Located in West Yorkshire, the history of Leeds can be traced back to the fifth century, but it was during the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century when it really grew in size, thanks to the growth of the great cloth mills and the introduction of machinery, making mass production possible.

The proximity of cheap coal nearby was a further advantage to the industrial growth in Leeds and potteries, brick works and sugar refining also developed here. There are many impressive and imposing buildings of Victorian origin in Leeds, remnants from the nineteenth century and the wealth the area had.

Today, Leeds has a population of nearly 800,000 and is served by four universities, 220 primary schools, 39 secondary schools and 6 special inclusive learning centres. It has the fourth largest student population in the country and is known for its nightlife and music scene.

With such a large population of students and so many schools, finding a private tutor is not very difficult.

Home Tutoring is not just for adults.
Find a tutor in the city of Leeds. (Photo credit: Sendito Photography via VisualHunt)

Tutoring Organizations For Home Tutoring

Home tutoring can really help a child's educational development. Not only does it improve subject knowledge, it also boosts confidence, and a confident child is a happy one. Perhaps your child is beginning to struggle at school, or you may have seen their grades go down, either way, finding a home tutor for private lessons at home will help to solve any problems they may be experiencing.

A private tutor can work one to one with your child in the areas in which they are having difficulty with; this is obviously so much better than at school, when the teacher has to consider up to 29 other pupils as well as your child. A child who is confident will feel much better about going to school and will be much happier overall.

Here are some home tutoring organisations;

  • Tutor in, Tel; 07456892241. From £30 per hour
  • Leeds Tutors, Tel; 07538532585. From £25 per hour
  • Home School Tutoring, Tel; 01377 267964.
  • Teachers To Your Home, Tel; 01993 774549. From £36 per hour.
  • Educate First, Tel; 0113 265 3459. From £18 per hour.

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Superprof Tutors in Birmingham

Superprof can supply tutors in Leeds and the surrounding areas. Superprof hosts many qualified and experienced tutors. They allow students to search the tutor database and select the appropriate teacher for you. In the city of Leeds, Superprof has 116 tutors, for all learning styles and levels.

The tutor and the pupil contact each other via a secure and easy to use online tuition platform, allowing the pupil to find lessons wherever they are in the world. This revolutionary approach has certainly changed private tuition for many students. For online tutoring you can learn anything, anywhere in the world! This is excellent, especially for languages, where you can learn the target language with a native, from the comfort of your armchair!

With online tutoring you can find a tutor anywhere in the UK. Why not find maths tutor in Manchester or an English tutor in London.

Maths and Language Tutors in Leeds

Many students find maths rather difficult, especially with the more difficult concepts like algebra and trigonometry. A maths tutor can be indispensable to helping your child achieve their potential, although home tuition is not just the domain of younger students. You may wish to have a home tutor, perhaps to help your child with their homework and school studies, or perhaps for your own employment, you may need to brush up on certain skills.

Some Maths Tutors in Leeds;

  • Maths Tutors 4 Me:A site which lists Maths Tutors based in and around Leeds.
  • Maths Doctor, A national agency specializing in Maths Tutoring. Tel; 020 3476 4853
  • Leeds Maths Tutors: A Leeds based Tutoring agency specializing in Maths. Tel; 07590487335
  • Kumon: A national organisation specialising in Maths and English. Tel; 0800 854 714
  • Leeds Maths Tuition: A private individual offering Maths tuition. Tel; 0790 390 3707

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Tutors can help younsters progress in their school work
A home tutor can help with homework. (Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via VisualHunt.com)

To be able to speak and understand a foreign language is a dream for many people. If you wish to be able to converse well in French or Spanish on your next holiday abroad, a language tutor will be able to help you achieve your wish. Or maybe you need a language tutor for your child who may be finding learning a language difficult. Either way, in a city as big as Leeds, finding a language tutoring organization is easy! 

Some language tutoring organizations in Leeds:

  • Leeds Language Tuition, Providing French and Spanish Tuition in Leeds and surrounding area. Tel; 07814 378359
  • Language Courses Leeds, Offers language classes and private tuition. Tel; 0845 130 4775
  • UK Language Project, Offers courses for both companies and individuals. Tel; 0113 292 6901
  • Language Trainers, An agency specializing in languages. Tel; 0870 760 73 73

Tutoring Announcements in Leeds

If you do not have internet access or would like to take a more traditional approach to finding a tutor in Leeds, you could look in newsagents' windows where private individuals often post advertisements.

Or you could check out your local library, there is often a notice board there but it would be as well to ask the librarian too, as they are often rather knowledgeable with regards to courses, tutors and such like in the local area.

Have a look in shopping centres for flyers and announcements, also local cafes and restaurants. Take away restaurants and convenience stores also often allow people to leave business cards and flyers usually.

Otherwise, the internet also has many websites allowing tutors to use the site as a platform to advertise on, for example;

  • Vivastreet
  • Care.com
  • yell.com
  • Gumtree
  • Indeed
  • Home Tutors Directory

Additionally, ask around your local network of friends and family. They may know someone who can recommend a private tutor for home lessons. Ask at your child's school, their teacher, the other parents, the school secretary. You could even put an announcement up yourself in the locality. Often word of mouth is the best way to find an excellent tutor as only good ones will be recommended.

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School Support Programs in Leeds

In and around Leeds there are some school support programs to help children and young people from the city and surrounding areas to develop, nurture and enhance their educational potential.

This is an excellent resource, especially for families on restricted incomes who may not have the resources to pay for a private home tutor as they are often registered charities with volunteers working there.

  • Community Leeds After School Study Support, Tel; 0113 257 0827
  • School Home Support, Tel; 0845 337 0850
  • Student Support Program, Tel; 0800 999 6999

Individual schools and colleges often offer after school clubs to help with homework. Ask at your child's school if they run one. In the run up to exams, colleges usually run revision classes which will help pupils with any specific problems they have.

They are also good because the students often work through old exam papers with the teacher there to explain anything they are not sure about.

Tutoring helps pupils understand and learn!
Private tutoring can be fun! (Photo credit: Government of Prince Edward Island via Visual hunt)

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Volunteer Tutoring in and around Leeds

There are, in addition, some volunteer tutoring agencies in Leeds, helping under-privileged pupils. For example, Learning Partnerships is a Leeds based charity with over 25 years of experience working in the inner city, providing opportunities and help to children, teenagers and adults with respect to learning and education. A current project is a volunteer primary school literacy programme, helping deprived pupils raise their literacy levels.

Community Leeds After School Study Support is another volunteer tutor organisation enabling volunteers to gain valuable experience in teaching and working with young people, while contributing to the local community and helping youngsters from deprived backgrounds achieve exam success and their educational potential.

The Tutor Trust is a not for profit social enterprise based in Leeds helping to compliment work done by schools to boost academic attainment and making a positive difference to young under privileged pupils.

There really is a tutor for everyone in Leeds!

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