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Easy Tools to Learn Spanish Online for Free

By Jon, published on 20/02/2018 Blog > Languages > Spanish > Can You Learn Spanish Online?

Today, it’s possible to learn Spanish online easily.

Just as it is more and more feasible to take lessons to learn Portuguese, English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian…

In the digital era of technology we are currently living in, it has become nearly impossible to live without a Smartphone, a tablet, or a computer!

It is now possible to buy groceries from your laptop, to order your favorite sushi from your iPhone, and even to apply for a car registration without leaving your seat.

So why not take advantage of this to take Spanish lessons online?

Indeed, the Internet is overflowing with sites and applications that are very useful for learning and mastering the Spanish language.

Some have been proven to help people rapidly progress in Spanish.

Adaptable for all levels, from novices to masters and at all price points, these tools for learning languages online are getting better and better.

Superprof has researched all the different online tools that will allow you speak Spanish. ¡ Olé !

Learning Spanish on the Internet: a Reality!

Above all else, using new technologies in the learning process is a real asset to facilitate learning and especially learning a foreign language.

Rapidly assimilating a language can be fun. And what better way to take Spanish lessons than to use tools that incorporate games and that are accessible to a majority of people?

But let’s return to the heart of the matter: Is it really possible to learn to speak Spanish online?

Learning spanish with the internet Take advantage of new technologies to improve your Spanish!

Indeed, we can ask ourselves whether we can really progress in Spanish or in any material outside of the scholarly system without the help of a private tutor.

With technology, yes, but beware!

Beware of flashy promotional offers that certain sites promise. It is impossible, even with all the willpower in the world, to learn a foreign language in only 30 days or even 45… Even if you take Spanish lessons in Spain or take a language-immersion trip somewhere else!

Fluently mastering Spanish, English, German, or Italian for example requires time, a lot of work and practice.

It is impossible to give a precise amount of time, for we are all unfortunately unequal in terms of learning.

Spanish lessons online will give you the important foundations of the language with an initiation to the Spanish grammar, alphabet, conjugation, and the language’s subtleties.

Nevertheless, before becoming bilingual, you will certainly need to call on other services such as a private Spanish teacher, for despite the thorough and pedagogical programs on these sites, you will not be able to become completely bilingual simply by taking them.

You will rapidly discover online, thanks to all the tools that exist, that Spanish is an easy language to learn!

Websites for Learning to Speak Spanish

The Internet is full of tools for easily learning to speak Spanish.

Some even allow you to study Spanish for free!

Here is our choice of online Spanish courses.

Learn Spanish Easily with Duolingo.com

Duolingo is the most popular way to learn languages in the world, and it’s completely free to use. Most of the lessons take the form of quizzes that test your speaking, listening, and writing. Duolingo is also available as an app so you can use it on your commute to work or while waiting at the doctor’s office. The app also has a great focus on verb conjugation and the rules of the Spanish language to help you learn the foundations. There are also translation tools on the site.

Learning spanish online apps Improve your level of Spanish for free with Duolingo.com

To facilitate learning the Spanish language, nearly everything is gameified. There are also forums where you can interact with other users and Spanish-speakers.

It’s a very useful tool, and free on top of it, where each person can enjoy easily learning the language of Cervantes.

Continue your Spanish with Babbel.com

Babbel.com offers courses in 13 languages, including, of course, Spanish.

This site is particularly good for those looking to learn conversational Spanish to prepare for an upcoming trip or for a more contemporary immersion in the language. For those more interested in speaking than reading, Babbel might be the right choice for you.

Babbel will allow you to rapidly assimilate the foundations of the Spanish language and also teach you current expressions.

In addition to traditional lessons, you can also read in-depth discussions of particular grammatical aspects of Spanish, for those interested in linguistics.

Very useful for becoming conversational in Spanish, including the pronunciation and accent integral to Spanish.

In addition: Babbel has an app where you can easily review your vocabulary.

Spanish Lessons Online with Memrise.com

Memrise is a free language-learning website where online users help each other improve. The site also employs audio, visual, and memory activities and games to help you learn vocabulary, which is then tested in quizzes.

If you struggle with remembering new vocabulary, Memrise is great because it works on the level of word association to ensure that you can easily recall concepts and definitions. Other users can also submit their own ideas for mnemonic devices that have helped them.

Memrise encompasses a wide variety of lessons for speakers of all levels.

There are still more sites for learning Spanish online. It is a matter of personal taste and goals as to which will be the right choice for you:

  • RosettaStone.com
  • Vocbox.com
  • Lengalia.com
  • Etc.

Using this method, is it reasonable to envisage learning Spanish in 6 months?

A Private Spanish Tutor in your Pocket?

Do you have your Smartphone with you? Why not take advantage of it to learn Spanish easily?

For a few years now, a multitude of phone apps have sprung up to promise learning a foreign language directly from your Smartphone or tablet.

With apps like Babbel, Duolingo, Busuu, and Memrise, you can easily learn Spanish anywhere with your phone!

In the paid version of Babbel, starting at $6.95/month, you can access all of the site’s content. Babbel has voice recognition technology to evaluate your pronunciation and punctuation. A plus that differentiates the application from books and classic Spanish textbooks. There is a vocal assistant that a great number of users find helpful, from beginners just starting out, to those already in great command of the language who can benefit from a deeper learning.

Babbel also has another advantage that distinguishes it from other applications for learning Spanish. There is a multi-channel solution that allows you, once subscribed, to continue your Spanish lessons on different devises, switching between your phone, your tablet, and your laptop.

All of these apps teach you a foreign language in the form of lessons and pedagogical exercises to review your vocabulary, spelling, conjugation, and Spanish grammar. Lessons, exercises, and tests are categorized by level and theme, allowing the full range of Spanish learners to easily use this technology.

learning spanish with technology Take a quick break and review your Spanish!

Imagine a Spanish teacher available all the time and everywhere to help you perfect your language skills!

You will also see rather quickly on these applications that Spanish and English words share many similarities!  As do French and Spanish!

How to study Spanish while also having fun?

Applications like Duolingo believe that we learn when we have fun. And it’s a fact!

Based on this, in addition to providing classic lessons to easily learn Spanish, you will find various exercises at the end of many lessons that structure the app to be like a video game. The concept is simple: if you fail the exercise, you lose a life!

Your learning thus becomes a real game where you are congratulated after each stage. A playful way of motivating learners in their Spanish progress.

The big advantage: Duolingo and many other apps don’t cost a dime, showing that learning Spanish for free is possible!

Would you prefer a one on one tutor lesson? Search for Spanish courses near you on Superprof:

Free Spanish Lessons: Hello YouTube!

When we talk about the Internet, we have to mention YouTube. Did you know that you can learn Spanish for free with this web tool?

Indeed, there are a great number of videos devoted to learning Spanish in the form of lessons or quick tutorials created by Spanish-speaking professors.

learning spanish with internet Work on your Spanish accent with YouTube videos!

You will have to sort through the great number of videos to find those that are most pedagogical and comprehensible.

A very useful tool for training your ear to Spanish pronunciation and for improving your accent.

As you can see, it is easy to learn Spanish online. Numerous sites and applications are accessible to you no matter your level.

To sum up, Spanish lessons online allow you to:

  • Practice your Spanish vocabulary
  • Understood Spanish grammar (irregular verbs, personal pronouns, negation…)
  • Familiarize yourself with Spanish pronunciation
  • Train your brain to memorize and recognize with free, easy Spanish lessons
  • Learn more about Spanish linguistics and culture

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