With a population of over one million people, Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK. It is both a city and a Metropolitan borough situated in the West Midlands.

Growing in international prominence during the industrial revolution in the 18th century, it was often at the helm of worldwide advances in the field of science and technology and produced many of the innovations associated with an industrial society. Today, it is very multicultural city, with 3 universities and over 450 schools.

With such a large population of people and so many schools, finding a private tutor in Birmingham is not too difficult a task.

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Find tutors for home tuition in Birmingham. (Photo credit: fatboyke (Luc) via VisualHunt)

This article will help you to find tutors through;

  • Tutor Organisations in Birmingham offering tutoring at home
  • Maths and language tutors in Birmingham
  • Birmingham tutoring announcements
  • School support programs in Birmingham

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Birmingham Tutor Organisations For Home Tuition

There are many agencies in Birmingham offering home tutors, so if you fancy learning a new language or brushing up on your maths skills or if your child is slipping behind in classes or finding their homework is always difficult, there is help at hand! Extra lessons can really boost a child's confidence and make them feel much happier about going to school. For younger pupils especially, private lessons in the comforts of their own home is the ideal; they will feel relaxed and safe and will gain so much more from the lesson than they may do otherwise.

Perhaps your child needs a hand in all subject areas or maybe they are having difficulty in mainly one. To find a tutor in say Science who is French or speaks a language fluently is a very good find as your child would therefore profit from two subject areas. Whatever the need though, there is a solution.

Some tutoring agencies in Birmingham;

  • Birmingham tutors Tel; 07957 784 796. Prices start from £23 an hour for primary level to £27 an hour for A level or Adult level.
  • Flourish Tuition Centres 10-12 Wolverhampton Rd, Oldbury B68 0LH, Tel: 0121 423 3557. Home tutoring is £35 an hour.
  • PTS, 26 Stanmore Road, Edgaston, Birmingham, B13 9TA, Tel: 0121-689-6489. £30 for a 2 hour lesson.
  • JS Home Tutors, 26 Selwyn Road (off Rotton Park Road), Edgbaston, Birmingham B16 0SN. Tel: 07984992765. For home based tutoring prices are between £40 and £50.
  • Genie Tutors, Nechells Wellbeing Centre, Rupert Street, Birmingham B7 5DT, Tel: 0121 285 1485.
  • Cloisters, The Cloisters, 27 Hallcroft Way - Aldridge, West Midlands, WS9 8UN Tel: 0121 270630.
  • Titan Tuition, 12 Addison Road, Nechells, Birmingham, Tel; 07950251639. Prices sta.rt from £18 per hour

Above all, extra tuition at home on a one to one basis offers a regular update on your child's progress; any problems can be solved before they become too major. This is not possible with on-line courses, but obviously it is this and the transport costs which make home tutoring more expensive.

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Superprof Tutors in Birmingham

Superprof, supplies tutors in and around Birmingham both for online tutoring and local lessons.This means that the pupil is able to have lessons wherever they are in the world. This revolutionary approach has certainly changed private tuition for many students.

Superprof hosts many experienced tutors and allows the student to choose their tutor from an online profile. Superprof does not partake in any exchanges between the tutor and pupil, all monetary exchanges and arrangement of lessons, etc. is done between the student and tutor.

In the city of Birmingham, Superprof has 141 tutors for home tutoring, with tutors for all learning styles and levels. However, for online tutoring you can learn anything, anywhere in the world!

With online tutoring you can find a tutor anywhere in the UK. Why not find maths tutor in Manchester or an English tutor in Leeds.

Maths Tutors and Language Tutors in Birmingham

Perhaps you or your child need tuition in maths or a language. Many pupils find maths especially difficult at college, in particular algebra and quadratic equations. Again, private lessons will help them to understand the difficult concepts and apply their knowledge, at the same time increasing their confidence and improving their grades.

Some maths tutors in Birmingham;

  • Maths doctor Tel: 020 3476 4853
  • Maths tutor 4 me, Soho, Birmingham, West Midlands B18 4PZ
  • Kumon, 0800 854 714
  • Teachers to your home, Tel: 01993 774549
  • Tutor Doctor, Solihull B92 0HX, Tel: 0121 296 6913
  • Maths Science Academy, 36 Leopold Avenue, B20 1ES Birmingham, Tel; 0121 241 2688

Maybe you fancy improving on your French for your next holiday or perhaps your child is finding learning a language difficult. Maybe English is not their first language either and they are finding it difficult to understand.

In Birmingham, 108 different languages are spoken by pupils in local schools!

Often the choice in mainstream schools and colleges is French for a first language, German or Spanish for a second. Whatever the language though in such a multicultural city, there are no shortages of language tutors in Birmingham for both adults and young learners alike.

  • Brasshouse Languages, Library of Birmingham, Tel; 0121 303 0114 An adult education centre.
  • The Language Gallery, and Floor Podium, Centre City, 5-7 Hill Street, Birmingham B5 4UA. Tel: 0203 435 4569 Education centre offering English, German and Spanish classes and tutoring.
  • Simon and Simon: An agency offering business language courses. Tel; 0207 821 0999
  • All 4 Kids: an on-line site offering French, Spanish and German classes and tutors for young learners as well as other things to do with children. Tel: +44 (0) 1707 659383
  • UK Language Project: Avebury House, Second Floor, 55 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 3RB

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Personal language tutors can help you learn a language
Need a Spanish Tutor? Look no further than Superprof. (Photo credit: Enokson via Visualhunt.com)

Are moving to a new city? Superprof is a UK wide tutoring platform and can help you find tutors no mater where you are. Search for a Guitar tutor in London or a German tutor in Glasgow.

Tutoring Announcements in Birmingham

To find an individual who tutors, a good place to begin to look is the local library. Librarians are often very knowledgeable with respect to the local area and also there is often an announcement board in libraries where people can pin cards, announcements, services etc. Also look out for flyers in takeaways and restaurants, newsagents often have an announcement board too, or otherwise you could put an advert up for a tutor yourself.

Many national internet sites act as free platforms for adverts, such as

  • Gumtree
  • Care.com
  • Net mums
  • Cylex

Also, among others you can find tutors with;

  • Birmingham Classes: An on-line directory connecting students and tutors in and around Birmingham.
  • Language School Teachers: an on-line directory to help you find your choice of tutor.
  • Preply: Another on-line directory linking students and tutors. in Birmingham.

School support programs in Birmingham

Many schools run after school clubs and homework clubs for pupils to go along to to get any help they may need. These are not usually every day in the case of homework clubs but often once a week. High schools and colleges usually offer the same. It is worth asking at your child's school to see whether they offer one.

With such a large and varied population it is not surprising that there are many tuition centres in Birmingham, for both adults and young learners alike which can help implement and support school lessons and programs.

Here are some of them;

  1. The English, Maths, Science Tuition and Educational Centre offer an effective and innovative approach to learning and are specialists in the teaching of English, Mathematics and Science at all levels.They also conduct GCSE, IGCSE and A Level examinations for private, external and Home Study candidates. There is a home work club every Tuesday (during term time) from 3.45pm - 5.15 pm at Solihull library, Homer Road, Solihull B91 3RG, Tel; 0121 704 6965
  2. There are 8 BAES Education Centres in Birmingham for adults, helping them to brush up on existing skills or learn new ones.

Volunteer Tutoring Organisations in Birmingham

There are also some volunteer tutoring organisations in Birmingham whose goal is to help under-privileged pupils achieve their educational potential. One such organisation is The Access Project, who match motivated, but under privileged pupils with high-flying university graduates for weekly one-to-one tutorials. The aim is to raise the student's grades, enabling them to apply to top-tier universities.

Another organisation is 'nesta'. As one-to-one private tutoring is beyond the reach of many poorer students, this organisation provides volunteer tutors, many of whom are undergraduates, to deliver eight week programmes targeted to help students achieve at least a grade C in GCSE English and Maths.

This will enable them to continue onto further education if they wish and increase their employment opportunities. The schools pay for the tuition but it is at an affordable rate, the organisation also gets awards to help fund it.

Whatever the subject or level, there is a tutor who can help!

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