"Life is a combination of magic and pasta." -Federico Fellini

Famous filmmakers, actors, writers, and artists can all find inspiration in Italy and its people. Italy is dripping with mindblowing art and architecture. And as for the Italians, they appreciate the exceptional food and culture of their homeland which makes conversing with them sheer joy!

People love other individuals who are passionate about something, and the Italians are excited about the best things of all: food, drink, art, and life. 

Many have been inspired to learn Italian online and Loiners are no different. Therefore, to meet the needs of linguists and curious ones from Leeds, Superprof has found the best language schools to learn Italian and the best websites to hire qualified Italian tutors working in the Greater Leeds area.

After learning a few basic phrases of Italian, Loiners will already be planning their Roman Holiday!

Why Learn Italian?

learning Italian for art
Learning Italian provides art enthusiasts with a better understanding of Italian works of art. (Source: pixabay)

Learning any foreign language is a wise decision since it opens worlds of opportunities; thoroughly discovering a new culture, creating previously impossible friendships, improvement of memory, and heightened ability to multitask.

However, since there are over 6,500 spoken languages in the world today, it may be challenging to decide which one to pick. 

In terms of practicality, languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, and Bengali are some of the most widely spoken foreign tongues and are worthy of consideration to be able to talk to a large number of individuals. However, many people are enthralled by the beautiful sounds and words of Romance languages such as French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Ciao bella, Je t'aime, Eres maravillosa, Eu te amo. 

Therefore, without further ado, the following are some of the main reasons for learning the Romance language of Italian:

  • Learning Italian is Understanding Art: recent estimates have shown that 60% of the world's art treasures can be found in Italy and what language do they speak there? You guessed it, Italian! Therefore, acquiring fluency in the Italian language is crucial to understand the fields of art history, literature, archaeology, and philosophy from Western civilisation. Speaking Italian in the land that influenced Michelangelo and reading Dante's works in his mother tongue has no price.
  • A Better Comprehension of Latin and Other Romance Languages: since Italian is the closest language to Latin, acquiring proficiency in Italian will provide learners with a better understanding of Ancient Latin. Also, it will make learning any other Romance language such as French, Spanish, and Portuguese easier and more approachable.
  • It's So Romantic: let's start with a question, could you imagine Romeo and Juliet speaking any other language but Italian? Not! The majority of Italian learners are enchanted by the musicality of the language, the simplicity of the words, and its charm. Italians are heartbreakers, and practically everything they say sounds lovely.
  • Understand a World of Non-Verbal Communication: it is essential to state that the Italians are Olympic gold medalists in facial expressions and hand gestures and since it has been estimated that 93% of communication is non-verbal, Italians are master communicators which makes them easy to understand even if you are only an Italian-beginner.
  • Know What You're Eating: Italian food is so delicious and diverse that it has made its way across all navigable continents. However, we may read Italian words such as primaveraarrabiata, farfalle, and cappuccino off the menu but have no idea what they mean; a simple visit to an Italian restaurant becomes a language class! Learning Italian means a better understanding of Italian food.

If the five previously mentioned reasons are not enough to inspire Loiners to learn Italian, I don't know what will!

Are you curious about learning Italian in lively London, glamorous Glasgow, beautiful Birmingham, or magnificent Manchester? We have blogs for that!

a Romance language
Italian has been considered by many as the most romantic language in the world. (Source: pixabay)

Like many major UK cities, Leeds is a cosmopolitan metropolis welcoming citizens from all over the world.

Foreign foods can be tasted, traditional music can be heard, distinct aspects of culture can be experienced, and foreign languages can be acquired.

Check for effective Italian courses London.

Many citizens of the UK spend their summer vacations in Spain, Italy, or France; therefore, learning Spanish, Italian, or French is extremely valuable for ease of travel. 

However, where can I learn Italian in the city of Leeds? 

Have no fear, Superprof is here! The following are the most highly recommended language schools to learn Italian in the city of Leeds:

  • Leeds Language College: while the main focus of the Leeds Language College is teaching English and offering examination courses, there are foreign language courses offered in French, Spanish, and, of course, Italian. Experienced teachers conduct the classes in the evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm. The Italian language programme costs £90 and has a duration of six weeks. Check out their website to contact the school and express interest in participation.
  • Cactus Language School: recognised throughout the UK as an academic institute that specialises in the instruction of languages. The Cactus Language School in Leeds boasts a 4.63 out of 5-stars from the reviews of satisfied students and is located near the city centre in a beautiful Grade II listed Georgian building. Language courses are available in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Foreign language programmes are 10-weeks long and are conducted by qualified teachers once a week from 6:30-8:30 pm. Italian students will be surprised at how well-equipped and perfectly planned the classrooms are; which makes a fantastic learning environment with other enthusiastic students. Check out their website to learn more about the prices, details, and enrolment dates of the Italian evening classes.
  • Leeds Beckett University: the part-time language courses at the Leeds Beckett University are located at the City Campus and the Headingley Campus and are open to all: undergrads, postgrads, staff members, and the general public. There are ten languages to choose from and classes are conducted by teachers who have over 30 years of experience. High-quality courses are priced at £375 and are conducted in either Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish; the choice is yours! Italian courses are offered to a wide variety of levels such as beginners, elementary, pre-intermediate/intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced, and independent user. Also, a bonus is that students have access to Leeds Beckett's award-winning library that is open 24 hours a day every day of the year! Check out the 2019 course schedule on their website to learn more.

Citizens of Leeds love to learn and thankfully there are world-class education facilities where academic disciplines and foreign tongues can quickly be absorbed in their own city. The three language schools mentioned above are worthy of consideration for their well-structured lessons and experienced teachers. Take the plunge and start studying Italian today!

Check for Italian lessons offered by reputable tutors in the UK.

Best Online Resources to Find Italian Tutors Working in the City of Leeds

learning more about Italian
Many people prefer one-to-one learning experiences instead of group classes. (Source: pixabay)

While attending foreign language classes at a qualified academic institute is exceptionally useful for many learners, some prefer private one-to-one learning with an accomplished tutor.

Some of the benefits of hiring an Italian language personal instructor include an individual and unique learning experience, constant attention, no distractions from classmates, improved self-esteem and confidence, heightened study habits, and continuous learning that is not disrupted by summer or winter holidays. 

Truthfully, private tutoring is the way to go when learning a foreign tongue. Although the overall price may cost more than attending group lessons at an accredited language school, you get to learn what you want when you want!

Without further ado, the following are the best websites to find online or in person Italian tutors working in and around the city of Leeds:

  • The Language Machine: the Language Machine boasts a 4.76 out of 5-star rating from the reviews of satisfied students. Located near the city centre, they specialise in connecting interested students with private language tutors online or in person. The most qualified tutors conduct Italian tuition at a time and place most convenient for the learner. The benefits of choosing The Language Machine include a free introductory lesson, pay as you go education, tourist tuition, intensive training, and the ability to learn online. Check out their website to contact them and start learning Italian presto!
  • Superprof: widely known by many citizens in the UK as being one of the best sites to help connect learners with highly qualified and accredited tutors. According to the Superprof website, there are currently 130 Italian tutors in the Leeds area offering online or in person classes to a wide range of learning levels. Hourly rates range from £15 to 25 depending on the overall experience and accreditations of the tutor. Take a peek at the profiles of the distinct tutors featured on their website to find the one that best suits your learning style!

Learning Italian in the city of Leeds can be done without even travelling to Italy! However, I'm quite sure that Loiners will want to take a few trips to Italy after acquiring proficiency to impress the Italian locals and fully immerse themselves in the culture.

Studying a language takes many years; nevertheless, rest assured that time spent learning Italian is a rewarding experience that will never be regretted.

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