How do I know that online tutoring on Superprof is safe and secure? We have all heard about the dangers of our kids chatting and surfing on the internet.

Superprof was designed with child safety best practice firmly in mind. But specifically just what is it that sets us apart?

– Unlike other online tutoring websites there are no webcams or phone links – there is no way a tutor can see or talk to a child. Kids do not use their real names, and we never disclose their location.

– Tutoring is via instant messaging, and there is a full record of everything that is said, which is reviewable after the session has finished.


– Tutors are CRB checked. These UK Government checks mean that the identity of the tutor has been verified and they are deemed safe to work with children.

– Kids using the website can flag online tutoring sessions that they feel are inappropriate; our administrators are instantly notified and we begin a rigorous investigation process to verify the nature of the content. We also include a link to the Government’s CEOP website.

To make things even easier, we have included a section on the website called Staying Safe Online, which is full of common sense guidance and links to useful websites offering more support.

Our child safety features and procedures have also been independently checked and verified. We have left no stone unturned in making sure that Superprof is a safe online experience.

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