Ever since you had that dinner at Barrafina to celebrate the New Year, you’ve been haunted by strains of Spanish guitar music... and your taste buds crave more of that flavour of Barcelona.

Later, making your resolutions for the year, you decide to study the language and culture of Spain and plan your family’s summer holiday in Andalusia.

Naturally, you don’t want to have to count on native speakers conversing with you in English when you get there, so you want to learn at least Conversational Spanish; enough to get by while you discover if Spanish studies are worth pursuing.

They are!

Imagine being the only one in your circle of friends to understand Venezuelan singer Thomas Ender’s En Silencio or Desire!

And what about earning that coveted promotion at work? It is true that bilingual workers are more sought after than ever these days and Spanish is becoming one of the most prevalent languages in business.

Why you ask?

Spanish is spoken by millions of people worldwide, on four continents.

In fact, the number of Spanish speakers has surpassed the total amount of English speakers worldwide, coming second only to Mandarin Chinese in terms of how many people who use it as their primary language or who speak Spanish regularly.

Isn’t it time you joined those ranks?

Let Superprof report from the streets of London on the best Spanish lessons for you and for your children because, naturally, your kids are onboard with learning a second language.

See where you can take Spanish lessons London.

Spanish Lessons for the Casual Speaker

How often has your teacher ever told you to not eat in class? Not your Spanish class!
You may be pleasantly surprised to find food in your Spanish classes! Source: Pixabay Credit: Thumperchgo

Admittedly, we took quite a big leap in assuming you might want to learn how to speak Business Spanish by pointing out that bilingual workers tend to earn more.

Just because our capital city is considered the world’s leading global city doesn’t mean that everyone in London has a specific purpose for learning Spanish.

Besides, if you were to study Business Spanish or Medical Spanish, you would have to have a firm grasp of Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

Many people want to learn Spanish just because it is a fun learning experience!

Said fun could be had at Let’s Learn Spanish.

No matter if you are proficient or a beginner, Let’s Learn has a class for you.

All of their teachers are native Spanish speakers who teach Neutral Spanish – meaning there is no need to worry if you’re learning the right type of Spanish for your goals.

Just as there are many variations of the English language – Australian English, American English and the many regional distinctions of our British English, the Spanish spoken in Spain is not the same as in the Dominican Republic or Cuba.

For that matter, the Spanish spoken in northern Spain is not the same as in southern Spain!

So, if you have very specific goals that your language learning will help you reach, you should consider which Spanish to learn or, more simply, opt for Neutral Spanish.

If learning a language is your primary goal with little emphasis on where and how you will use your newly acquired language skills, whether the Spanish you learn is Mexican or Peruvian is of less importance.

However, having fun while learning is paramount and that is where Let’s Learn Spanish excels!

Leaving aside, for now, the monthly tapas parties they host and free Fridays – open sessions where you can come and practice your spoken Spanish, Let’s Learn’s small class size guarantees the optimal student-teacher ratio and plenty of opportunity for dialogue.

Are there such Spanish classes in Birmingham?

You may take classes in the morning, afternoon, evening or weekend with a small group of friends or by yourself – they do offer one on one sessions.

If you are not yet sure about committing to learning Spanish, you may attend a few cultural events at Instituto Cervantes, also in the Holborn area.

You could enjoy a night of music or peruse their library; idle around their gallery loaded with works from Spanish artists or attend a lecture on Spanish culture.

Oh, and they conduct language lessons for adults and children, too!

If all you know of Spanish (besides delicious food and passionate music) is ‘Hola!’ and ‘Adios!’, you would be recommended to join other beginners.

If your child is preparing to sit Spanish GCSEs or A-Levels, s/he may be a bit more advanced; say at the intermediate level.

No matter what level you or your learners are, the Cervantes Institute stands ready to provide quality instruction in Spanish language and culture.

They even host a Spanish club for you littlest learners!

You would find such Spanish lessons in Leeds for little ones as well...

Younger students thrive in language classes
Young children engage rapidly and enthusiastically in language studies Source: Pixabay Credit: Klimkin

Spanish Classes for Young Students

As we’ve already mentioned, the ability to speak another language provides a multitude of benefits to adults. In children, those bonuses are magnified.

  • Bilingual children are highly creative

  • They are also better at problem-solving and ‘out of the box’ type of thinking – a business buzzword that has been around for a while but is still relevant today

  • Children with a second language capability score better on exams and focus better in the classroom

  • They also tend to be better readers; they get more meaning out of what they read!

  • Bilingual children tend to be more confident and sociable

  • Learning a second language early in life opens the door for easier language learning later in life.

  • Bilingual youngsters have more intellectual and emotional tools to appreciate the cultural context and linguistic nuance

All of this holds true no matter what language your child studies but these points take on special significance in light of the Spanish language’s growing influence around the world.

With global citizens needed now more desperately than ever, arming your progeny with the cultural competence that comes with extended language learning is perhaps the best way to prepare them for their future.

Students who have taken Spanish lessons in Manchester can attest to that!

Battersea Spanish encourages learners of all ages but especially the youngest ones to feel at home; indeed it is their slogan!

While they hold classes for Spanish students of all ages, Saturdays belong exclusively to children.

Role-playing, storytelling and dancing; tasty snacks and music all provide an enticing, immersive atmosphere where kids pick up on Spanish words and phrases almost by osmosis.

Kids Lingo takes things a bit further; they believe that the younger the student the better the opportunity at mastering Spanish. That is why they promote Baby Spanish classes.

Before your child can sit up, let alone utter a word in any language, their experienced teachers use music and stories to immerse Baby into the language of Cervantes.

Their progressive curriculum continues to cultivate your child’s love of Spanish by promoting them into more advanced groups as they grow, culminating in their Junior Programme, where children as old as 11 participate in playacting as well as structured learning.

With all of the talk of Tiger Parenting recently, you may baulk at exposing your young child to early learning.

Plenty of parents have no qualms about engaging a private tutor to give their children an academic leg up throughout their child’s academic career.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to promote their academic chances before they are required to attend class?

Considering that speaking a second language boosts confidence and cognitive ability – the two determining criteria of academic prowess, enrolling youngsters in Spanish language lessons at an early age could give them exactly the tools they need to succeed in school!

Do you wonder how many GCSE level student take Spanish lessons in Glasgow?

Would you rather learn Spanish one on one with a tutor?
Many language learners prefer learning Spanish one on one, with a tutor Source: Pixabay Credit: NrjFalcon1

Find out where else you can take Spanish in the UK with our other posts on Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff.

Taking Spanish Courses Online

Not everyone has children and not everyone has time or energy to attend a Spanish course in a language school, either in the evening or on weekends.

For those of you who do have children embroiled in language study at school, and for those of you who want to learn Spanish but can’t see yourself attending class, there are a few options open to you.

Online Spanish lessons can help you improve your Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation and can help the students in your home prepare for Spanish examinations, or simply keep up with their Spanish classes.

Generally, an online course of Spanish will see you/your child working one to one with a Spanish teacher. These meetings are scheduled and, depending on the age and need of the student could last anywhere from 30 minutes to a full hour.

Websites such as Verbal Planet and Live Lingua function as tutor marketplaces.

Upon creating your learner profile, you would peruse all of the teacher profiles, find a likely candidate or two and send them your request for Spanish lessons.

Such tutors may be scattered across the globe, meaning your Spanish lessons could originate in Spain!

However, if you prefer a Spanish tutor with real presence; one who would teach you Spanish at home, look no further than Superprof.

Superprof has more than 450 Spanish tutors in the London area alone, many of whom are native Spanish speakers – we are quite the international city, after all!

Furthermore, you may be assured of any Superprof tutor’s credentials and experience in teaching by reading the bio and past students’ reviews on their profile page.

Naturally, if you’d prefer Spanish lessons via webcam, there are Superprof tutors who would be happy to accommodate your request...

Whether you choose to learn Spanish online, with a private tutor at home or in a more formal setting, the important part is the learning.

¡Vamalos! Let’s get going!

Discover all you need to know about Spanish lessons near me!

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