While you may think you’ve learned everything about Wales’ capital, Cardiff is still home to many of the country’s surprising tales. Cardiff is actually the green space capital of the United Kingdom, containing more parks per person than any other city in the nation. At the same time, it also holds the title for being the smallest capital in Europe. Having been settled since the Neolithic Period, Cardiff was populated by members of a Celtic tribe before the invasion of the Romans. Since then, Cardiff has developed into the commercial and cultural hub of Wales, where about 10% of the population speak Welsh. Filled with a long and riveting history, there’s no better place to start honing in your math skills than Cardiff. Long hailed as a one of the UK's most sociable cities, you're bound to find a helping hand. Whether you’re stuck on math homework problems at the undergrad or elementary school level, finding the right math help can be key to achieving your academic and professional goals. Here’s how to pick the right kind of math tutor and math courses for your needs!

advice for learning and teaching maths
A good math tutor or online site can be resources for teachers and students!

How to Find the Right Maths Instructor

Getting a private tutor to supplement your mathematics courses can be a difficult choice to make, especially with all the different kinds of options available today. If you find yourself struggling in maths and have already sought out help from your maths tutor near me, consider getting help through a one-on-one experience with a professional in the field. The first step you should take in your journey to find the perfect math lessons in Cardiff is to identify why you or your child want to start getting tutored for math. In other words, define what you’d like to get out of a tutoring experience. Whether that be attaining your GCSE or scoring a higher grade on an elementary school level math program. The second thing you should identify is what kinds of math concepts you’re prepared to learn. For example, high school math students probably won’t need a tutor for basic arithmetic operations but, rather, for subjects like pre-algebra, precalculus or trigonometry. Identifying your skill level will help you determine what qualities you want in a maths tutor. The final aspect you should take into account when trying to select the right tutor and program, regardless of whether you’re looking for an English literature or science tutor, are these essential characteristics:

  • Price
  • Flexibility
  • Qualifications

Your mathematics teacher, on top of matching your needs in the previous characteristics, should also always deliver a professional and safe environment for learning. For more advice, check out maths tutoring in Glasgow!

In-Person Tutor by School Math Level

After you’ve identified the areas you’re struggling with the most, whether it be particular math problems or understanding difficult concepts during math class, you’ll have to decide what type of classes to take based on what your personal preferences and budget. The most common routes you can take include taking one-on-one tutoring courses, getting an online tutor for maths or simply learning through free, online maths guides and lessons. Here, we’ll discuss options for those looking to get maths tuition in person, either at a tutoring centre or through a tutoring service. Private tuition courses tend to be the more expensive option but can be ideal for those who learn best from having personalized guidance and getting their questions answered in real-time. From primary school to test prep, here are some of the best resources to check out for various math level courses. Find more maths tutors with our guide on Belfast's math centres!

Elementary Math Tutoring

At the elementary level, the majority of students struggle the most with math and science. After asking their math teacher for extra help, if your child is still having trouble with doing their homework or understanding the mathematical concepts taught in class, consider checking out a tutoring math lab or centre like Explore Learning. Located in Thornhill, they offer support for elementary grade math through personalized math classes and guides. Exploring and reviewing topics such as basic arithmetic operations, multiplication and more, the centre’s membership will give you access to their facilities up to 9 times a month. If you’re hesitating or want to find out more about pricing schemes, they offer a free trial session as well as scholarships and financial aid for families looking for help at lower prices. Here are more maths tuition options in Birmingham!

personalised math lessons
Personalised learning can sometimes be found outside the classroom

Find a Tutor Middle School Math

Whether your child needs help getting a passing grade on a placement test or simply needs help with more complex math topics, such as inequalities and measuring volume, finding a tutor can be a great solution. If you’ve already spoken to the math department at your child’s school, make sure to check out the options at the Kumon tutoring centre. Kumon, a tutoring centre invented by a Japanese mathematician in 1985, uses their original approach to teaching subjects like English literature and maths. Having around 10 locations spread throughout the greater Cardiff area, you will have to pay a one-time registration fee of 50 pounds. Their monthly plan, which will cost you 62 pounds, will allow your child access to use their facilities two days a week and includes practice sets to be completed at home. Check out this guide on maths learning in Manchester for more info!

High School and College Level Math

Frome GCSE maths to struggling to find past papers of college math courses, the mathematics at this level can vary widely. From differential equations and linear algebra to actuarial math, there are as diverse topics as there are options to get tutored in them. With a community of almost 150,000 maths tutors worldwide, you can tap into Superprof’s tutor database to explore the 160 tutors in the Cardiff area available to walk you through math problems and theories. From math teachers to PhD students, you’ll also be able to choose the qualifications of your tutor based on your personal interests and preferences. The average price for a lesson is 15 pounds per hour, with the majority of tutors offering their first lesson for free.

Test Prep

Looking for a tuition centre with math teachers and courses geared towards the A-levels? Teaching sixteen different subjects, from English and maths to Welsh and psychology, the Cardiff and Vale Tutoring Centre offers different services for students through to the graduate level. Striving to provide students with the proper study skills and content knowledge necessary to succeed, they also offer support for those with dyslexia and dyscalculia. If you’re looking for help on the part of mathematicians for the A-levels, Cardiff and Vale tutors has a range of local tutors to help with everything from reviewing negative numbers to completing practice tests. The price for A-level support comes at the fixed rate of 27 pounds per hour. Check out our guide on GSCE maths help in the UK!

Online Maths Help

Whether you’re in upper division maths courses or at the elementary school level, getting a tutor online for support in your mathematics courses can be cheaper than an in-person tutor. An online tutor can be found in all subjects in math for many of the tutoring services and centres already mentioned, from number theory to binomials. If you’re interested in getting an online tutor for either you or your child but you aren’t sure, some advantages to taking this route is the lower cost of transportation as well as more flexibility in scheduling. If you’re someone who has a busy schedule and simply can’t make it or drive during standard working hours, online tutoring can be a great solution. Besides the tutoring platforms already mentioned, one great online tutoring service dedicated to math is Matr. With a weekly price of about 10 pounds, you’ll get a weekly, one-on-one session with a maths tutor with personalized assessments and guides. For free, you can also access countless guides and worksheets just by creating an account. At the moment Matr only supplies support for those aged 6 to 12. Look for more online maths support with this guide on Edinburgh!

new math resources
If you're looking to gain study skills for improving your grade, a tutor can help!

Free Math Tutoring Services

If you’re worried about your child not learning enough at the key stage of elementary school or are struggling with complex mathematical theory yourself, turning to free math help can also be a great option for those with a limited budget. Check out your school or local library to find out if they have a maths tuition program or math support that they offer for free. Another option is to turn to the web, where you’ll be able to browse through a number of math games, lessons and tutorials. Add maths tutorials to your watchlist with Khan Academy’s popular range of mathematics tutoring. Turn to Math Tutor UK, a site created by mathematicians at the University of Leeds, Loughborough and Coventry, for lessons and practice questions on seven different subjects ranging from arithmetic to integration. Learn more about maths tutoring throughout the UK!

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