"With languages you are at work anywhere." -Edmund de Waal

Learning a new language for social or economic reasons is one of the best choices you will ever make; possessing a second language opens the door for worlds of opportunities.

Some languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Malay, and Chinese are advantageous to speak to millions of people around the world and are quite appealing to employers in all job sectors. 

To accept jobs abroad in one of the world's largest economies, Mancunians are learning to become fluent in Chinese.

Therefore, to meet the needs of curious polyglots in Manchester, Superprof has found the best academic institutes to learn Mandarin and the most highly recommended online resources to discover professionally working Chinese tutors in the great city of Manchester.

The Best Academic Institutes to Learn Mandarin Chinese in Manchester

the best of Manchester
The city of Manchester is not only a famous place to watch a football game; it is a convenient place to learn essential languages such as Chinese. (Source: pixabay)

Manchester is a beautiful city worthy of visiting when travelling to the UK for its stunning architecture, rich culture, and lively citizens. Known for its football clubs and famous music exports such as Oasis, Manchester is a city that needs time to be thoroughly discovered.

Since Manchester is a major economic city in the UK, it has been home to many immigrants for decades. 

Immigrants from countries such as Pakistan, Poland, Ireland, Nigeria, India, Somalia, and China have found a better life in Manchester and have been calling it home for years.

Since Mancunians have had the constant influence of immigrants from different parts of the world, they have become familiarised with different cultures which have caused them to want to learn more about a specific language and culture that interests them.

Chinese culture has positively affected many citizens of Manchester who are now considering learning this Asian tongue. 

Therefore, without further delay, the following are the two best language schools to learn more about the Chinese language in Manchester: 

  • Cactus Language School: currently boasting a 4.63 out of 5-star review from past learners, the Cactus Language School is a highly recommended academic institute to learn more about foreign languages and is located on Newton Street in the city centre of Manchester. Their ten-week Chinese group course consists of two hours of tuition per week in the evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm. The language experts at the Cactus Language School ensure that students studying Mandarin Chinese will have an enjoyable and useful language learning experience. Check out their informative site to learn more about the courses and fees.
  • Confucious Institute at the University of Manchester: providing a wide variety of courses to suit the needs of all learners, the Confucious Institute at the University of Manchester is an essential place to learn more about Mandarin Chinese in the city of Manchester. Language courses are available in small groups or one-to-one tuition for beginners, intermediate level students, and advanced students. Take a look at their site to gain more information about the Mandarin Chinese language learning options available.

With the two previously mentioned options, Mancunians may attend high-quality Chinese courses near them; enlist yourself today to become fluent in one of the world's most widely spoken languages.

Finding Private Chinese Tutors in the City of Manchester

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Having a conversation over a cup of coffee or tea with a native Chinese speaker is a great way to practise language skills and acquire fluency. (Source: pixabay)

The learning possibilities in today's modern world are incredible; we can learn new academic concepts and foreign languages on the go with well-chosen applications and learning software.

While many adult learners still prefer the comfort and encouragement of learning a new language in a classroom at an academic institute, others favour the convenience of learning privately with a qualified instructor in the comfort of their own home or at a place most convenient for them.

Therefore, to meet the needs of modern-day learners wanting to acquire the basics of Mandarin Chinese, the following are the best online resources to find qualified Mandarin tutors in the Manchester area: 

  • Teachers To Your Home: high-quality private tuition is offered to children and adults all across the UK with the company, Teachers To Your Home; this tutoring service comes highly recommended to acquire essential information about any academic subject. Students desiring to learn Chinese in the city of Manchester can enlist the help of a tutor from Teachers To Your Home at a time and place most convenient for them. Mandarin tuition is provided to learners of all levels whether they want to develop conversational skills or prepare for professional examinations. Visit their website to call them or send them a short message describing your desires to learn Mandarin, learn essential information about the services offered, and read more about what families are saying about tutors this week.
  • Superprof: Superprof is a highly recommended site to find professional tutors near you. According to the website, there are 150 Mandarin Chinese tutors located in Manchester and its surroundings that offer engaging language courses. Prices range from £15-50 per hour, and some tutors are willing to travel up to 50 miles to conduct Mandarin lessons in the comfort of your own home. Check out the website to find the tutor that best suits you.

The three online resources mentioned above are only a few of the options available to Mancunians; there are other sites to find professional Mandarin tutors. Also, some university undergraduates fluent in Mandarin may offer remedial courses to pay for their university fees; frequently verify the bulletin boards at Manchester-based universities to see what is available.

At Superprof, we don't just focus on the city of Manchester; check out our articles about finding Chinese lessons in cosmopolitan London, glorious Glasgow, bustling Birmingham, and lively Leeds.

Vital Tips to Learn Mandarin Chinese Without Giving Up

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Having short-term and long-term goals is essential when learning a new language. (Source: pixabay)

Learning all of the fundamentals of a foreign language cannot be done in a day. Time, dedicate, motivation, and practise are needed to master the language skills of a new language.

Languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and Norwegian can be learned relatively fast for native English speakers. However, on the other end of the spectrum are difficult languages such as Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese Mandarin.

Since the writing and alphabet of the previously mentioned languages are entirely distinct, more time is required to attain fluency. 

Nevertheless, it is important to state that Mandarin proficiency is possible for all types of learners; remember that nothing truly important in life comes without its sacrifices!

To prevent beginners from getting discouraged, the following helpful tips from linguistic experts are essential to studying Mandarin Chinese effectively and without giving up:

  • Identify Short and Long Term Goals: when learning about a new language and culture, it is necessary to set goals from the start. It is crucial to set long terms of where you want to be after one, three or five years of language learning. For example, the goal of reaching advanced fluency in Chinese after living a year in China is very attainable. Next, think about your short-term goals and where you want to be after learning Mandarin for a month, three months or six months. For example, a realistic short-term goal may be being able to read a simple Chinese book or understanding Chinese radio after six months. George T. Doran wrote an essential article in the November 1981 issue of the Management Review that discussed the importance of setting goals. He created the acronym SMART which describes how each goal should be Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, and Time-related. Remember to try and review your goals every month or every week to see how you are doing.
  • Find a Native Chinese Partner to Practise Speaking: since Mandarin is a tonal language, it can be challenging to master the correct tones without practising with a native speaker. It may be intimidating to practise new Chinese vocabulary at the beginning with a Chinese speaker who has had years of practice: however, enter the speaking sessions prepared by having specific words you would like to learn and certain tones you would want to distinguish from one another. Since the UK is a multicultural nation, finding a native Chinese speaker to practice with should be no issue at all.

After reading this informative Superprof article, Mancunians know that they can quickly learn the fundamentals of Mandarin Chinese in their city at language schools and through the guidance of private Mandarin tutors without ever having to travel to the major Chinese metropolises of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou!

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