"O! Desolated Scotland, too credulous of fair speeches, and not aware of the calamities which are coming upon you! If you were to judge as I do, you would not easily put your neck under a foreign yoke." -William Wallace

The history of William Wallace and his constant efforts to liberate Scotland and have it obtain independence is one of the greatest historical tales of the UK. William Wallace's fame continues in Scotland to this day, and some of his life events have were featured in the Oscar-winning film of 1995 known as Braveheart. 

It is intriguing to state that after the release of Braveheart in 1995, tourism and general interest in the UK spiked drastically. The enriching story of William Wallace has been enough to make international tourists flock to Scotland's significant places of interest such as historic battlefields and cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow have many historical landmarks that are known for being significant centres of economic, cultural, and social growth in the land of Scotland; many immigrants have made their way to these areas looking for a better life.

Therefore, with an ever-increasing immigrant population in the area of Scotland, there is more of a need for English tutors/educators than ever before. 

Is it possible to meet the needs of English language tutors in cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh? But, of course! In today's article, we will discuss how convenient it is to find English language tutors for beginners and intermediate students in the city of Glasgow.

What do English Language Tutors Do and Teach?

ESL teachers in Glasgow
The work of an educational English tutor greatly depends on if they are working at a school or in a private home. (Source: Unsplash)

Learning English has become the norm at so many schools in various lands today. While students acquiring a high-level of English fluency dramatically depends on the quality and frequency of lessons taught by educators at primary or secondary schools, everyone on the place of the planet knows at least a few phrases or words in English.

Why Is That?

Though Mandarin Chinese and Spanish have more native speakers than English, the language of the Brits is by far the most widely spoken tongue in the world with a combined number of more than 1.5 billion native, L2, and L3 speakers across the six inhabited continents.

Therefore, the decision to become an English language tutor will always be a wise and bankable decision. 

Nevertheless, although many have the desire to learn more about English in their later years, they may be apprehensive because of the time, the effort, and the money that is needed to acquire a high level of fluency. However, there should be no worries because that's what tutors are have trained for!

Therefore, we shall briefly consider what English language tutors do and teach.

Did you know that hiring an ESL tutor in other UK cities is quite simple? Try finding one in megatroplis London, calming Leeds, or mighty Manchester.

Principle Work Tasks of a Private English Educator

English tutors are like doctors. Why? They provide learners with the remedial assistance that they need to make decisions concerning their education and help them achieve success. 

By providing assessments that test elementary skills to determine an overall level of English, and reviewing basic skills such as reading, writing, and speaking, English tutors complete their job tasks exceptionally in all possible ways. The following list explains some information about how English educators instructor revises the following:

  • Writing: English instructors are fully aware of the fact that to have effective communication, writing skills must be effectively honed. How? Writing small essays or compositions or simply reviewing sentence structures.
  • Reading: when working together, tutors and students, reading is polished by examining passages that are adequate to the level of the learner in question. Teachers have their pupils read the information out loud to help with oral communication.
  • Speaking: since many ESL tutors realise that the majority of their students are predominantly hiring them so that they can have someone to practise their English with, they develop specific techniques to highlight the most critical aspects of language and correct errors and pronunciation when there is an essential need.

While the previously mentioned aspects are general subjects, there are specific sub-disciplines that ESL tutors learn to acquire and instruct. It is essential to state that the best English language tutors are experienced professionals that have completed training to become skilled at their trade.

ESL educators help newbies acquire fluency and work on the flaws that they might encounter while trying to learn their new tongue.

The following are some more specific topics that instructors may analyse and teach:

  • Vocabulary exercises,
  • Parts of speech, 
  • Verbs, nouns, and adjectives, 
  • Commonly used expressions, 
  • Frequent mistakes, etc. 

By reviewing specialised subjects that appeal to the needs of the student, success is not only an option but rather a guarantee. 

However, where can English tutors be found in and around the city of Glasgow? Read the following subheading to find out!

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Language Educators in the City of Glasgow

tutoring online
One-to-one classes are much better than group sessions since the learner has more personalised information. (Source: Unsplash)

An ESL teacher does not only limit themselves to teaching within the confines of an academic classroom; really? In today's day and age, English language instructors may be found conducting classes in coffee shops, in private homes, and even in their own places of residence as a skype English teacher.

However, one might wonder where excellent English language educators may be found at academic institutes and online in the city of Glasgow, UK. Have no fear, Superprof is here to save the day and provide all individuals with the information needed!

Best English Language Schools in Glasgow

Since Glasgow is a major Scottish city with many educational options, it comes as no surprise that it is possible to find some of the best English language institutes in the UK.

The following options have glowing reviews from past students who have much-enjoyed classes with professional ESL educators:

  • Glasgow School of English,
  • Gisoel Glasgow, 
  • ESOL Study Centre, Life in the UK Training, 
  • Cactus Language. 

By consulting the websites of any, or all four, of the previously mentioned English language schools, beginners can understand how to start classes and find select tutors that will suit their unique needs.

Superprof English Tutors

While learning English at an academic institute is an entirely adequate and accessible pathway, it is essential to state that we are living in 2020 and there are various technology options that make acquiring English even more comfortable than ever before. Such as? Seeking the assistance of an online tutor. 

Superprof has the best ESL educators in the UK and surrounding European countries offering courses at a time and place most convenient for the learner; attending a language school has become a thing of the past! 

Nevertheless, since there are so many online resources to find English tutors, may learners may be confused as to choosing the best option; therefore, the following list briefly explains why Superprof is the best in the business:

  • Tutoring classes can either be done via online video chatting services such as Skype or in-person, 
  • Time and place dramatically depends on the student's needs, 
  • Prices are competitive, 
  • Tutors, specialising in any academic discipline, are intelligent and boast reputable qualifications, 
  • The first lesson is always 100% free of charge. 

Also, it is worth mentioning that according to the Superprof site there are over 115 ESL/EFL tutors in the Greater Glasgow Area offering face-to-face lessons and over 39,000 informative instructors available for online tuition that are located in other parts of the UK.

What if someone needs help learning English? Read the following subheading to provide helpful assistance.

Tips to Successfully Learn English

post-it notes
Post-it notes are great to put around the house to acquire fluency. (Source: Unsplash)

As a result of the overwhelming amount of information available online, there is much confusion for ESL starters as to where to find helpful advice. However, it's important to mention that when searching for tips and tricks, it is most wise to seek advice from experts.

Therefore, without further delay, the following are some essential tips to learn English at home, at a school, or with a private instructor: 

  • Surround Yourself With English: listen to English music, watch English television programmes, and have English radio on at all times to develop a comprehension of basic sayings, grammar, and vocabulary. It is recommended even to try writing an English diary or shopping list to sharpen skills.
  • Find Study Partners: by having people to study along with frequently, the entire process of English becomes a piece of cake since study partners encourage one another to continue on with their studies. If you do not live in a land where English is readily spoken, turn to online language exchange sites where chat rooms and forums can be joined to meet other people who want to practise your mother tongue in exchange for English.
  • Make Good Use of "Post-It" Notes: although it might sound quite useless at first, "post-it" notes should be placed around the house on objects to create a link from the beginning. Also, funny sentences and little drawings may be done to increase understanding of vocabulary.

While English is a relatively simple language to master in comparison to other international tongues, the basics of English require much time and effort. Therefore, it is hugely suggested to encourage beginners to follow the previously mentioned tips and eventually acquire English fluency!

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