"Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students, and enthusiastic parents with high expectations." -Bob Beauprez

The formative years of education are filled with excitement, joy, discovery, disappointment, and learning valuable life lessons that will accompany your decisions for years to come. Attending primary and secondary school is necessary for success in the future and to be eligible for higher education classes that will springboard you to triumph.

It is important to state that while we know that students who are in the middle of their education years might only be anxious to leave, we are guaranteed that when looking back they will want to return to the days when everything was easier!

Nonetheless, after some years of working in education, there are some aspects that prove to be successful in every case. Such as? For instance, the keys to a triumphant school experience include motivated parents, concerned teachers, and dedicated students; without one of the three, the education years are experienced with more obstacles.

Therefore, to help parents be more active in their child's education, in today's article, we shall discuss the ever-important attendance at parents evening. Along with stressing the importance of significant participation at parent's evening, we shall mention some indispensable tips, some necessary questions to ask teachers, and the perfect words to utter without looking like a fool and making your teenager cringe!

Are you ready parents? Let's get reading!

Parents Evening Tips

always on top of things
By preparing ahead of time, parents are ready to discuss matters of significant importance. (Source: Unsplash)

The love that parents have for their children is unlike any other; therefore, when attending parents meeting, they want to leave a positive impression with the teacher and work towards the goals of their offspring.

However, for many well-intentioned mothers and fathers, parents evening is quite nervewracking. Why? Not knowing what to say, not wanting to create conflict, the fear of hearing that your child needs specific assistance, etc.; the list goes on and on! Therefore, what can be done to remedy any anxiety and create positive memories of parent-teacher conferences? By heeding the tips and tricks of Superprof professionals; there is no room for error and doubt!

Prepare Ahead of Time

As a parent, it is essential to be prepared for all types of things that your child may throw at you. Therefore, another thing to ready for is parents evening!

Mothers and fathers do well to assemble distinct aspects together to be well prepared for talking with teachers. Important things to prepare ahead of time include the following:

  • Look through tour child's books to see what has been completed,
  • Always be on top of all their assignments and test results,
  • Have natural conversations about how they feel about certain teachers and subjects,
  • Ask your son or daughter if they have any questions for the teacher.

Since parent-teacher conferences are scheduled ahead of time to enable plans and parents attendance, mums and dads have more than enough time to prepare and get done to business. If you observe anything strange during prepping, do not hesitate to ask the teacher. 

Be Specific With Your Questions

Remember that parents evening does not just include you and teachers have a lot of things to do. Therefore, it is important to prepare yourself ahead of time and have pointed questions instead of bumbling over words and using space-fillers such as "um."

Have questions that are to the point and focus on aspects such as your child's needs and how they can develop to become a better student.  

Be Cooperative and DO NOT Criticise

Millennials have become the hardest generation to teach since they all strongly believe that they know everything already. Consequently, a teacher's job has intensified and become more complex than ever before. Therefore, parents, be nice, be cooperative, and DO NOT harshly critique educators for problems that are actually your child's fault and not theirs.

If your child's instructor suggests something, do not ignore the advice but rather be collaborative and make strides to work towards what can be done. Also, remember that nothing is accomplished when we raise our voice and start shouting.

Be kind to the people educating your child's mind and everything will be fine!

Get Contact Information

Since we are leaving in the booming digital age, everyone has cellular phones to communicate with one another. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that all teachers, even older ones, can be contacted on their mobile device.

To work towards the goals of your child, forge bonds of communication with their teacher(s) and ask for their phone number so that you can follow-up and check tabs on the progress of your son or daughter.

Remember, this doesn't mean that it is OK to text their teacher five times a day; they are busy people! Use moderation and chat sparsely.

Now, what about questions? What should be asked by parents at a parent-teacher conference? Read the following section to find out!

Parents Evening Questions

ask and you shall receive
By asking pointed questions, parents get the answers they want at parents evening. (Source: Unsplash)

"Because answers exist only to questions..." -Mungara Tarou Krishnamurti 

Parents need to love their children and help them propel to the next level by being the best that they can be. Mothers and fathers work around the clock to provide care and assistance to their offspring. All that a good parent wants is to see their child become a better version of themselves.

And parents, never feel like it is unfashionable or uncool to care about your child's future; no matter how many times your child says that you are embarrassing them! 

Without further delay, one of the most important nights of the school semester is parents evening with mothers and fathers seeking answers to the questions they may have about their child. However, it is important to state that at times, parents might not quite know which are the best questions to ask to receive the most favourable answers that will actually get results.

There is no need to fret, dear parents, we shall analyse some of the best questions to pose during a parent-teacher conference. 

Questions About...Your Son or Daughter

Teachers often see a different angle of your child that is sometimes hidden from parents; therefore, parents and teachers can become allies to unlock the mysterious thoughts and aspirations of your teenager.

We recommend asking the two following questions at parents evening:

  • How is my child doing socially/academically/emotionally? 
  • Where are some ways my child can improve?

Parents should be ready to expect a plethora of answers from their child's teacher after asking the two previously mentioned questions.

Questions About...School Performance

From the outlook of many families in the UK, success from a young age is necessary to ensure a future full of prosperity. For instance, with good test results and grades, students are eligible for further education classes and the best jobs afterwards.

Therefore, to make sure that your child is doing his/her absolute best, the subsequent questions about academic achievement should be asked at a conference:

  • Can you explain the problems my child faced with these tests/assignments/course work? 
  • Is my child performing at 100% and on track to meet his/her goals? 

Teachers want to see all of their students succeed; therefore, we are convinced that they will work out a plan to see your child become the best at what they can do.

Questions About...Special Assistance

There is no need to be shy about asking if your child needs special attention or further aid. We are living in the 21st century, and more schoolchildren than ever before are acquiring additional instruction to make sure that their dreams become realities and to make up for the failing Education System.

Without further delay, we believe that as concerned parents, the following questions should be posed:

  • Should my child enlist the additional help of a professional tutor? 
  • Can you explain to me the academic difficulties my son/daughter is having in your class?
  • Would you recommend that my child be put in a special class?

Getting to the bottom of a tricky situation as soon as possible is the best way to prevent any academic hurdles in the future.

After all your questions have been asked, parents often need assistance in deciding what needs to be said at a parents evening. Read the following subheading to find out how to form the most politically correct sentences and subjects that need to be brought up.

What to Say at Parents Evening

being a joyful person
It's not so much what you say but how you come across that will make a significant impact at parents evening; be happy and make others feel good. (Source: Unsplash)

"Words are potent weapons for all causes, good or bad." -Manly Hall

Words are extremely powerful. With just one sentence, we have the power to build up or tear down someone. Parents need to use their words carefully to not say things to their child that they will later regret. Also, mothers and fathers need to tread cautiously when discussing personal issues with an academic instructor. 

Since parents love for their child is unparalleled, many mistaken mothers and fathers blame the teachers for anything that may happen to their child; this needs to be avoided at all costs. 

But what should I say at a parent-teacher conference? We get it, parents, your child didn't come with a manual, and that means you have to figure out a lot of things by yourself and your parents evening can be quite awkward. However, there is no need to fret since Superprof has provided the following suggestions of what can be said to teachers at a meeting:

  • Be Chill: start your introduction in a very kind and pleasing manner. Do not raise your voice and start yelling. Be calm and create a positive rapport with the teacher asking them how their day went etc.
  • Mention Problems: before hearing any negative remarks about your child, start off by mentioning some of the problems your son/daughter is going through or had to overcome recently and explain how that might have affected their academic performance.
  • Offer Sincere Commendation: teachers are overworked and underpaid; therefore, they need to receive commendation once and awhile for their genuine efforts in teaching and trying their best to help your child reach his/her goals.

If you say or mention one or all of the previously mentioned suggestions, we are certain that you will be a roaring success with teachers at parents night! 

We hope that you have enjoyed all of the tips and tricks mentioned in today's article. Constantly check out our Superprof site to find more intriguing reads!

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