Life can be hard, and I guess everyone could all do with some help from time to time. Often people find that talking to a trained counsellor gives them a safe space where they won't be judged, can express themselves without fear and be listened too by people that care. People say that they find they can share their most profound issues in an environment where they feel heard and supported.

People ask for a life coach's help for many different reasons. Some may be feeling discouraged, troubled, feeling stressed with work, mourning the loss of a loved one or maybe having difficulties in their relations.

Other people may be feeling that they are not going anywhere in their life at the moment and are just seeking to get support and understanding while getting started in their life change.

Many of us struggle in our lives to find the right balance between these choices. This can sometimes lead to us agonising, resulting in disappointment, unhealthy patterns making us feel lonely, abandoned and possibly even resulting in turning to addictive behaviour.

So if you feel that it is time for you to make a change or get your life back on track, here is how to find a coach in Cardiff.

"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present."

Emanuel James Rohn - American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.

3 Reasons To Hire A Life Coach

Achieve Your Goals

For most people, setting and reaching goals is hard. It’s not just the delicate art of goal setting that they find difficult, but following things through. However, a life coach will help you not only set your goals but also to help you find compelling enough reasons for why you must accomplish them in the first place.

Beyond than that? A life coach is here to offer you a fresh viewpoint on why you might haven’t been able to reach the big goals you’ve wanted in the past, and just how you can restructure your life to empower you rather than to continue to keep going in the wrong direction.

Life coaches also act as an accountability associate, and they will be right by your side, every steps, to ensure you see things through.

Life coaches in London are particularly adept at empowerment!

Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Life can be stressful. It's as simple as that. Failing repeatedly in the past is often a trigger for some of the most anxious and stressful times in people's life. One could get depressed beyond belief. Even though you should learn a lot through each failure, having those constant negative emotions isn’t fun for anyone.

When you add up all of your responsibilities, from work to family and social commitments, it’s easy to see why you get so stressed out. It is not a good feeling, especially when it feels like the walls are falling on you.

Getting the perspective of a life coach and outside help that life coaching provides is integral in helping you move past those disheartening sentiments.

Your Life Is Upside Down

If your life is in a state of utter chaos, you might be in severe need of a life coach that will help you get through some of the most challenging times.

Whether it’s your finances, your health, your connections, your job or your business, frequently it’s difficult to focus and see the forest through the trees when you're grappling with moving through the fog.

If your marriage is failing, your health is reduced, and your career, finances or your business is completely broken, it’s hard to make it through those difficult times. However, a life coach will help you wade through the seas of trouble to emerge on the shores of hope as your guide.

Relocation is another way people's lives can be turned topsy-turvy. If you're moving to Glasgow, for example, you may seek out a life coach to help you get turned around once you get there...

You too can take these steps to becoming a life coach
These are the steps a person takes to become a life coach Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

Graham Mason at Reflective Horizons

Graham Mason is a professionally qualified adviser mostly practising in Cardiff, South Wales. He is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and to comply with the regulations of the profession, he is DBS checked regularly.

His experience of working as a therapist has allowed him to help clients of all ages from all backgrounds with wide-ranging issues. He considers his role in the coach/coachee relationship to be one of helping you learn to get the equilibrium between change and acceptance.

As a systemically trained counsellor, Mason pays attention to what is happening in your world right now, what is affecting your life and thoughts. Believing that change is always feasible given the right conditions to exist for that change to thrive and embed.

Mason's approach is what is to be termed as “integrative” meaning that he uses a mix of theory and techniques from the Person-Centred, Solution Focused, Systemic schools of counselling and psychology.

Practising from this approach, he can adapt his way of working with each client to the unique needs and desires of the individual. Mason is particularly interested in how connections have influenced and shaped your perception of what is occurring in your world; this is including people who might have had an influence on you in your early life.

As in any life coaching situation, the relationship you will build with your counsellor is of the utmost importance.

Leeds life coaches are well aware of that; they work hard to cultivate relationships with their clients.

Yoga can help forge a mind-body-spirit link
A life coach can help you forge a mind-body-spiritual link in your life! Source; Pixabay Credit Geralt


Life Coaching

'Life' is a pretty big subject, and life coaching is just as complicated of a subject. Everyone tends to know, though, when something isn't working for themselves. When something needs to change and when you're repeating the same old patterns or are just stuck in a bad routine, you just know.

This can happen with some of the big things in life or work, relationships or a significant change in circumstances that you might be finding hard to come to terms with.

And it can also happen with things that might seem less significant on their own but which have begun to cause you real problems, e.g. organising our time, competing priorities, setting realistic goals.

Life Coaching is a focused road to personal development intended to help people appreciate their strengths and overcome barriers to make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

At ICANDOLIFE, they aim to provide the supportive, stimulating and inspiring environment that their clients need to figure things out, see what is truly possible and realise their true potential.

​Miracles don't come from the whole of life turning out just entirely, but from finding the resources to manage what comes your way.

​Whatever the issues at hand, you can get some clarity and motivation for change by taking the first step and scheduling a session.

Such riches are not only available in Cardiff; if you're a Brummie, for example, you can find life coaches in Birmingham, too.

The ACAP Academy

ACAP Academy has qualified and experienced life coach trainers in the Cardiff region who are here to offer their clients the very best service coaching can buy. Just like a private fitness trainer who helps to improve your body, a life coach practitioner acts on the persons’ mind, behaviour, character, spirit and soul for instant and attainable results.

At the ACAP you can book a free consultation then go onto one of their many coaching programmes for fundamental and outward success.

The ACAP consultation service has a drop-in option for free; either by telephone or in-person. All their consultations last no longer than an hour per perspective client.

If after your discussion you decide to partake in any of their coaching programmes, then you will start drafting a written report within a week. This will include your thoughts, concerns, requests and requirements you provided the life coach during your consultation.

You will then make be offered their professional written recommendations which will be used towards your coaching series.

If you are still unsure about getting a life coach, you could contact them and their trained guidance adult counsellors will be able to give you honest feedback and advice without any hard selling tactics that are used by most telesales representatives.

At the ACAP they also use a health relationship scale (which includes mental, physical and social) which will help your life coach monitor your behaviour accurately.

Health sociologists believe that positive or negative reinforcements are dependent on influences or interferences received or taken by us as agents or social actors.

Mancunians can find proof of that when they find their life coach in Manchester...

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it."

Steve Jobs - American pioneer of the microcomputer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s, business magnate and investor

You will not be verbally abused by your life coach but s/he will certainly get tough with you when warranted!
Yelling is not among the coaching tools your coach might employ but they will certainly be tough when needed Source: Pixabay Credit: Ashish Chodhary

Hire A Life Coach Trainer On Superprof

If you have decided that it is time for you to hire a life coach, you could start looking on Superprof's platform for one near you.

But most importantly you should find the right life coach. One that will understand your issues and your needs and that will help you set up the right goals for you to work towards.

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