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London is an extremely diverse city; having a wide range of people and cultures. There are over 300 languages spoken in and around the capital and it is a leading city in terms of the arts, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media and education, among other things. It is known as the largest financial centre in the world. With a recorded population during the census in 2011 of over eight million, London is truly a world cultural capital.

London - A vibrant city for personal tutors London is a tutoring hub! (Photo via Visual Hunt, by Philippreiner)

With such diversity, there is no shortage of tutors or students and plenty of ways to find them. Many foreign students are attracted to the capital thanks to its excellent reputation in terms of higher education as well at its vibrant night life and diversity.

The UK capital has one of the largest concentrations of universities and educational institutions in the world, with 20 Universities and 40 Higher Education Institutions. On top of this there are foreign universities with London branches, for example the University of New York. The Big Smoke can boast a student population of more than 400,000!

With around 40% of school and college pupils in London having private tuition, be it for entrance exams for grammar schools, SATS preparation or specific subject tutoring, it seems that there are many excellent tutors to be found. The average going rate for a lesson in the city is about £22.50, so you can expect to receive a good service. and know that at the same time you are also investing in your child’s future!

A good tutor is like gold dust! The best ones will be passionate about their subject, bringing the subject alive to your child, making them enjoy it too!

Methods of Tutoring in London

Tutoring is not necessarily just for Academic subjects, although it is most common. For example, there are many classes offered in car mechanics, cooking, sewing, quilting, in fact practically everything.

  • Evening classes and weekend classes offered by Universities and colleges
  • Clubs and groups offering educational help to students
  • Private businesses or individuals offering tutoring
  • On-line agencies..
  • On-line platforms, like Superprof, who connect tutors and pupils.

There are many online agencies who can supply a tutor in practically any part of the UK and in any subject. With many on-line agencies, all the checks, for example the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check will have been carried out and the tutor’s qualifications verified, so all the hard work is done for you. All you have to do is choose your tutor from their online profiles.

With online tutoring you can find a tutor anywhere in the UK. Why not find maths tutor in Manchester or an English tutor in Leeds.

With such a large city as London, there is usually an excellent choice of tutors for each subject, especially the more common ones, allowing you to choose a tutor who suits your needs exactly. The tutor’s profiles often have reviews from previous pupils to help you choose as well. You pay the agency for the lessons who in turn pay the tutor once the lesson is completed, so there is no exchange of money at the end of lessons. Tutors often have to report back to the agency after each lesson, detailing what exactly was done in the lesson and its length.

Find a Tutor For Home Tuition

Home tutoring is offered by many agencies, often alongside online tutoring.

  • Greater London Tutors offer home tuition in all subjects from primary level through to degree level.
  • London Tutors is a private academic tutoring company, offering help with all aspects of study. It offers private tuition, online tuition and also has a centre equipped with state of the art teaching equipment in Tottenham Court Road. As well as National Curriculum subjects, UK and USA University entrance help and advice is offered, in the form of interview preparation. CV and cover letters and application proofreading. The agency also offers career consultancy and student assessments.
  • Owl Tutors, Home tuition in all subjects for London residents.
  • Superprof is a free UK tutor service, founded in 2013. It is an on-line platform connecting pupils and tutors and has over 8,000 local tutors around the UK teaching in over 1000 subjects. Whether you need help looking for a maths tutor, French tutor, English tutor, chemistry tutor or even a guitar tutor, Superprof will be able to help.

Tutoring in London from around the World Easily find a tutor in London with Superprof. (Photo credit: “Stròlic Furlàn” – Davide Gabino via VisualHunt.com)

Find Maths and Language Tutors in London

Many college students struggle with maths so it makes good sense to help them understand the concepts and employ a tutor. If you can find a tutor who speaks a foreign language too or a foreigner who tutors maths for example, then so much the better, they can profit from two subjects from one tutor. Financially, this makes good sense too, as private lessons are not cheap.

There are many maths tutors and agencies throughout London, here are just a few:

  • Maths Doctor, From £25 an hour
  • Owl Tutors,
  • Maths Tutor London
  • Maths Tuition 4 U
  • Mathematics and Science Tuition.

Most people would love to be able to speak another language fluently and studies do indicate that our capacity to excel at learning a new language does diminish as we age. What better way then, than to give your child a helping hand and do some extra language tutoring outside of school?

This can be one to one with a tutor or in small groups with pupils of a similar age. Learning another language with others in informal surroundings will encourage them to converse with each other in the new language, this helps to improve vocabulary and fluency and boosts confidence!

Some Language Tutors in London include;

  • The London Language Studio
  • The Language Class London
  • London Language Tutors
  • One to One Spanish
  • Talk Languages
  • Lingua Clinic
  • Learn 4 good

Tutoring Adverts in London

If you do not have access to the internet or wish to search in a traditional manner, then newsagent windows are a good place to look for a tutor. Local tutors will often put up a small advert advertising their services along with a contact number. Also bars and cafes may have a small adverts board or table, or you could put one up yourself, as a ‘wanted’ type advert. Look in the small ads section of the local newspaper or town flyer. Go along to the Town Hall and ask there if anybody can hep you.

Ask around in your neighbourhood, the chances are that somebody else is using private tutors, even if it is not the correct subject that you want, the tutor may know someone who tutors in the subject you require.

There are many free advertising platforms also on the internet to look for a tutor, for example;

  • All 4 Kids
  • Gumtree
  • Net Mums
  • Care.com

Are moving to a new city? Superprof is a UK wide tutoring platform and can help you find tutors no mater where you are. Search for a Guitar teacher in Birmingham or a German tutor in Glasgow.

School Support Programs in London

An excellent way to help your child is an after school club or holiday program. Many primary schools offer these and may help with homework or indeed they may run a separate home work club. High schools and colleges usually have a homework club once a week and in the run up to examinations offer revision classes, which can be invaluable for worried students.

Some after school support clubs and programs in London include;

  • After School Learning, Tel; 020 8440 8586
  • Young Engineers (enrichment program) Tel; 0752 2602 122
  • Kings College London GCSE enrichment classes
  • Oxford Encompass Education

For more mature students, The London Business School is a world renowned institution, offering Masters courses, Executive Education courses and PhDs in the world of business and finance. It has an Entrepreneurship Summer School giving students the opportunity to assess and shape business ideas in strong, practical ways, helping to turn ideas into viable business ventures through research, skills and insights.

Volunteer Tutoring in London

There are some volunteer agencies for example Action Tutoring who work with local primary and secondary schools delivering tutoring programmes for pupils who are preparing for their SATS or GCSEs.

The tutors are volunteers and they will tutor for a minimum of one term, at the same school at the same time each week. The basic aim of these projects is to provide educational opportunities, in the form of free tutoring, to pupils who would not otherwise be able to have private lessons, due to financial reasons, helping them to achieve their educational potential.

Whatever the subject, in such a large, vibrant city, London has the tutor!

If I’m searching for tutors near me, I always use Superprof. With over 1000 subjects and 10,000 tutors, you can learn anything you want.


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