It may not be Scotland's capital city, but it is certainly its largest. Glasgow and its surrounding urban area , known as Greater Glasgow, has a combined population of 2.3 million people. Indeed, it is the UK's third most populous city. Situated on the River Clyde, in the country's West Central Lowlands, Glasgow became to be known for its shipbuilding and marine engineering and was one of Great Britain's main hubs of transatlantic trade with the Americas and Caribbean during the Victorian era.

Nowadays, Glasgow is more famous for is architecture, its football and its nightlife. But with four Universities within ten miles of the city centre, three further education colleges in the city and a student population of over 50,000, that is little wonder! The city council operates 29 secondary schools, 149 primary schools and 3 specialist schools.

With so many students, it is relatively easy to find a tutor in Glasgow! 

Glasgow - a vibrant city to learn in
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Home Tutoring Organisations in Glasgow

Home tutoring is an excellent way to learn something new or to help your child progress at school. Perhaps they are having difficulty in one subject or maybe several, whichever way, private lessons will help them understand the subjects and improve both their confidence and their grades.

If your child is struggling at school, know that they are not alone.

Roughly 2.8 million children are privately tutored across the whole of the UK! A few reasons why parents want private tutoring for their child are;

  • Increasing competition for entry into good universities
  • Government plans to increase the number of grammar schools (this means tests like the 11+ may become commonplace once again)
  • Parents who wish to send their children to private school
  • Their child has dropped sets in school

Or maybe it is you who wishes to have private tutoring. Perhaps you have always dreamed of speaking Spanish or improving your English. It doesn't matter what, with such a large student population, there are no shortage of private tutors out there!

  • Primary Tutors Glasgow, Tel; 0131 463 0001
  • Scholar Tutoring, Tel; 0141 280 2521
  • Orchard Tutorials, Tel; 0141 571 2751
  • Glasgow Tutors, Tel; 0141 244 0039
  • Home Tuition Scotland, Tel; 0131 463 0001
  • Glasgow Premier Tutors, Tel; 079808 37004
  • Southside Tutors, Tel; 0781 3989 63

There are also national agencies offering on-line and private home tutoring. These agencies do all the background checks and it is they who pay the tutor after the lessons. Lessons are often sold in blocks, there may or may not be a choice of tutor.

Other tutoring platforms like Superprof, offer tutors, both for on-line study and home tutoring in over 1000 subjects! It offers much more than just academic support, you can learn how to play the clarinet, for example, or improve your crafting skills. Using a secure, online easy to use platform, the tutor and pupil work together. This dynamic set up has completely revolutionized private tutoring. In Glasgow, there are 117 registered Superprof tutors. Your child needs help with physics? A quick search on the Superprof website and you have 22 physics tutors to choose from!

With online tutoring you can find a tutor anywhere in the UK. Why not find maths tutor in Manchester or an English tutor in Leeds.

Maths and Language Tutors in Glasgow

Maths is traditionally a rather difficult subject and many students either need or could benefit from extra tuition to fully grasp the concepts taught in class. A maths tutor is, therefore, an excellent idea. Not only will your child's grades improve, but their confidence will as well, once they realize that they can do the work. Or maybe you, as a parent, feel your maths leaves a lot to be desired, and you would like to help your children out with their homework.

Whatever the case, there are many maths tutors in Glasgow;

  • Maths Doctor, Tel; 020 3476 4853
  • Mathminds, email:
  • Glasgow Maths Tutor, Tel; 0800 043 1984
  • Higher Maths Tutor, Tel; 07981036088
  • AA Tutoring, Tel; 0141 628 2145

Find private tutors in Edinburgh and private tuition in Cardiff!

Personal tutors can improve your maths knowledge
Maths tutors can explain all! (Photo via Visual Hunt)

To speak a foreign language like a native is a dream many people have, a sadly unfulfilled one. Language learning is best done with a native of the country whose language is being learnt, to get the accent and pronunciation 100% correct. To find a tutor who is of required nationality therefore is a great find! Or to find a tutor who is french, but also tutors in maths would be fantastic!

Language schools are also an excellent way of learning a language, especially for adult learners, who mostly want conversation, as opposed to grammar. Here you can meet up with other adult learners of roughly the same level as you, and help each other learn through speaking together.

Another good way to learn a language for adults is through enrolling in an evening class. Language evening classes are very informal and can be great fun. Evening classes will be cheaper than having a private tutor although less intensive, so you may feel as if you are not learning much very quickly. Or you could do both! Take an evening class and then have private tuition sometimes too, to compliment it. The person running the evening class may also tutor privately or may know of somebody who does.

Some language tutors in Glasgow;

  • Live Language, Tel; 0141 221 0793
  • GLS Language Services, Tel; 0141 357 6611
  • Language Trainers, Tel; 0870 760 73 73
  • St Andrews College Language Schools Ltd, Tel; 0141 229 0963
  • Aliance Francaise Tel; 0141 331 4080

Internet agencies also offer maths and language tutoring, for example Superprof.

Find a private tutor in Belfast.

Tutoring Announcements in Glasgow

You can also look for private tutor announcements in newsagents windows, the classified ads section of the local newspaper, library notice boards, even doctors surgeries or the bakers. Cafes and restaurants often allow people to leave flyers and business cards, as do takeaways.

Asking the other parents at your child's school is also a good idea, there is bound to be another pupil at the school who is having private tutoring. Ask the teachers if they know of any private tutors in Glasgow.

Internet sites which individual and private tutors use to advertise their services are also a good source, such as;

  • Net mums
  • Gumtree
  • Scholar Tutoring Glasgow
  • A+ Tutors

Visit Superprof to know more about online tutoring.

School Support Programs

There are often school support programs which run after school, week ends or during the school holidays. These can be an excellent educational resource for pupils, especially during the school holidays, when knowledge is often forgotten a little. A school support program may also be less intensive and less expensive as the emphasis is often more on fun learning things as opposed to sitting at a desk which is often the way with private tutors.

Many schools run homework clubs and after school clubs and high schools and colleges also offer revision classes in the run up to the exam period. These can prove invaluable to students preparing to sit exams.

Some private clubs are also available for outside of school learning, for example, Articulate French, who run both after school clubs and holiday clubs for younger learners. Scholar Tutoring Glasgow are an excellent resource, listing all the exam revision classes offered and also details of study groups. To study and revise with other pupils is a very good experience; it can help pupils learn from each other and also teach and explain things to each other, which also reiterates their learning.

Are moving to a new city? Superprof is a UK wide tutoring platform and can help you find tutors no mater where you are. Search for a Guitar teacher in Birmingham or a German tutor in London.

Volunteer Tutoring in Glasgow

There are some volunteer tutor organisations who help young people who are experiencing difficulties with their school work and who are economically and or socially disadvantaged. One such organisation is VTO; (Volunteer Tutors Organisation).

It is a small, but growing charity based in Glasgow and its aim is to provide free one-to-one tutoring to the disadvantaged (socially and economically) primary and secondary school children of the Greater Glasgow Area. These are pupils who need help with literacy, maths, study skills and specialist subjects.

Private tutors help make learning fun!
Learning is fun with a private tutor. (Photo credit: horizontal.integration via Visual hunt)

Pupils are referred, usually by their school and are then paired with a tutor. The tutor then tailors activities to help them meet their needs and objectives. These are pupils whose parents cannot afford private tuition, so these volunteer tutors really do help improve these pupil's educational achievement, understanding and confidence.

A confident child is a happy one!

If I'm searching for tutors near me, I always use Superprof. With over 1000 subjects and 10,000 tutors, you can learn anything you want.

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