Too often, people think of painting as something that was done in the past. Like the classical music industry, or, say, philosophy, the painters and paintings that we recognise most easily are those that have been around for centuries. Think about Leonardo da Vinci or J.M.W Turner, Matisse or Gainsborough. These guys – and, unfortunately, they are almost always guys – determine what we think about and recognise as painting.

And so, in every art museum you’ll ever go into, you’ll get the vibe that, with painting, the older the better. An arts education is really an education in art history – and there’s a constant sense of age. Really, we’re under the impression that a good museum of art is one that is a collection of relics, houses of history as much as houses of visual arts, ceramics, printmaking, and all the other art mediums that should, indeed, be timeless.

The other side of this obsession with age – and, we suppose, with monetary value – is that the newer artists don’t really get a look in. Francis Bacon’s expressive images of the human figure, whilst stunning in themselves, are left to the art experts, and to a particular clique of art students who want something a bit different. Bacon, however, is moving, along with his artworks, into the pantheon of the great names in art – although, still, not really many people have heard of him.

In this way, we find it quite refreshing that someone like Banksy – just down the road from Cardiff in Bristol – has developed such public fame and has done so by moving the creative process outside of the museum. He’s just been named the favourite artist of the British – and so should be an inspiration for artists today. For those that fiddle around in an art studio at home, as well as for those like you who – wisely, we might say – have decided that it is time to have a look for some arts classes to join.

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painting tubes and paintbrusjes
Painting is beautiful - give it a go!

Why Learn to Paint?

In all of these strange ideas we have about art, the ones that paint the amateur artist as either a particular strain of weirdo, a posh retired person, or a genius are the strangest of all. And generally, it’s one of the sadder things that society tells us about the liberal arts: that they are an indulgent waste of time.

We at Superprof couldn’t disagree more! We think that everyone should pursue a bit of an art education; we think everyone should dabble in watercolors, acrylics, or oil paint; we think everyone should explore their creative side, whether in a sketchbook, in sculptural work, calligraphy or digital photography; in abstract portraiture or representational still life. And we’ll tell you why.

We have a sneaking suspicion that engaging your creative mind – whether through digital media, color theory, or art and design – makes you a much healthier, happier, and more successful person. We suspect that people who have a love for the arts – from young artists to the elderly – and who make the space to develop that love, have better mental health. And this is because they have a space in which to express their feelings, to gather their thoughts, and to put their mind at rest.

We suggest then that you do something similar. And whilst you can paint all you want at home – whilst at home you have the space to draw and paint, to dedicate yourself to your art forms and the skill of how to paint – you may well find that some guidance would be nice. And, alongside nice, it can be really helpful for the development of your skill.

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Attending an Art Class

Because whilst it is lovely to spend your evenings at home indulging your love for visual art – dreaming of your first art exhibition and the praise of local artists – joining some class at the local center for the arts can be a real motivating factor in your work.

Art camps, art workshops, or a formal art school are not just moments of teaching. They are times in which someone can guide you to explore new areas – new art materials, new techniques (abstraction, say, or observational work), and new subject matter. Art lessons are opportunities to listen to critiques of your work, and to develop on them. Painting classes are moments of inspiration – in which you can see what other people are doing and learn from them.

This applies to painters of all skill levels and for ages from minors and kids art to adult classes and classes for teens. Learning to paint can be a little lonely and frustrating if you don’t know what to do with your materials and art supplies – your acrylic paint, say, or your gouache – and it’s this factor that usually makes people stop painting before they have even got going.

The point is to avoid this lapse of interest. And art classes – from summer camps to adult painting classes London, a lecture series or a community art session – are the best way to keep this interest high.

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Explore your creative side with painting classes in Cardiff

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Learning to Paint in Cardiff: Your Best Options

Cardiff isn’t exactly a byword for art – for public art nor for contemporary art. However, this is really a little unfair of us all. Because the capital of Wales actually boasts a number of excellent art galleries, art schools, and opportunities for family art and adult art classes, alongside art schools for those fancying an arts degree. And it’s not like Wales, or indeed Cardiff, have ever been absent from the history of art either.

So, all in all, it’s a great place to study, learn, and practice. And here are your best options for getting on with it!

Paint and Create with Cardiff’s ArtSpace

The ArtSpace is one Cardiff’s most reputable art learning centres – providing painting classes and workshops to adults in all sorts of different aspects of art production.

They are based on the Curran Embankment – a short walk from the centre of town – and their programmes are pretty much always sold out. So, if you want to learn how to paint in a friendly, relaxed, but rigorously professional environment, you might want to book wayyy in advance.

Just to get an idea, the courses on offer range from ‘Impressionist Painting’ to landscapes to palette knife painting. So, whatever art is for you, you’ll find it at the ArtSpace.

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Try some colour with Cardiff's art classes.

Take a Degree in Painting at Cardiff Met

Whilst it offers a whole load of short courses, evening classes, and adult learning opportunities in painting, Cardiff Met has a respectable school of art too. So, if you are young, and fancy studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts, or indeed a Master of Fine Arts, there’s absolutely no reason not to.

If you are interested in developing your studio art here, you’ll be showered with opportunities to learn fascinating stuff – from the history of art to cutting edge techniques. So, whether you are interested in watercolour or digital art, fiber art or the philosophy of artmaking, you’ll be well looked after here.

And, with a degree in art, you’ll be equipped to navigate the commercial, practical, and social elements of being an artist – and prepared to enter the world of art.

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Get Yourself a Private Painting Tutor at Superprof

Whether you are deadly serious about your art practice or just in it for the fun, if you are interested in art therapy or you want to apply to art school. Whichever is your motivation – and whatever your needs – you’ll find someone to help you indulge it at Superprof.

Superprof is a platform that connects students to private tutors locally and across the world. Right now, we’re approaching eight million tutors worldwide in over a thousand different subjects, and painting – obviously, it goes without saying – is one of them.

In Cardiff, we have eight tutors teaching painting, charging an average of £21 an hour. You’ll find here teachers specialising in watercolour or in oil, in graphic design or in drawing – and they are all lovely, friendly, and committed to what they do.

Learn to Paint at the Art Workshop Cardiff.

Over the last seven years, the Art Workshop in Rhiwbina has been drawing kids, adults, and art enthusiasts of all ages to its doors – with the promise of first-class, professional painting education.

From watercolour to printmaking, drawing to 3D work, it seems almost like there’s nothing the pair of artists who run the place can’t do.

The classes are wonderful – enriching, fun, and creative – and the support you’ll get with your own work will make you reluctant to leave!

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