In the news today: Malcolm Turnbull got turned out; Scott Morrison takes his place as Australia’s Prime Minister.

Apparently, Mr Turnbull’s moderate stance on energy issues did not agree with his party’s...

How does one go from being quite nearly the top dog of a country’s political system to being ignominiously dismissed?

And where does one go from there?

Clearly, The Honourable Mr Turnbull needs to take a step back; reassess his position and, should he decide to venture back into politics, or into finance – his former career field, he is going to have to recalibrate his thinking.

Recalibrate one’s thinking: what a great way to describe what it is a life coach does!

Anyone whose employment has been terminated, with whatever degree of prejudice, knows the feelings of self-doubt and the urge to pass blame that follows, and the anxiety over what the future may hold.

Not that we’re speculating on Mr Turnbull’s financial position specifically; this next is more a general reflection of anyone who finds themselves suddenly unemployed: where will the money come from now?

A life coach won’t help you find your next job or loan you any money.

However, s/he will help you regain the confidence you lost as a result of the blow you were dealt, as well as helping you define what you want out of life and how to get there – even if you’ve not suffered public humiliation.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about changing jobs for a while. Perhaps you are no longer satisfied with merely doing your duty and you aspire to greater things; roles in society that have nothing to do with duty.

Maybe... but you fear failure.

Let Superprof help! Here we list life coaches in and around Leeds that can guide you in fulfilling your life’s dreams and help you banish all of those negative inner voices that say you can’t.

Find a life coach Belfast here.

Free Life Coaching in and Around Leeds

You can engage a life coach without having to mortgage your life!
You can find reduced-cost or even free life coaching if you know where to look Source: Pixabay Credit: Jarmoluk

If you are gainfully employed and mildly like your job but would love to enjoy it more, consider this: savvy businesses are making life coaching an employee benefit!

Nobody ever said that life coaching was meant to help you find a better job; it’s about discovering the best you!

Studies show that companies with life coaching as a prerequisite have better employee retention, suffer fewer sick days and enjoy higher production and efficiency.

It all comes down to employee satisfaction!

Is your company such a one? If not, would you work to make it one?

At your next staff meeting, how about discussing bringing in a life coach with your company’s leadership?

You may even talk with your coworkers beforehand; see how they feel about having a life coach made available to them and if they wouldn’t mind paying a small premium for such services, should it come down to that.

You may also talk with your local community centre about hosting a workshop with a life coach.

Life coaching is a booming business, with more and more coaches looking for ways to introduce their services to the community.

It is quite possible that your neighbour has recently trained to be a life coach and is looking for ways to grow her fledgeling business. What better way than by hosting a motivational seminar close to home?

You may also ask your doctor for a referral.

If you suffer from stress or anxiety, perhaps the holistic methods of managing those self-sabotaging conditions that, from time to time, cripple us all would work better than taking medication!

Perhaps you are in the same position as Australia’s so-recently-former Prime Minister and are looking for a new opportunity to shine.

If that’s the case, you could hardly go wrong with becoming a life coach!

As it turns out, The Coaching Academy is offering a free Foundation course, to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a life coach.

This is a two-day event that comprises of workshops and seminars where you can pick up a wealth of coaching tools as well as coaching skills.

Perhaps you already have great skills and just need to refine them in order to become a life coach!

The best life coaches are:

  • effective in achieving results

  • motivated and motivating

  • inspiring

  • great communicators – fantastic listeners!

  • action oriented

  • imbued with a can-do attitude

If you see yourself in those attributes, you may want to join the Academy on the weekend of the 15/16th of September, when they host their session in Leeds.

Once you get that ball rolling, you can become a Superprof life coach! 

There are many great life coaches in Cardiff; if you live there, you too can become one!

Transition from a grumpy ball to a happy one with life coaching
Get the ball rolling with Superprof coaching: your happiness awaits! Source: Pixabay Credit: FreeGraphicToday

Finding a Life Coach Through Superprof

As we’ve been with you for everything from academic support to learning how to play your favourite music instrument, you may rest assured that we are here to empower you through personal coaching, as well.

In Leeds, there are three Superprof life coaches just waiting for your call.

You might choose to work with Zeus, whose background includes living in different countries and playing football.

Perhaps he has adopted some of the methodologies from his sports background to his coaching programs – that is where life coaching got its start, after all!

Nevertheless, should you wish to engage with him, either in person or through online coaching, he will charge you a low fee of only £20 per hour, and his first hour, the time it takes to conduct an intake interview, is free!

If you are any kind of Superprof fan, you are aware that many of us give our first hour of lessons free.

Should you not have an issue with coaching services delivered online, you may contact Anri, whose vast experience in the coaching business has garnered him a glowing, 5-star rating and a host of client testimonials!

Both Anri and Zeus offer professional coaching to individuals or in groups, and Anri charges only £10 more per hour than does Zeus.

Why not get the lead on a life coach in Edinburgh if you're headed that way?

The Cost of Coaching

If you’ve been shopping around for a life coach, you’ve no doubt been made aware that turning your life around can be an expensive proposition.

Let us do some brief reckoning...

As there are no regulations to shape the coaching industry, anyone could hang out a shingle and call themselves a coach.

However, those who truly want to help people in their personal development seek out life coach training and have the credentials to prove it.

If you have decided on coaching sessions to transition into a more meaningful life or to find your life purpose, you should seek out a certified life coach.

Preferably one who has undergone a training program and has International Coach Federation accreditation.

Yes, you may have to pay a bit for your transformational journey, but ridding yourself of limiting beliefs doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly expensive!

Consider Superprof’s £30 per hour rate: that is about a pound a day and less than the cost of dinner in a decent restaurant!

That meal would go rather quickly, but life coaching is wellness for life!

Playing games with your life is no fun; find direction through life coaching.
Don't play games with your life! Seek out life coaching Source: Pixabay Credit Stevepb

Where Else in Leeds to Find Life Coaches

Leeds has enjoyed the fastest rate or private-sector job growth in the whole country.

That could be because so many Loiners have undergone a personal transformation, guided by a personal coach and are now doing wellness coaching or business coaching themselves!

Of course, that is just speculation but, just looking at Internet search results, we see a multitude of people passionate about helping others reach their full potential.

Take Susie Hudson, for example. Her main areas of focus are personal development and combatting stress and anxiety.

She started her career more than 20 years ago, helping people manage their stress. She then moved into relationship coaching and soon discovered coaching techniques that made her approach foolproof.

You may find her at Leeds City Centre or in Harrowgate, and she will work with you face to face or over the phone.

You might also enjoy working with Linda Jenkinson, a deeply introspective coach who enjoys helping bring about and witnessing a person’s evolution.

She is no stranger to losing her way; in fact, it was the tough circumstances in her life that brought about her own personal growth.

She is adept at helping individuals and groups find their life balance; she even serves as a business coach!

You might interest your boss in retaining Linda’s services if s/he is on board with the idea of offering life coaching as a work benefit.

If you need extra motivation to bring about the change your life needs, you would certainly be well-served in Leeds!

From the number of coaches just waiting for your call to Superprof’s coaches who will work with you either online or at yours, the only thing standing between you and the possibilities inherent in your life is you!

Note: the tendency to procrastinate is something your life coach can help you overcome, too...

Is there a life coach near you? Check these cities below!

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