When you decide to work with a tutor for the first time, it can be an exciting and nerve-racking experience. You may be nervous about how your tutor will be with you and how the sessions will be run. Rest assured that as long as you have chosen a professional tutor and done your due diligence to make sure that they are qualified. You can be confident that your private tutor will be dedicated to your achievement and success.

If you are interested in academic tutoring with subjects such as economics, philosophy, trigonometry, algebra, calculus or general mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology or general sciences. The best tutors near me will be able to help you with that, they can also best your French tutor or any other language, they can help you with test prep and exam mastery supporting you to pass your GCSE exams, or study for the entrance exams of secondary school, college or university.

In fact with private tuition, you can study anything that you can think of. With a tutoring centre, 1 on 1 personal tutors and online tutoring being some of the more popular options.

Your private tutoring program will provide you with the tools to enable you to excel in your chosen subject. No matter what your needs or concerns about your education, an experienced one to one tutor is likely to have met someone like you before.

But while the tutor's experience will guarantee that the foundation is successfully set for you to begin your study. How can you make the most of working with your tutor? Today we are going to delve into what you can do to make the most of your private tuition.

you start your sessions with your private tutor
The power of working with a personal tutor 1 on 1. Photo Source: Unsplash

Private Tutors for Educational Support

It is essential to understand the role of your tutor in your academic improvement and success. Tutors are like private teachers who dedicate themselves to teach pupils in a small group or one on one. Tutors guide and instruct students to create their own successful outcomes by giving them the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and in life.

They provide personalized outlines, adaptive study plans, curriculums and syllabus’ to enrich your learning experience. Motivating you the learner to apply these strategies in the subjects that you are struggling in. You can find all kinds of tutors, the online tutor and the 1 on 1 home tutor, are some of the more popular types of tutoring available.

Many certified school teachers are also applying for tutoring jobs, independently and with tutoring companies. You may be able to ask around at your school to see if any school teachers work part time as tutors. This could save you some money as they may be partially subsidised by your school. While this is promising there may also be a pupil waiting list to see that school teacher as qualified tutors are in high demand.

Private tutors often arrange sessions to last anywhere up to one hour and they normally charge hourly. There is definitely a larger expense related to home tuition, one to one sessions cost more than online tuition. To save money with your supplementary education you could try to use a blended approach to your tutoring finding a good mix between meeting a tutor online and face to face.

  • You Will Find A Tutor Can Essentially Only Show You The Door, But You Have To Walk Through It. 
    • Private tutors whether 1 on 1 or online, can show you how to prepare, share with you the right tools for the job and show you how to use the tools. But in the end, you have to decide if you will actually apply what you have been taught.
  • Despite The Tutors Expertise, They Cannot Read Minds. 
    • Like all people, tutors can only work with what they know. If you hire a tutor to create your home tutoring programme and guide you in learning how to cook, you should not be surprised if they don’t include how to write cookbooks. This may be a related topic, but unless you have shared your expectations, goals and wishes with the tutor to want to expand the curriculum to other related topics, then you may find them left out of your sessions.
Take detailed notes of the session with your private tutor.
Make notes and use your study skills. Photo Source: Unsplash

Tutees in Need of Extra School Support

A tutee is a student or learner who works with a tutor towards achieving their maximum potential. The success of all tutoring services starts with the student. While the tutor is experienced, professional and ready to guide the tutee to victory. If the tutee doesn’t attend the sessions or engage with the curriculum, there can be no success despite how skilled the tutor is.

The tutee, in this case, holds the keys to their own academic success, and they must be open to guidance and be willing to work to achieve it. When an experienced tutor and a dedicated tutees come together, the ability to accomplish anything that they put their minds to becomes a proven reality.

The Tutor and Tutee Relationship

7 Tips To Be A Better Tutee

No partnership works without hard work, and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to private tuition. To achieve your goals you have to do your part. Follow these steps to make the most of your education, become a better tutee and support your tutor in guiding you toward your highest potential.

  1. Communicate Effectively

Like we mentioned above your tutor will guide you anywhere that you want to go. They will work to give you the tools to do the best that you are capable of. But it is vital to note that until you share with your tutor what goal or outcome you are expecting they will only be able to lead you generally.

The power of working with a personal tutor 1 on 1 is to get the most out of the session. You need to have a consultation with the tutor before hiring them, sharing what your expectations are, what you hope to achieve and it could also be vital for them to know how you plan to use your knowledge once it is acquired.

Once you start your sessions with your tutor, you should make sure to continue to communicate with them effectively. This is especially true if your goals or requirements change. Tutors can be very flexible and can even recreate the whole curriculum to suit your new requirements.

If you choose not to communicate, then you are losing out a tremendous opportunity to be provided with the very best and most personal mentoring available.

  1. Engage With The Sessions

Make sure to arrange your meetings at a time that you can actually attend punctually. Tutor scheduling is not suggested, and you will pay for the time that you have booked. Ensure that you commit to arriving on time to all of your sessions. This means coming 5-10 minutes early so that you have time to set up and prepare manually for the session.

When the session starts, you should make sure that you have everything you need to complete the course successfully. This could include textbooks, pens, post-its and study guides.

To avoid any distraction while studying in the session you should, as a rule, turn off all electronic devices, i.e. your mobile telephone and at the very least turn of all notifications. For the time that you are with your tutor, there should be no distractions

Being ready for your session is paramount to your success. That is why your Superprof offers this guide to selecting and working with tutors.

  1. Make Notes And Study Skills

While you are studying and learning your new skill, ensure that you are also spending some time to take detailed notes of what was discussed, what thoughts you have about the topic and write down any breakthroughs you have experienced. If you need to slow down to take more extensive notes, ask the tutor to give you a few minutes so that you can take notes on anything that you deem essential.

It is important to remember that the tutor is hired to go at your pace, you are not in the session to follow the speed of the tutor. If you need time to write notes take the time.

  1. Increase Comprehension With Short Session Reviews

Once your session has finished, go to a quiet place where you can concentrate and round up what you have learned by reviewing it thoroughly. Make sure that now that you are alone and that it all seems as clear as it was in class. If you can try to expand on what you have learned with homework or personal study.

Looking over your notes and rewriting them can also really help with concreting what it is that you have learnt to memory. This is important because often the issue is not learning the topic the problem often comes down to remembering what we have discovered.

While your tutor can do a review with you at the start of the lesson it should be noted that the best time to retain the knowledge of your session is after the session itself.

  1. Be Realistic

If you hire a tutor to help you do exam prep or pass an exam one week before the exam and you know nothing about the topic. It is pretty likely that you are being unrealistic. Even though your tutor will be able to put together an intensive program that could give you a chance. Your best hope is planning in advance and giving yourself time, learning takes time, and remembering and being able to digest what you have learnt can take time also. It is essential to understand our own limitations and manage our expectations accordingly.

Although the tutor is guiding you every step of the way in how to learn and what to learn you are still the one who has to do the work. The tutor cannot turn you into someone you are not overnight.

  1. Take Some Time Off

It may sound counter-intuitive but make sure that while you are studying that you take a regular study break and at least once a week, every week take some time out to relax and do some fun things that you enjoy. While you should be passionate and enthusiastic about your home tuition programme. Relaxing is as essential as studying is for your success, as it gives your brain a break and an opportunity to recuperate.

There are various benefits to taking long and short study breaks including increased concentration and faster learning. Although working excessively hard and ‘cramming’ is what is typically seen as an efficient way of studying. This promotes exhaustion, stress, fatigue and a lower retention rate. That means that the longer you study without a break, the less you learn and the worse you feel. Even taking a 5-minute break every hour can have positive effects. Remember at the end of the school year you a lot of time free and so can commit to a more intensive program and still enjoy your spare time.

  1. Have Confidence In Your Tutor

Sometimes it can all seem too much and become overwhelming, but your tutor is there to support you, and so you should not give up. Whether you progress is slow or fast, all progress is good progress. If your tutor is aware of your strengths and weaknesses, they will be actively coming up with customized strategies for students.  Make sure to reward yourself for small successes and speak to your tutor to ask them how you are progressing and if there are any other strategies you could use to advance more efficiently.

Reward yourself for small successes
Your private tutor actively comes up with customized strategies for students. Photo Source: Unsplash

One on one tutoring can make you feel like your knight in shining armour has arrived. Private tutors are extremely passionate about their subjects and this knowledge and professionalism can introduce enrichment and mastery into your learning experience. It is important to realise though that your tutor is only going to give you the tools and guide you towards your success. Fundamentally you are the one responsible for taking the first step and applying it to everything you learn. This is a powerful realisation to accept, but you must commit to keep improving.

We hope that you have enjoyed our top tips on how to make the most of your home tuition. If you are able to apply just a few of these pointers, then you will be on track to becoming best student possible, and you will achieve success in your topic.

Invest in your success by evaluating your tutor to make sure s/he and your child will work well together for a long time.

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