"He who excels in study can follow an official career." -Confucious

Further education and additional studies are highly recommended to ensure professional success and prosperous career.

With constant issues in the world's economy, the job force has become highly competitive and, in most cases, only qualified and accredited individuals are eligible for the best jobs.

Employers in recent years are drawn to candidates with degrees, unique talents or abilities, and various languages mastered. 

Languages such as Spanish and Chinese are appealing to future employers since there are many opportunities to trade with and work in countries that speak these languages. Therefore, for Loiners to accept jobs in the Leeds business sector, the second largest economic centre in the UK after London, acquisition of the essential Chinese language comes highly recommended. 

Alright, now I understand the need of learn Chinese, but where in Leeds? 

Have no fear, Superprof is here to show curious individuals in the city of Leeds the best language schools to attend Chinese classes and the most highly recommended online resources to find private Chinese Mandarin tutors offering language learning courses. 

Origins of the Chinese Language

the best characters
"Archaic" Chinese characters date back centuries making Chinese the oldest written language in the world. (Source: pixabay)

Not only is Chinese the most widely-spoken language in the world with over one billion native speakers, but it is also the oldest written language in the world with origins dating 6,000 years.

Some inscriptions of Chinese characters have been discovered in many turtle shells that belong to the Shang Dynasty (1766 BC-1123 BC) which prove that the Chinese written language has existed for at least more than 3000 years.

The Chinese language has undergone several changes through history, and experienced linguists have consistently disputed the true origins of Chinese. Nevertheless, it has been discovered that Chinese is part of a language family known as Sino-Tibetan; however, even after constant research there are no official documents or evidence can prove the point of division of Chinese from other Sino-Tibetan languages.

Chinese systems of writing have been revised over the past centuries. Nonetheless, it is essential to state that the written language has three distinct written forms: traditional, simplified, and phonetic. Even though there are different dialects across China and other Chinese speaking countries that make communication a challenge, the written language can be understood from one written form to another.

Among many Chinese dialects spoken in ancient and modern times, Mandarin, from the North of China, has prevailed as the most-spoken and universally known type of Chinese.

The Chinese language is widely known by many individuals all over the world for its vast number of characters. For example, in a large Chinese dictionary, over 40,000 characters can be observed, and over 2000 characters need to be grasped by a learner to read a Chinese newspaper correctly.

Today Superprof has only provided a brief description of the origins of Chinese to whet the appetite of curious Loiners who are considering the acquisition of Chinese. Learning more about the Chinese culture is a rewarding and intriguing experience that educates students about the various ancient Chinese dynasties who spoke this ancient language, and the linguists who have tirelessly worked to understand the origins.

Best Language Schools to Learn Chinese in the city of Leeds

the best language courses
Small group classes offered at recommended language schools in Leeds are a great opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese with other passionate language learners. (Source: pixabay)

The geographic location of Yorkshire has three major cities, Leeds, Bradford, and Sheffield, with a population of 500,000 inhabitants or more. The largest of the three towns is Leeds; a major legal, economic, and educational centre in the UK.

With an approximate population of 2.6 million, the West Yorkshire Urban Area is the fourth most populous urban area in the United Kingdom and home to many immigrants from various countries.

Immigrants from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Carribean, the Middle East, and China all call Leeds home.

Since immigrants and different cultures have constantly surrounded Loiners, many have developed a keen interest in learning a new language and culture. Consequently, to meet the needs of Loiners wanting to learn a second language academic institutes are teaching foreign tongues such as French, Italian, Arabic, and, of course, Chinese.

Therefore, without further delay, the following are some of the best language schools in Leeds to learn Chinese as a foreign language: 

  • The Business Confucious Institute at the University of Leeds: evening Chinese courses are hosted by the Business Confucious Institute at the University of Leeds. The Chinese language courses are aimed at professionally working adults who are interested in learning a new language in their spare time. The classes over essential aspects of the Chinese language such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Evening courses in a variety of levels are offered three times throughout the year and cost £100 plus the added fee of purchasing your textbook. Sessions are conducted twice a week for four weeks at the Leeds University Business School. According to their site, the June courses are currently open for registration. Check out their informative website to learn more about their highly recommended Chinese courses.
  • Cactus Language School Leeds: the ten-week language courses in French, Italian, Spanish, and German are highly recommended and boast a 4.63 average rating among past students. Since Ernst & Young has named Leeds as the fastest growing British destination for foreign investments in 2015, many Loiners have been interested in learning Mandarin Chinese to improve their work opportunities; therefore, to meet the needs of citizens in Leeds, the Cactus Language School offers Mandarin for business courses. There are many language training options on the site such as face-to-face weekly or intensive courses via Skype, programmes for business or technical Mandarin, and the opportunity to study with a private tutor in the comfort of your own home or favourite Leeds-based café. Check out their website to learn more and contact Cactus Language School for more necessary details.
  • Listen and Learn: a professional and accredited academic institute that offers language lessons across the UK & Ireland. One-to-one or group classes can be attended by interested students who want to learn Mandarin from a native teacher. Courses can be taken at any time of the week including weekends and at a time most convenient for the student. Check out their website to discover the General Mandarin Chinese and Business Mandarin Chinese courses offered to students, glowing testimonials from past students, and the current prices for lessons.

The previously mentioned language institutes are Superprof's most highly recommended options. With further research and through word of mouth, other intriguing options may be discovered by avid Chinese language learners.

Are you a Londoner looking to attend Chinese classes? Click this link to find out more about potential language schools and private tutors offering courses.

the best online tutors
Chinese lessons can be taken on the go with an online private tutor working near Leeds. (Source: pixabay)

With the recent development of modern technology, learning more about the fundamentals of a foreign tongue does not have to be done after work in a crowded classroom of a language school.

There are many exciting learning options available for those who want to learn more about a complicated academic discipline or foreign language without even leaving the house. 

The following are some of the best online resources to find professional Mandarin tutors working in the Leeds area who are also willing to conduct classes at a location most convenient to the learner:

  • First Tutors United Kingdom: a highly recommended site to find professional and accredited tutors teaching a wide variety of academic disciplines and foreign languages in a UK-based city near you. First-time users can rest assured since all educators working on the site have had their references and IDs checked before being approved to offer remedial support classes. According to the First Tutors site, there is one highly suggested Mandarin Chinese tutor working in the Leeds area; her name is Yue, and she boasts excellent reviews from past students and a Mandarin Teaching Certificate that was received in 2015.
  • Superprof: the best selection of private Chinese tutors in the Leeds area is offered on Superprof. According to our highly informative site, 21 teachers are offering Chinese classes in the city of Leeds. Mandarin classes start at £5 with the first lesson provided free. Check out our site, to examine the profiles of all Chinese tutors to find one that fits your needs. You won't be disappointed with the variety and quality of our Mandarin Chinese private instructors!

Studying Mandarin Chinese in the city of Leeds is an excellent decision for Loiners who want to advance in their business career, be eligible for the best jobs, have extraordinary experiences travelling through Chinese-speaking countries, and gain proficiency in one of the world's most complex tongues.

Are you listening dear Loiners? Take the plunge and start learning Chinese today!

For more information about attending Chinese classes in other UK cities visit the following links:

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