language institutes mentioned above are Superprof's most highly recommended professional places to master the basics of Mandarin. However, by researching and through word of mouth, new language schools offering Chinese classes may be discovered.

Superprof has also published articles about learning Chinese in lively London, and in bustling Birmingham, the UK's "second city."

Helpful Online Resources to Find a Private Mandarin Tutor in Glasgow

the best tutors
Chinese can be learnt online in the comfort of your own home with a professional tutor. (Source: pixabay)

Glasgow is Scotland's most densely populated city and one of the UK's most important metro areas. Like all citizens living in cities all around the world, Glaswegians are busy and exhausted at the end of a workday.

Therefore, how does a working citizen of Glasgow learn a foreign language such as Mandarin without attending night classes at a language school?

Easy, by searching the web for qualified Chinese tutors that offer online or at-home language courses in the city of Glasgow. Without further delay, the following are the best online resources available to find professional Mandarin Chinese tutors in Glasgow and its surroundings:

  • First Tutors: one of the highest rated sites in the UK to find qualified tutors in any academic discipline. They offer new clients peace of mind since all personal educators provided on the site must undergo reference and ID checking to become an accredited instructor featured on the First Tutors website. According to First Tutors, there are four highly qualified, recommended, and experienced Mandarin tutors that are working in the Glasgow area. Three of the four tutors offer the possibility of teaching new students in person or online. Hourly rates among tutors range from £15-40, and the four Mandarin educators boast stellar reviews from past students,
  • Superprof: Glaswegians can always count on Tutorful to find the best academic tutors offering Mandarin lessons in any subject and the Mandarin Chinese is of no exception. According to Superprof's site, there are currently 13 Mandarin Tutors working in the Greater Glasgow region. Prices per hour range from £15-40 depending on experience and accreditations. Many of the tutors offered on this online resource have various repeat students that are highly satisfied with the teaching methods of their Mandarin Chinese tutor. Check out their informative website to find the right tutor for your learning style!

The two options cited above are some of the best online resources recommended by Superprof to find Chinese tutors in any UK-based city. However, it is important to shop around before deciding upon a tutor that fits your needs. Surf the web to find other highly recommended tutoring sites and search through the bulletin boards at Glasgow-based universities in case there are some Chinese tutors offering language courses to pay for their tuition.

A wide variety of personal tutors are also available in the Greater Manchester area, and Leeds and its surroundings.

Indispensable Tips to Correctly Acquire Mandarin Chinese

how to speak Chinese
To avoid discouragement and complicated Chinese writing in the beginning, learning how to speak and converse in Mandarin Chinese should be a priority. (Source: pixabay)

Before the 1970s China was an underdeveloped country that did not have a significant impact on the world scene. Therefore, learning Chinese was not encouraged and not viewed as necessary; however, it is important to note that times have changed.

Find the best Chinese lessons on Superprof.

China has one of the world's largest economies, and to have favourable relations with this densely populated country for trade reasons learning Mandarin Chinese is highly recommended. 

Nevertheless, Chinese is a tough cookie to crack, and according to many language experts, it is the most challenging tongue to master for native English speakers since it is a tonal language that has four distinct pronunciations, is rich in homophones, and is full of idioms that were picked up by native speakers over the course of history.

However, it is essential to state that nothing worthwhile comes without its sacrifices; consequently, without further ado, the following are some crucial tips to acquire fluency in Mandarin Chinese correctly:

  • Don't Think That It's Too Hard to Learn: Mandarin Chinese has the reputation of being notoriously difficult to learn and this discourages many learners; the tones scare people since changing your voice over a single syllable can generate multiple words with multiple meanings. For example, "ma", depending on how it is pronounced could mean "hemp", "horse", "mother" or the verb "to scold." Nevertheless, it is important to state, that Chinese is not as difficult as it seems. Certain aspects that be easy to grasp include grammar, sentence structure similar to English, the absence of gender and no plural nouns, and the fact that verbs exist in a single form without conjugation. Students who are familiar with a Latin-based find Chinese grammar to be a walk in the park!
  • Learn How to Speak First: Chinese written language is relatively complex and it would be wise for beginners to focus their attention on speaking before tackling Chinese writing. The tones are quite complicated at first but with time can be mastered relatively quickly. Nevertheless, it is crucial to state that the majority of language programmes at qualified institutes in the UK simultaneously teach speaking and writing; therefore, it would be highly recommended to attend one-to-one classes that are tailored to your needs, and that explain speaking first.
  • Be Serious About Your Studies: the common saying of, 'Rome wasn't built in a day', helps us understand that good things take time. Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese is impossible to acquire in a few weeks; time, dedication, and motivation are required. For a learner to study and correctly acquire useful language skills, a serious attitude needs to be adopted. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect, and a regular schedule of classes with a professional tutor is highly recommended to avoid discouragement and to make the learning experience truly memorable.

Glaswegians can acquire the basics of Mandarin with the qualified schools, professional tutors, and helpful tips mentioned in today's article. Learn Mandarin today to be able to order dumplings off the streets of Shanghai like a boss!

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