London being a global city in the arts, entertainment and fashion industries, the question should really be: where can’t you find art classes in London?

Which begs the question: what form of art do you wish to learn?

You might burn to practise performance art: singing, dancing, or acting. Maybe you endeavour to learn applied art: pieces and collections that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Industrial design, perhaps, or designing for fashion. Maybe even making jewellery or pottery.

Surely you’ve been to Albertopolis and have seen for yourself the world’s largest museum of applied art, right?

Or, you might feel the pull of fine art: art that exists solely for the beautification of its environment.

Naturally, we’re talking about painting – with watercolours, acrylics and oils, and sketching with pencil or charcoal. But there is so much more to fine art!

In fact, when people think of art, that is the type of work most have in mind.

When they look for courses in art, they may overlook classes in sculpture, pottery, printmaking, mosaics and calligraphy – all of which are also considered fine art.

Let your Superprof take you on a tour around London, to brightly-lit studios where artists diligently work... not just to beautify our spaces, but to teach willing students about the tools and techniques of creating art.

Painting and Drawing Art Classes in London

Would you like your kids to take painting classes?
You may be interested in finding painting classes for your children Source: Pixabay Credit Rawpixel

As this form of art appears most prominent in people’s minds when considering expanding their artistic horizons, we will address learning to create these works of art first.

Please note that the list of schools offering art programmes and workshops in and around London is so extensive that we highlight only two - with no particular recommendation or endorsement, and list a select few in the table at the end of this article.

If you are a student – already enrolled at university or preparing for A-Levels in art history in anticipation of enroling at Chelsea College of Arts, getting hands-on with paints, pencils and charcoal is vital.

Not just to keep your interest in art alive but to experiment: with colour mixing, with shading techniques, and to develop brush control.

If you are not a student; if you perhaps feel the pressure of your workday and want an intellectual pastime to relax with, you may also want to learn how to execute an exquisite life drawing.

No matter what your circumstances, you can find the tutelage you need at London Art Classes.

You could also take art classes in Manchester!

Resident artists there offer both workshops and full classes, all on a pay as you go scheme – you won’t have to pay for lessons you don’t take!

They also provide a full range of art supplies, be you interested in experimenting with mixed media, or a different medium altogether.

And, if you criticize your work too heavily (everything looks like matchstick men!) and would die of mortification at taking an art class alongside other students, you may opt for private tuition.

Each £60 session yields five hours of instruction and practice, as well as a lunch.

If you are not so much for experimentation – if you already know your medium, be it acrylic, watercolour or oil; or if your focus is on learning to draw, you may prefer a short course at Sunny Art Centre.

They are happy to take on students who have never so much as touched a pastel or paintbrush, intermediates and more advanced art students.

They also offer art classes for kids!

Permitting only 10 young students per class means your child(ren) will get the individualised attention they need to become the artist they’ve always wanted to be.

And, if you wanted to attend class with your kids, that would be perfectly okay, too. Best of all is that Mum or Dad painting in the kids’ art classes costs nothing extra!

Why not check out kids' art classes in Birmingham?

Art Courses in Sculpting

Looking around our fair city reveals a goodly number of statues: of stone, marble, bronze and other materials.

If you have thus far thought of statues and sculpting in general as a form of stonemasonry, think again!

Michelangelo’s David is one of the most famous examples of sculpting as an art form.

Rodin’s The Thinker, although sculpted in brass, is another fine and famous example!

How would you feel about picking up a pick or chisel and sculpting?

Be it a bust or something altogether different – maybe abstract, you could learn the rudiments of sculpting at Art Academy London.

Whether you have absolutely no experience in the art or have hammered out a likeness in the past, tutor Lynne Abrahamson will take you through the basics of prepping your raw material through getting it ready to fire.

The curriculum is as follows:

On Saturday you will create a small sculpture in preparation for the bigger project you will undertake on Sunday.

What that project will be is entirely up to you: fire up your imagination and design as you will!

This weekend course costs £160 and all materials are provided.

Scotland is famous for its sculpting! Why not investigate art classes in Glasgow?

If you have substantial experience in sculpting, you may enjoy that school’s masterclass on portrait sculpture.

Working from a live model, you will establish your three-dimensional representation of... expression? Dimension? Proportion?

Whatever aspect of sculpting you need more focus on, tutor Suzie is sure to help.

Because it would not be wise to permit children to play with sharp chisels, these classes accept only adults; art students as well as those looking for the medium they could best express themselves in.

Find an art tutor near you thanks to Superprof.

Let’s go find kids’ classes where the medium is clay, shall we?

You shouldn't fear getting your hands dirty to make pottery
Throwing a pot is not just a matter for dirty hands! Source; Pixabay Credit: Lebemaja

Pottery Art Courses

Whether you want to engage in pottery as a family activity or enrol your children as an after-school activity, you will find enthusiastic and helpful instructors teaching at Parade Mews Pottery.

There is still time to enrol your child(ren), ages 7 or older, in a summer workshop!

Each of these two-day events includes full use of the studio’s supplies and equipment, along with instruction from a very enthusiastic teacher.

You should be sure to pack a lunch for your young participants, as the class runs from mid-morning till mid-afternoon.

Search for art courses near me on Superprof now.

The cost of these workshops is £64, all-inclusive.

Incidentally, Parade Mews Pottery also hosts family workshops, hen parties and adults-only classes.

With the holiday season coming up, you might think about gifting handmade pottery to all of your loved ones!

Or, better yet: how about an art lesson in ceramics?

Pop quiz: what is the difference between ceramics and pottery?

The instructors at Ceramics Studio Co-op would surely tell you!

Not only will they answer any questions you might have about materials used to produce functional art, but they will make those materials available to you in their classes.

They will also teach you how to use them and challenge you to reach beyond simple clay pinching to learn these techniques:

  • coiling

  • press moulding

  • slab-building

  • throwing and turning

  • glazing

If you thought pottery was a subject matter for dirty hands only, we dare you to head to their open studio on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays, to see how fun and how relaxing it can be to work clay.

Their adult courses cost between £185-195, which includes all materials and firings.

You may also find pottery art classes in Leeds, for young and old!

How would you like to wear jewellery you created?
You may learn to make an intricate necklace in jewellery class Source: Pixabay Credit Estall

Art Courses in Jewellery Making

Remember how we said that art can be functional? Wearable, even?

Fashion – clothing is just one wearable art form; another is jewellery. Have you ever felt inspired to create your own pieces to suit your inimitable style?

If so, you will definitely enjoy lessons at Kat &Bee Jewellery.

There you can learn to design and make earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings – from the newfangled stackables to the stone inset ones.

You don’t have to know anything about making jewellery but you do have to have an idea of what you want to create, and possibly have it sketched out before the workshop.

You may invite up to five friends to participate in your two-hour, half-day or full-day session; at a cost of £45 per person.

If you’d rather work one to one with Kat, the price is £100 per hour.

Incidentally, she often teaches at the Soho House Group, so if you’re a member, you might inquire about her next engagement there.

As though all of the galleries in and around London weren’t enough of a testament to our city’s art culture, clearly the wealth of classes would do the trick!

If drawing and painting is your creative outlet, and if you want to improve your drawing skills or painting techniques, nothing will do but to take art lessons.

Finding an instructor to teach you composition, perspective and realistic figure drawing is not a difficult task.

Neither is finding art classes near me, anywhere in the UK!

Read our other posts about finding art classes in other UK cities such as, Edinburgh Belfast and Cardiff.

Likewise, if you were looking for an outlet for your creativity and painting classes don’t suit you, you could try working with clay as your medium: for sculpting, for pottery-making and for modelling.

No matter what type of art making you wish to engage in, London has a class for you! Just refer to the table to pick your art school, and we’ll look forward to your first exhibit soon!

Facility NameWhat you could learnPhysical AddressWeb Address
London Art ClassesPainting, drawing, sketching165 Childers Street London SE8 5JR
Sunny Art CentreDrawing, painting, calligraphy, kids' classes30 Grays Inn Rd, London WC1X 8HR
Art Class LondonDrawing, painting, lino-printing, watercolours502 Hornsey Road London N19 4EF‎ UK
City Litsculpting, drawing, painting, printmaking, collageKeeley Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 4BA
Art Academybeginner, intermediate and advanced sculpture165A Mermaid Court, SE1 1HR
Parade Mews Potterykids and adult pottery7 Parade Mews Tulse Hill SE27 9AX
Ceramics Studio Co-opPottery and Ceramics14, 17, Block C Juno Way New Cross SE14 5RW London
Kat&Bee's JewelleryJewellery27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX
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