Private tutoring has long been the established method of improving a child’s grades at school. But the education crisis has not only been felt in schools. Official organisations are often overwhelmed with queries, and cost remains a concern with a great many parents. Lessons at home with private tutors cost anywhere between £25 and £60. What with school supplies, outings and transportation, this is more than many families can afford.

This is why Superprof is eager to provide you with various resources that are entirely FREE.

Free Tutoring for Schoolchildren: the Traditional and Best-Known Resources

By searching for “math tutor” or “tutoring online” you will often stumble upon the same group of sites offering online tutoring and homework help online. They rank high in search engine results and offer hundreds of tutoring services in various subjects, including peer tutoring from students trying to make a little money.

These include:

  • Help with algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry or other aspects of mathematics
  • Lessons in biology, chemistry or physics
  • Tutoring in history or geography
  • Music lessons or art classes

They usually average about £30 a lesson. This quickly adds up to a rather formidable sum.

However, there are sites that offer free online tutoring. They have detailed lessons, revision tables and interactive worksheets with step by step instructions to make the most of the learning experience.

Free One on One Tutoring Sites

Finding sites that offer tutoring with actual, real people as opposed to games, videos and worksheets, is quite difficult if you can’t afford to pay. However, there are volunteer organisations that pair up qualified tutors uk with students from disadvantaged families. Many try to make the tutoring truly one on one and provide a tutor that can come help with homework in person, but if you have Internet access an online tutor via webcam can also be made possible. A few such sites are:

  • Action Tutoring works with volunteers to offer assignment help with all the academic subjects covered in school.
  • The Access Project partners tutoring with mentoring. Tutors follow their young students’ progress, frequently chat with them, provide one to one tutoring, help them prep for exams, and help them find their strengths and their will to succeed.
  • Free STEM Tutoring is tailored more to the American market, but the basic principles remain the same in the U.S. and the UK .
Tutoring programs help arrange free tutoring.
Live tutoring is still the best option - but it's often expensive. Photo credit: University of Minnesota Duluth on VisualHunt

Online Tutoring Sites to Improve Your Grades on Exams

The advantages of tutoring sites, as opposed to offline tutoring, is that they can be accessed anytime, making it easy to get help in math science or a specific assignment on your own schedule. Interactive tests and quizzes bring the subject matter into focus - more so even than an interactive whiteboard in a classroom.

Khan Academy

The online tutoring services of Khan Academy as a whole is not aimed specifically at schoolchildren, but some of its content is. It is a wide-reaching website that caters to both learners and teachers.

Khan has a wide variety of subjects from math to engineering to computing to arts and humanities and much more. They deal with kindergarten to university level. Each subject has a series of subsets (such as trigonometry, for maths) made up of a series of learning modules (for example, how to solve a differential or integral equation or calculate a certain type of probability).

Each module is made up of a series of videos explaining the different aspects.

You can sign up on the website (parents can sign up for young children) and save your progress.

Khan Academy also has its own YouTube channel.

Snap Revise

Snap Revise offers a series of videos on most subjects offered at GSCE and A-Level. They give a concise review of the important information, letting you hear it all again, and offer questions on the individual segments, just like a school exam, but without the classroom atmosphere - no whiteboard here. You have to sign up, but it’s free.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize offers revision texts and videos for all grades throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland. No matter what test you’re taking, BBC Bitesize has an explanation text and can help you revise for it.

Online tutoring is accessible and flexible.
Free tutoring websites can be accessed anywhere, whenever you have time to learn. Photo on


CrickWeb offers a number of little games to expand upon various subjects and consolidate what you have learned. Aimed primarily at younger children, it touches on all primary school subjects, from Numeracy to Literacy to History to Languages. You can learn reading and counting in a fun way with CrickWeb.


IXL allows you to practise Math and English (only these two subjects at this time) at all school levels. These are practice quizzes with instant feedback, so you can go back right away and figure out what’s wrong before the mistakes become ingrained - increasing the effectiveness of the training. The company is situated in the U.S., but they offer several versions of the English site tailored to the curriculum in Great Britain, the U.S., New Zealand, Australia…

Discover also the multitude of free tutoring applications your student can learn from...

Other Websites Linking to Online Learning Resources


OpenCulture has a list of resources available on various subjects and in many different formats, from teaching websites to audiobooks. It is rather U.S.- oriented, but many of the maths or science resources will be interesting for UK children as well.

Target Careers

Target Careers has a list of interesting resources for students studying for their GCSE or A-Level exams.

General Resources Free Online

Almost as important as having the right teaching sites are the right sites for looking things up. Your child will soon get lost exploring the resources in these fascinating sites. They provide useful tools for school subjects and hours of fun learning more about the world.

BP Educational Resources

BPES is specialised in scientific subjects. It isn’t a tutoring website per se, but offers various additional resources such as infographics, experiments or activities that can help consolidate the information received in class. It can be sorted according to age group and subject, such as “periodic table”, “living things and their habitats” or even “STEM clubs”.

Great Books Online

Great Books Online offers many basic resources such as the complete works of William Shakespeare or Grey’s Anatomy as well as classical works of fiction or nonfiction. Learn Victorian expressions and Elizabethan curses - excellent for writing tutors or anyone taking English Lit GSCE or A-Levels - a public library in the comfort of your home.

Geography AS Notes

Geography AS Notes offers a series of articles on various aspects of Geography - Coasts, Health Issues, Population and Rivers. They started as the notes taken by a Geography student and transferred from whiteboards to web pages. They have been re-written and expanded since.

The History Learning Site

The History Learning Site has articles on topics throughout world history for students seeking an introduction to a subject for a paper or wanting to explore history some more. Some students learn better when the subject is put into a greater context or if they are allowed to explore it in-depth. Libraries are good for whole books on a subject, but smaller articles such as here possess more of a potential for learning addiction.

Sumanas Inc.

The company Sumanas Inc. has a series of animations available online for various science subjects, including biology, psychology and neuroscience, astronomy, environmental science and chemistry. The animations illustrate specific instances such as how a solar cell works or the cycle of acid rain (environmental), synaptic transmission (neuroscience), the life cycle of a protein (molecular biology) or the mechanism of the Mannich reaction (chemistry). This info-animations are perfect for students who do better learning visually than from a textbook.

Master how to learn without a tutor from educational sites you can access for free.

Learning is a complex and individual process.
There are many different ways to learn . find out what kind of online education resource is best for your child. Photo credit: Carol (vanhookc) on Visualhunt

Make Use of Free Tutoring Sites and Apps

Unless you qualify for a government program for free tutoring, once you are being helped by a real-life person it is probably going to cost you.

However, you can take advantage of some features of sites and apps for tutoring online to help you with your question.

Scoodle, for example, is a free app that connects students to tutors. The app itself is free. Now, once you hire a tutor, you will be paying him or her, but the app also features an Ask-a-Question function that is free. The idea is that if a tutor is particularly active and helpful in answering questions, it is more likely that someone will book them. If you only use it as a problem-solver in times of great need, you won’t get noticed by admins and blocked.

Look at the testimonials of students tutored at various other sites to see if they offer functions you can use for free. It doesn’t replace a tutor but can help in solving urgent, immediate problems when no other solution presents itself.

Discover the many associations that offer fee tutoring in the UK!


Massive Open Online Courses are free or fairly affordable courses available online, usually consistent with university level. Some of these sites offer group courses from different universities, so you will be learning from some of the most interesting institutions in the world. Others let private tutors upload their own classes, so you can find MOOC sites that offer a different pace of learning.

Take university-level courses in MOOCs.
Some MOOCs are tapings of actual university courses - so you know you are getting quality classes. Photo credit: TEDxPioneerValley2012 on Visual hunt

The courses aren’t live, but some offer tests. Usually, the courses are free unless you are working toward a degree.

  • FutureLearn has various courses in the sciences and economics (for example, accounting), and you can even earn a degree in some of the courses over the website.
  • Eliademy offers courses designed by individual teachers rather than universities. Some are paying, some are free, some are relevant to students, others let you work toward a nursing certification or teach you about crowdfunding.
  • Udacity offers some free courses; others are paying but not quite as expensive as elsewhere. Subjects range from robotics to Natural Language Processing to an Intro into Self-driving cars. Definitely worth a look!

What are your thoughts on free online tutoring resources available to students in the UK?

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