"Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.” – Flora Lewis

The challenges of learning a new language are no secret. Constant effort and motivation are needed to acquire the basics of a foreign tongue.

Nevertheless, the benefits of having another language at your disposal outweigh all the sacrifices required to become fluent. 

Languages such as French, Spanish and German have been studied in UK schools for decades. However, due to increased immigration and necessity, foreign languages such as Mandarin Chinese and Arabic have grown in popularity.

Arabic is an extremely important language to acquire since it is spoken by over 400 million people worldwide and is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. 

While many would agree that their time would be better spent learning Spanish or French, the complexity of the Arab language makes the entire learning experience more rewarding.

Nonetheless, it is important to state that the experience of studying Arabic is not primarily about acquiring new words and forming simple sentences; learning Arabic offers pupils a cultural experience and insight into the rich Arab culture.

Celebrated aspects of Arab culture such as its cuisine, music, literature and religion have mesmerised individuals for centuries and caused them to consider acquiring the basics of the Arab language. 

Superprof is here to show Mancunians that studying Arabic can be done in the Greater Manchester area through the assistance of experienced educators at language schools and private tutors in the comfort of your own home.

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Resources Available to Study Arabic Free of Charge

learning apps
The Arabic option for English speakers on Duolingo is worthy of specific attention. (Source: The Next Web)

We are currently living in the digital age which means that library books and encyclopedias are a thing of the past. The majority of additional learning takes place on a computer or smartphone. Applications and educational software provide learners with the information they desire interactively.

Also, there is excellent news for all those who are on a budget; many learning resources are completely free!

Older ones marvel at the fact that learning a new language can be done on a smartphone while commuting to work on the tube!

Once individuals become accustomed to using modern technology to acquire new information, it is nearly impossible to revert to the ways of the past when studying a foreign tongue. Therefore, to meet the needs of modern society, Superprof is here to recommend the best free online resources and applications to use when learning Arabic:

  • Arabic Alphabet: a completely free and interactive application developed by Hamdouchi to help beginners effectively learn the Arabic alphabet,
  • Duolingo: probably the most recognisable app to learn languages online. Duolingo can be downloaded on your smartphone, and Arabic courses can be completed on the go in just five minutes every day,
  • Live Lingua: online Arabic courses offered in a wide variety of dialects for all types of learners. Want to know the best part? It's all completely free!

The previously mentioned resources are just a few offered to interested learners; the internet has plenty of other options designed to suit your learning style.

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Where to Find Arabic Courses in the Greater Manchester Area

UK cities
The culturally rich city of Manchester is filled with people from diverse cultures who speak distinct languages. (Source: Visit Manchester)

The Greater Manchester area is the third-most-populous urban area in the United Kingdom with an approximate population of 3.2 million inhabitants. Known for its culture, history and world-renowned football clubs, Manchester is a city worthy of visiting while travelling through the UK.

Like the majority of critical European cities, Manchester is quite multicultural with inhabitants from various ethnicities calling this UK city home.  

Native Mancunians share their beloved city with immigrants from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 

As a result of the significant influx of immigrants from Arab countries, Arabic has become an important language worthy of acquisition.

To meet the needs of interested ones, Arabic can be studied in language schools and with private tutors in the Greater Manchester area.

Without further delay, Superprof will now show curious ones the most professional language schools and experienced private tutors teaching Arabic in Manchester and its surroundings.

Language Institutes

Since Manchester is one of the UK's most prominent cities, there are many language institutes to master the basics of the Arab language. The following are two of the most highly recommended schools to learn Arabic:

  • Cactus Language Courses: one of the UK's leading evening language course provider offering language classes in many cities across England. There is a wide variety of ten-week evening language courses such as Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and, of course, Arabic. The ten-week evening language classes consist of 2 hours of tuition per week and take place from 6:30-8: 30 pm. The price of the ten-week course for Arabic beginners is £225 and is located on Newton Street near the Manchester Picadilly train station. Classes are customarily taught from January-April and April-June,
  • The University of Manchester Language Centre: no degree or enrolment at the University of Manchester is required to study their language courses. The foreign language classes are open to all: students of the University, staff members and people from the public. Distinct Arabic courses are designed for beginners, pre-intermediate and intermediate students. Full-year classes are offered with three contract hours per week. Students enjoy the professionalism of qualified teachers in a perfect environment for learning.

Private Tutors

The internet has changed the way we learn languages. We can now find accredited tutors teaching a wide variety of academic disciplines using online resources. The acquisition of a foreign language can even be accomplished remotely via video chat.

Bob Dylan you were right, the times they are a-changing!

Here are some of the best online resources to find a professional Arabic tutor near you in the city of Manchester:

  • Firsttutors: a valuable resource to see some of the best-reviewed tutors offering private tuition in the UK. The reviews of the Arabic tutors in Manchester are glowing with both options boasting five-star reviews and constant satisfaction from clients. Both tutors offered on this site teach Arabic to distinct levels: GCSE, Advanced, Beginner and Casual Learning. Prices range from £15-30 per hour,
  • Superprof: one of the most known sites for finding tutors in the UK, Superprof has many qualified Arabic tutors working in Manchester and its surroundings. Prices range from £15-40 per hour, and most of them have satisfied repeat students. If you are not satisfied with the options in Manchester, Superprof offers the possibility to study Arabic remotely with online tutors located in other parts of the UK.

With the options mentioned above, language learning has never been so engaging and rewarding!

Practical Tips and Tricks to Effectively Learn Arabic

the markets of Marrakech
Immersing yourself in Arab culture is a helpful tip to learn Arabic effectively. (Source: pixabay)

With over 400 million speakers worldwide Arabic is one of the most spoken languages on the planet. Arabic is a beneficial language to have under your belt and has been learnt by a wide variety of individuals for reasons of business, travel and enjoyment.

Becoming fluent in any language is a difficult feat, and Arabic is no different. Regarded by many linguists as one of the most difficult languages in the world to master, Arabic has an extensive vocabulary, unique alphabet and distinct way of being written.

Fun fact: there are over 100 different ways to say the word "camel" in the Arabic language.

Nonetheless, the Arab language can be mastered with the correct motivation and helpful tips from experienced professionals.

Therefore, without further ado, here are some of the best Superprof approved tips and tricks for effectively studying Arabic:

  • Spend the Extra Money and Hire a Tutor: if you are struggling to teach yourself Arabic and are having trouble staying motivated, don't be too proud, hire a tutor. Just one lesson a week that works with your schedule could make all the difference. There are various online tutors with years of experience offering interactive classes at competitive rates,
  • Explore and Immerse Yourself in the Arab Culture: the Arab culture is beautiful, complex and layered. Exploring the culture and allowing yourself to be immersed in it will be rewarding and manifest positive results in your Arabic fluency. Learn how to cook favourite Arab recipes, listen to well-known songs and fill your living space with the sounds of Arabic radio. All of the previously mentioned suggestions keep learning engaging and entertaining,
  • Practice Conversation Skills With Native Speakers: learning a new language can be a very humbling experience. Do not be afraid to practice with native speakers even if your grammar and sentence structure is atrocious. Look for opportunities to speak with native Arabic speakers at all times. If there are no Arabic communities in your city of residence (which is highly unlikely), there are many online language exchange communities such as HelloLingo and Polyglot Club to practice your skills with native speakers at a time most convenient for you.

Citizens from all over the United Kingdom, Mancunians included, would be wise to consider learning a foreign tongue. The benefits of acquiring a new language are multiple and open up worlds of possibilities.

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The accredited and qualified Arabic instructors in the Manchester area would be overjoyed to help interested ones develop fluency in a new language.

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