"You may the universe if I may have Italy." -Giuseppe Verdi

It is not uncommon for people around the world to utter the famous words of Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi after a trip to Italy: one of the world's most beautiful countries.

The food, the wine, the architecture, the culture, the language, and the people make Italy one of the world's most visited countries with over 58.3 million foreign visitors reported in 2017. 

Without further ado, Superprof is here to instruct Brummies captivated by the Italian language and culture where they may take Italian lessons at a language school or find a professional Italian tutor online.

the best places to visit
With low-cost plane tickets being so affordable, why not try some weekend trips to Italy from Birmingham's airport? (Source: pixabay)

In recent years travelling to other parts of Europe has become increasingly accessible as a result of low-cost flights. From the airport in Birmingham, there are many romantic European destinations available to spend the weekend or a few weeks walking the streets of Paris, eating delicious tapas in Barcelona, and buying Italian leather in Rome.

Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic or Italy; the sky is the limit for Brummies! 

After various trips to Rome, Venice, Siena, Florence, or Milan, many Brummies have been captivated by the Italian culture and have considered learning Italian to feel wholly incorporated in the Italian lifestyle on future visits.

Without further delay, the following are the best language school options in the city of Birmingham to learn Italian, one of the world's most cherished languages:

  • Brasshouse Languages: located at the library of Birmingham, Brasshouse Languages has been widely regarded as the largest adult education centre in the UK specialising in language courses and services. Classes are currently offered in over 30 modern languages and, of course, Italian is one of them. The staff and learners at Brasshouse come together from different parts of the world and offer unique knowledge and experience. Their latest brochure highlights 16 different Italian programmes such as Beginners, Beginners Plus, Improvers, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Post Intermediate, and Advanced Conversation & Culture. Full Italian classes London range from £72-132 for the entirety of the programme. Take a peek at their website to learn more about class times and enrollment dates.
  • Languages for All at the University of Birmingham: the Languages for All programme operated by the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Birmingham offers tailor-made language lessons for university students and the general public. Teachers are highly qualified, and students are taught in a fantastic learning environment with other motivated learners. The Languages for All movement understands that Italy is many things to many people; therefore, the courses are well-structured and explained to help all acquire fluency in one of the most beautiful Latin-based languages. If you are not an undergraduate student at the University of Birmingham, check out the Open Access courses to learn about course schedules, course fees, and enrolment.
  • Listen & Learn: distinct language courses are offered across the UK and Ireland to all interested students. Private or group classes are taught by qualified and native teachers at a time and place most convenient for the learner. Teachers provide all the class material and students can decide if they wish to learn General or Business Italian. There is even the option to complete Italian lessons via Skype in the morning, afternoon, or evening; the choice is yours! Check out their website to learn more about online Italian courses offered and read the glowing testimonials from past students.

With the previously mentioned language school options available to Brummies, there are no more excuses not to learn Italian! Capito bene? 

Take a glance at our informative blogs to learn more about studying Italian in London or finding a private tutor in Glasgow.

The Best Online Resources to Find Private Tutors Specialising in Italian

the tastes of Italy
The delicious food in Italy is among some of the world's best. (Source: pixabay)

For many individuals, the idea of learning the necessary concepts of a foreign language at an academic institute in the evening after work with a group of strangers is very unappealing.

Does that mean that there are no other options to learn Italian? 

Of course, not! In today's modern age, education has changed for the better, and the fundamentals of any foreign language or academic discipline can be acquired via private tutoring online or face-to-face at a time and location near you.

But, where do I find these fantastic tutors you speak of? 

Without further ado, Superprof has done their research to help Brummies find qualified Italian tutors near them. Are you ready to say Ciao to your future tutor? The following are the best online resources to find experienced Italian educators specialising in private tuition in the Greater Birmingham area:

  • First Tutors United Kingdom: featuring a trust score of 9.1 from 5,811 reviews, and recognised by The Guardian, The BBC, The Telegraph, and The Sunday Times, First Tutors comes highly recommended when trying to find a personal educator specialising in any academic subject. According to the website, there is currently one Italian tutor boasting a five-star rating from 8 reviews. She is based in Birmingham yet specialises in online tuition. Check out the First Tutors website to acquire more information.
  • Superprof: featuring some of the best academic tutors currently working today, Superprof has a reputation for excellence. According to our website, there are presently 23 tutors offering Italian private tuition in the city of Birmingham. Many of the tutors featured on the site boast excellent reviews and possess impressive qualifications from various higher education centres. Hourly rates are from £8-50 depending on experience and credentials. And want to know the best part? The first lesson is completely free! If that's not something worthy of rejoicing, I don't know what is!

By visiting the three above mentioned sites, finding a professional private tutor is a piece of cake or tiramisu! 

Did you know you can also learn the fundamentals of Italian in Leeds?

Vital Tips to Study Italian Effectively

beautiful cities and scenery
A trip to Venice is not complete without a ride on a gondola. (Source: pixabay)

According to our trusted friends at Babbel, there are over 63 million people in the world who speak Italian as a first language and an additional three million who speak it as a second language making it the world's 20th most spoken language.

Therefore, Italian is a primary language that deserves consideration when deciding upon a foreign language to acquire. 

The beautiful sounds of Italian and people's love affair with Italy have influenced many speakers from all over the world to acquire fluency as a hobby or for future travel; I was one of those people. As a 16-year old secondary school student, I took Italian lessons when it became available as an option to prepare for my future trips to Italy, and in all honesty as a young hopeless romantic, I thought it was a great way to impress girls!

Nevertheless, before embarking on the learning adventure of any foreign language, it is wise to accept helpful tips from tutors, teachers, linguists, and experienced ones. The following tips will help any learner master the Italian language in no time:

  • Cherish Irregular Verbs Like a Dear Friend: as an optimist learning a new language you expect the grammar to be simple; however, that is rarely the case. In Italian, there are many irregular verbs; in fact, the majority of commonly used verbs that are learnt in the beginning are irregular. Dedicate time every day, 15 minutes or so, to review the irregular verbs and practise them in everyday situations. Also, it is important to mention; subject pronouns are barely used in Italian. So once you memorise the most common verbs, you'll be able to manage in conversations with native speakers.
  • Stay Motivated and Remember Your Goals: it is imperative to keep fresh in mind the reasons why you have embarked on the journey of learning Italian. Whether you want to live and work in Italy someday, are studying abroad in Rome for a year, or dreaming of opening a little inn on the Amalfi coast, focus on your goal and determine how much studying is needed to reach your goal. Watch Italian television programs, listen to Italian radio, and read Italian books to immerse yourself in the culture wholeheartedly.
  • Start with Italian Pronunciation: a very smart approach to learning Italian that is recommended by many linguists is to start with the pronunciation. Italian pronunciation is quite simple; however, certain sounds are quite tricky to pronounce. To learn how to speak Italian like a native, it is recommended to start with the vowels, then move on to syllables, words, and entire phrases. By starting small and working your way up, discouragement is avoided.

Following the three tips mentioned above is crucial to learn Italian effectively during Italian language classes and blend in with the locals during Milan's fashion week.

After reading today's article, Brummies can rest assured knowing that is extremely possible to learn to speak Italian at a language school or through a private tutor without ever leaving the city of Birmingham. Start studying today to gain proficiency in Italian and to bring a little bit of La Dolce Vita into your life!

If you're a Mancunian reading this article, why not consider learning Italian in your home city of Manchester?

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