"Im big into social studies, the humanities. I really love history and world issues and philosophy and law." -Connor Jessup

Studying what has happened in the past has always been a fascination with humans. We believe that learning from events, people, and laws from history will make our present and future a better place. Is that the case? In many ways, yes.

For example, by learning from the mistakes of the past civilisations, it helps us to remember not to go down that similar path and progress towards growth instead. 

Since pondering over historical events is so beneficial, subjects such as social studies, geography, history, and modern studies are mandatory in different parts of the UK. While England, Wales, and North Ireland focus on history and geography, Scotland encourages secondary school students to delve deeper into the topic of modern studies.


The Scottish Education System has the goal that all students who complete modern studies classes acquire the necessary skills to become a more well-informed, responsible, and tolerant person. 

Nonetheless, after the mandatory school years are completed in Scotland, many modern studies enthusiasts desire to continue learning about the understanding and knowledge of contemporary politics and social issues in the United Kingdom and internationally to share their wisdom with others.

Are you ready moderns studies aficionados to learn how you can get qualified and become a professional tutor in the subject you love? We sure hope so!

Becoming a Qualified Modern Studies Tutor

the isles of Scotland
Modern studies can be reviewed at universities and other further education centres across Scotland. (Source: pixabay)

"The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways." -Robert Greene

While it is true that it is not always necessary to attend university and acquire a degree to be good at something; most people firmly believe that life experience is the best school. As accurate as this may be in specific cases, we cannot stress enough the advantages of attending a further education centre to become qualified in a field of study.

What are some of the benefits of furthering your knowledge of a topic at university? The following are some undeniable benefits of Uni that cannot be messed with:

  • More Career Possibilities: since university classes help students expand their skills and abilities, employers feel far more comfortable hiring people who have further education certifications; this is true even outside their field of study. Also, it's important to say that in today's economy, more and more employment positions are shrinking for people who only have a high school diploma.
  • Networking Options: the friends you make in your college years can significantly help you in the future. Therefore, be active, be friendly and remember to network with fellow students and professionals in your domain since it can mean great jobs in the following years.
  • Personal Development: so many people forget to include personal development as an advantage of university classes, yet it is so crucial since the personality changes experienced working through a degree is noteworthy. A few great traits learnt are time management and organisation.

The previously mentioned benefits are only a few of the hundreds of advantages of attending Uni. Therefore, we much encourage future modern studies tutors to consider attending higher education classes. But where? Have no fear Superprof is here to save the day; as usual!

The following colleges can all be found in and around Scotland and offer excellent programs in the general field of modern studies:

  • University of the Highlands and Islands: it is essential to mention that since modern studies is a broad subject, many subdisciplines can be studied and, thanks to the University of the Highlands and Islands, there are quite a few degree opportunities such as History and Politics BA, Scottish History and Politics BA, and Sociology and Politics BA, to name a few. All of their programs are at an undergraduate level and come highly recommended by past students.
  • University of Strathclyde: one of the best public universities of Scotland is the University of Strathclyde located in beautiful Glasgow. Not only does it come highly recommended in other academic disciplines, but a fantastic Modern Studies course that is designed especially for those who want to teach this subject is provided. This program that lasts nine months, this full-time programme greatly aids modern studies enthusiasts towards a successful career as a teacher or tutor.

Remember, since modern studies are taught from primary school into secondary school, teachers/tutors must prepare themselves for a wide range of students from distinct age groups. Therefore, considering the variety of pupils, further education classes an even better idea to equip tutors with the necessary skills to truly excel.

Creating a Career as a Tutor After Graduation

the EU
Modern studies are not only the study of political and social issues in Scotland but in other parts of the world too. (Source: pixabay)

"Tutoring is fascinating. It's a fulfilling experience. I've had a wide variety of students." -Chris Heacock

There are so many jobs in this world, and with technology, more and more are being created each year. Nevertheless, let's be completely honest; a lot of jobs are super dull and unfulfilling; they make us beg for the weekend every day! Therefore, to avoid being entrapped in a dead-end career, it is crucial to choose wisely.

When choosing a career path, analysing your skills and remembering that giving is more important than receiving, a rewarding job can be found. 

What about tutoring? Is that rewarding? Yes, yes, and yes! Tutors/teachers may have to face tough challenges at times, but the pros outweigh any cons. Also, since there are so many academic disciplines to be learnt, tutors can choose the one that interests them. Are you listening to this modern studies enthusiasts?

Therefore, after receiving a relevant degree or enough information about modern studies, aspiring tutors need to market themselves online to get students and kickstart their business ASAP! Why online, though?

The internet has become one of the world's most logical necessities, after water, food, shelter, and clothing of course, but a need that cannot be refuted. Really? For example, according to recent studies, over 4.5 billion people use the internet per month; that's nearly 60% of the world's population! Hence, making a splash in the tutoring world needs to be done online.

The days of putting your ad in the local newspaper are long gone. Why is that? It's sad to say, but nowadays, no one trusts a random advertisement of someone offering their services without any references to back them up; it's tough to start as a beginner. Consequently, the best thing you can do as an aspiring tutor from the beginning is to create a profile on a reputable tutoring-based education site.

Although this may sound a bit bias, we highly recommend choosing Superprof as the tutoring site to market yourself and launch a career in modern studies. What makes Superprof the best in the business? The following facts are bulletproof and make the Superprof community unique in comparison to other famous companies such as Tutorhunt and Preply:

  • Thousands of Potential Students: Superprof has gained a reputation across the majority of the world's continents as a leading expert in educational; this means that there are always interested students scrolling through the profiles of tutors. Remember that on Superprof, maximum exposure is guaranteed!
  • Creating a Profile is Free: unlike many other well-known tutoring sites, creating a tailormade profile on Superprof is entirely free so that you can start earning money as soon as possible.
  • Brilliant Support Team: having a problem creating your profile or with the website? Have no fear; the extremely efficient support team is always available to answer questions and help the tutors. Also, did you know technical support is available in nine languages? Pretty amazing!

So, what are you waiting for modern studies tutors? Create a profile on the Superprof website today! You can easily register using Facebook, Google, or your email. Also, we suggest choosing a great light profile picture and highlighting your methodology to attract students from the get-go.

Mastering the Art of Online Tutoring

buildings and structures
Social studies is a very layered subject that includes more than just learning about historical places and events. (Source: pixabay)

Consistently looking for ways to hone their craft and being humble enough to accept change marks an excellent tutor from a great one. The reality of the matter is that from the beginning, you won't be an instant sensation, hard work and determination is needed to be a successful online tutor with a lasting career.

Also, the majority of Uni courses in education focus on the challenges of the academic classroom and rarely do they touch on the etiquette and strategies of online tutoring. 

Therefore, without further ado, the following are some brilliant tips that new online tutors should apply immediately to reap a successful career:

  • Encourage Critical Thinking: while moderns studies is a subject that focuses a lot on dates and specific events, encourage your students to debate and express their opinion on some issues; this will help them remember you as a tutor and the subject in general.
  • Share Tips and Positive Learning Experiences: after studying the academic discipline in question and teaching it for some time, a tutor has most likely come across many learning strategies and tips to make learning more enjoyable. Sharing study tips is extremely valuable. For example, mention mind maps, memorisation techniques, and, of course, summarise classes frequently.
  • Make it Fun: the saying of "it's not what you say but how you make someone feel" couldn't be more accurate in tutoring sessions. Students usually select tutors that they feel comfortable with, and they remember lessons that were fun. Remember, the first lesson is your time to shine and convince students that you are the teacher for them.

Modern studies tutors, we are confident that you will prosper and enjoy an incredible career if you put the information learnt in today's article in practice. Remember, the Superprof way is always the best!

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