"To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world." -Chinese proverb

I'm sure you've probably heard from multilingual or polyglot acquaintances and friends that learning a new language is a fulfilling experience that should never be overlooked. While it is 100% truthful that acquiring fluency in a foreign tongue is an extremely beneficial, humbling, and eye-opening experience, it doesn't come easily to all learners.

Distinguishing the difference between verb tenses, learning essential vocabulary, and understanding grammar can be a gruelling encounter for specific individuals.  

Nevertheless, even though fear may prevent you from learning a foreign tongue, it is essential to state that there are some languages easier for native-born English speakers to master.

Which ones? 

According to various reputable sources, languages such as Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian, and Spanish are relatively simple tongues for English speakers to grasp.

Therefore, without further ado, in today's article, we will consider why Spanish is a simple language to master, where Spanish classes can be attended online or at academic institutes in Cardiff, and some valuable tips to master Spanish like a pro!  

¿Listos para aprender? 

How much does a Spanish tutor in London, Leeds, or Manchester charge?

Why is Spanish Relatively Simple to Learn for English Speakers?

learning how to speak Spanish
After mastering the 1000 most commonly spoken words in Spanish, students can understand 87% of Spanish conversations. (Source: pixabay)

While it is essential to state that learning any type of foreign tongue presents its challenges, there are some that more comfortable to grasp depending on your native language. For example, Norwegians quickly learn Swedish or Danish, and Brazilians easily pick up Spanish or Italian.

What about native English speakers from countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom? 

Spanish is a popular choice for English native speakers since it is considered relatively easy to learn and less of a headache than Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, or Thai. 

Although English comes from the Germanic language family and Spanish comes from Latin, it is essential to mention that a large part of English is Romance-influenced and is connected to Latin. Therefore, it is quite easy to associate an English word with the correct Spanish definition.

Also, many linguistic studies have shown that by identifying the 1,000 most commonly spoken Spanish words, any foreign speaker can understand approximately 87% of Spanish conversation. That means that if native English speakers their time focusing on that base level of vocabulary, they will find themselves stumped only a fraction of the time.

It is essential to state that a primary concern for English speakers learning Spanish is the verbs. Since the verb structure is far more involved in Spanish than it is in English, many students fear the fact that they will effectively be able to communicate. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that pupils can successfully be understood in the primary stages of language learning by using the simple present tense. In Spanish, the verb tenses and endings are quite similar; therefore, memorisation is vital.

So, is Spanish really that easy to learn for English speakers? The answer is an astounding YES! Spanish can be quickly grasped in a matter of months, depending on the motivation and study routine of each student. Before concluding this section, it is essential to mention that Spanish is one of the world's most spoken languages that will be useful anywhere. 

Can I learn Spanish in the Scottish city of Edinburgh? Absolutely! Click this link to find out more!

Where to Attend Spanish Classes at a Language School in Cardiff

touring the sites of Spain
Touring the streets of Valencia is a typical Spanish experience. (Source: pixabay)

Cardiff is the largest city and capital of Wales. A significant centre for Welsh business, media, and culture, Cardiff has remained one of the UK's most visited cities for years. In 2017 alone there were more than 21 million tourists roaming the streets of Cardiff. Also, known by many for its extensive sports venues hosting many teams, Cardiff was named European City of Sport in 2009 and 2014.

Therefore, due to Cardiff's prominence and importance in the UK, there are many further education centres and academic institutes to learn more about essential academic disciplines such as maths, scientific studies, and foreign languages.

Without further delay, the following are the most reputable schools to attend Spanish courses at affordable prices and with qualified teachers: 

  • The Spanish Academy: boasting two locations in the UK, the Spanish Academy's Cardiff school is located on 18 Park Grove near Cardiff University. The majority of students learning Spanish at this institute are extremely content since the Spanish Academy boasts in-house expert tutors, flexible and tailored lessons, reasonable prices, and the option to study online or in-person. The starting fees for one-to-one Spanish tuition is £23, yet discounts are available for those who book many classes at the same time. Check out their website to learn more about learning Spanish with the Spanish Academy in Cardiff!
  • Light House Spanish Academy: hailed by students for their professionalism, flexibility, innovation, friendliness, enjoyment, and progress, Light House Spanish Academy is a highly qualified school to learn more about Spanish. Positive attributes about the Light House Spanish Academy include lessons tailored to the student, communicative approach, and learning through play. Contact Lucia to book a free assessment and check availabilities today!

The previously two mentioned academic institutes are a fantastic option for those who want to learn more about Spanish in the Cardiff area. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that there are many more options available since Spanish is a universal language to study, and Cardiff is a large city; remember to do your research before booking any random class!

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The Best Tutoring Site to Find Spanish Tutors in Cardiff

Private tutoring has become dramatically more popular in recent years, and various reputable online resources offer individual educators specialising in a wide variety of academic topics in the UK.

Nevertheless, with so many options available, it can be quite challenging to choose a tutoring website suited to your needs.  

Which one do I choose? 

Although we strive to remain objective and unbiased, we are confident that Superprof is the best tutoring website in the business. What makes it so unique? All of our tutors are highly qualified and professional. Classes can be taken online or in-person at a time and location convenient to the student. Prices are competitive and extremely affordable. Also, probably the best part is that the first lesson with any Superprof tutor is entirely free! 

Visit our website today to scroll through the abundance of Spanish tutors currently available in the Cardiff area!

Learning Spanish in Belfast can also be done by finding professional language schools and qualified private tutors on Superprof's website.

Valuable Tips to Acquire Spanish Fluency

the best advice
The best tips and tricks about language learning come from experienced individuals. (Source: pixabay)

When you are about to undertake a new task or learn a new skill, do you prefer to learn things the hard way or receive advice from experienced ones? Like most people, I'm sure you chose the latter. Receiving practical advice from more experienced individuals is indispensable in learning new things. 

Therefore, Superprof has sought the advice of more experienced Spanish educators to provide curious Spanish learners with the following tips:

  • Frequently Practice With a Native: we've all heard the phrase practise makes perfect, this cannot be stressed enough when learning a new language. Thankfully there are many Spanish speaking natives living in the UK with whom learners can exercise their newly acquired skills. However, if you live in a small town that is predominantly English speaking, consider the option of visiting helpful sites such as The Mixxer to find conversation partners who are willing to practice Spanish with beginners and intermediate students.
  • Watch Movies, Listen to Music, and Read Books: fully immersing yourself into Spanish culture is the key to learn more effectively. This can be done by selecting books, movies, and music. Nevertheless, many learners do not know where to search and ask themselves, What books should I read? Which videos should I watch? Which musicians should I listen to? There is no need to fret! Since Spanish is spoken worldwide by over 400 million people, there are countless options to choose from when selecting films, reading material, and music. Telenovelas are Spanish-speaking soap operas that many learners enjoy watching. Consider the music of famous Spanish musicians such as Luis Miguel, Ricky Martin, Julio Iglesias, Shakira, and Selena. Also, try reading online newspaper articles from trustworthy media outlets such as El Español.
  • Learn How to Pronounce Words Correctly: one thing about Spanish is that it is pronounced how it is spelt; this makes it somewhat more straightforward than English since there are many exceptions. There are many helpful Spanish pronunciation videos on sites such as Youtube that are worthy of consideration. Practising Spanish pronunciation is essential because when a word is mispronounced the entire meaning changes.

Learning the basics of Spanish is a beautiful experience that can quickly be done in the city of Cardiff and its surroundings. We hope that today's article has inspired you to say Hola to new adventures acquired through language learning!

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