Whenever man makes some great advancement in life, it always seems to be down to a bit of technological boffinry. The wheel, the internal combustion engine, the Sinclair C5 … alright, we can’t get it right every time.

The Sinclair C5…oops.

Either way, it’s technological innovation that seems to be the only thing capable of perpetual motion. It goes without saying that technology touches every part of life, and education isn’t immune. But that’s a good thing right? Well, yes and no.

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The rise of the internet, iPhones and VLE’s could signal an end to school-centric learning and the start of a kind of do-it-yourself education where you glean information from several sources, literally allowing you to take part in lessons whenever and wherever you want. So let’s look at the benefits online learning brings to education.

Leaving aside VLE’s and looking to other online options, there’s the obvious things – the convenience of learning at leisure is unmatched; it is possible to schedule in learning when it suits, allowing you to access all the resources you need from the comfort of your own home, the palm or the pocket. Turning to online tutoring, the standout benefit is that it’s cheaper – normal private tutoring services need to be structured, usually over a lengthy period of time in regular, hour-long or so blocks. With an online tutor, though many sites require you to sign up for a month or more, the overall cost is considerably less.

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And with Superprof, the cost is even more affordable when you consider the tutoring takes place using our micro-tutoring system; where students pay on a minute by minute basis as they work through problems with their tutors. Once the hurdle has been overcome, the session is ended and there are no further costs. OK, sales pitch over, but you get the picture.

But for me, the biggest advantage of online learning and online tutoring is that it fills the inevitable gap left when students can’t keep up in the classroom. The stigma attached to falling behind, admitting it and asking for help in front of the class shouldn’t be underestimated; kids are acutely aware of their peers from an early age.

That’s why I think online tutoring and homework help websites are a great asset to fall back on. Just take a look at today’s education news – the BBC reports that five out of six pupils failed to make the new English Baccalaureate measurement. An hour spent on Facebook could easily be the reward for an hour spent on revision, homework help or online tutoring sites in order to give kids the little extra help they clearly need.

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