London is an extremely diverse city which is home to a wide range of people and cultures. There are over 300 languages spoken in and around the capital and it is a leading city in many areas such as the arts, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media and education, among other things. It is known as the largest financial centre in the world. With a population of over eight million recorded during the 2011 census, London is truly one of the world's most important cultural capitals.

London - A vibrant city for personal tutors
London is a tutoring hub! (Photo via Visual Hunt, by Philippreiner)

With such diversity, there is no shortage of tutors or students, and plenty of ways to find them, too. Many foreign students are attracted to the capital thanks to its excellent reputation in terms of higher education as well as its vibrant nightlife and diversity.

The UK capital has one of the largest concentrations of universities and educational institutions in the world, with 20 Universities and 40 Higher Education Institutions. On top of this, there are foreign universities which have London branches, such as the University of New York, for instance. The Big Smoke can boast a student population of more than 400,000!

With around 40% of school and college pupils in London receiving private tuition, be it for entrance exams for grammar schools, SATS preparation or specific subject tutoring, there are many excellent tutors to be found and options to suit the needs of every student. The average going rate for a lesson in the city is about £22.50 per hour, so you can expect to receive a good service.

Paying this amount of money on a weekly basis does add up, but remember that by investing time and money in supplemental instruction, you are also investing in your child's future!

A good tutor is like gold dust. The best ones will be passionate about their subject and keen to share their passion with others by bringing it to life, getting children interested, too!

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Methods of Tutoring in London

Tutoring is not necessarily just for academic subjects, although tutors for maths and English are the most common. For example, there are many classes offered in playing a musical instrument, yoga, cooking, photography, sewing and quilting. In fact, you can find a tutor for practically anything.

But where do you find tutors for such obscure subjects?

  • Universities and colleges offering evening and weekend classes
  • Extra-curricular clubs and groups offering educational help to students
  • Private businesses or individuals offering tutoring
  • On-line agencies
  • On-line tutoring platforms, like Superprof, who provide a means for tutors and pupils to connect with each other

There are many online agencies who can supply a tutor in practically any part of the UK and in any subject. With many online agencies, all the relevant checks, such as the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, for example, will have been carried out and the tutor's qualifications verified, so all the hard work is done for you. All you have to do is choose your tutor from their online profiles. Why not find maths tutor in Manchester or an English tutor in Leeds.

With online tutoring, lessons are delivered via webcam, so you can find a tutor anywhere in the world!

With a city as large as London, there is usually an excellent choice of tutors for each subject, especially in the more common ones, allowing you to choose a tutor who suits your needs exactly. The tutor's online profiles often have reviews from previous pupils and parents to help you with your decision.

When it comes to paying for your private tutoring, you pay the agency for the lessons who in turn pay the tutor once the lesson is completed, so no exchange of money takes place at the end of lessons. Tutors often have to report back to the agency after each lesson, detailing what exactly was done in the lesson as well as its length.

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Find a Tutor For Home Tuition in London

Home tutoring is offered by many agencies, often alongside online tutoring.

Here is a handful of London's tutoring agencies:

  • Greater London Tutors

Greater LondonTutors offers home tuition in all subjects from primary level through to degree level. All of their tutors in London are certified teachers, and there are over 2000 of them to choose from! They also have SEN specialists who are trained in supporting students with special educational needs such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and autism.

  • London Tutors

London Tutors is a private academic tutoring company, offering to help pupils with all aspects of study. It offers one on one tuition, online tuition and also has a centre equipped with state-of-the-art teaching equipment in Tottenham Court Road.

In addition to the usual national curriculum subjects, UK and USA university entrance help and advice is offered in the form of interview preparation. They can also help you with your CV, cover letters and application proofreading.

The agency also offers education consultancy which includes career guidance as well as an assessment service designed to identify the academic strengths and weaknesses of each child when it comes to sitting exams so that tuition can be tailored accordingly.

  • Owl Tutors

Owl Tutors offers home tuition to students based in London as well as offering online lessons to students all over the world.

Every one of their tutors is a fully qualified teacher with a wealth of classroom experience, and they must pass a rigorous application process before being accepted by the organisation which includes an interview and qualification check.

Owl Tutors recognises the importance of feedback. Discussing each student's progress on a monthly basis, they point out the areas in which the student has improved as well as estimating the amount of time it will take for them to achieve their specific academic goal.

Get information about online tutoring here.

Tutoring in London from around the World
Easily find a tutor in London with Superprof. (Photo credit: "Stròlic Furlàn" - Davide Gabino via

There are also many online platforms where you can find tutors in your local area to suit your child's academic needs, such as Superprof.

Superprof is a free UK tutor service, founded in 2013. It is an online platform connecting pupils and tutors and has over 8,000 local tutors around the UK teaching in over 1000 subjects. Whether you need help looking for a maths tutor, French tutor, English tutor, chemistry tutor or even a guitar tutor, Superprof will be able to help.

Find Maths and Language Tutors in London

Many college students struggle with maths, so it makes good sense to help them understand the concepts by employing a tutor. If you can find a tutor who speaks a foreign language or a foreigner who tutors maths for example, then so much the better, they can profit from two subjects from one tutor. Financially, this makes good sense too, as private lessons are not cheap and it can also reduce travel costs for the tutor.

There are many maths tutors and agencies throughout London, here are just a few:

  • Maths Doctor 

From £25 an hour, Maths Doctor matches tutors to students based on subject, learning style and goal. All tutors are DBS checked and are fully trained in accordance with Maths Doctor's training requirements before they begin math tutoring.

There is a range of tutor profiles available to browse on their website, so you can get a feel for the work ethic as well as inquire about their availability.

  • Merit Tutors

Based in East London, Merit Tutors offers maths tuition from primary to A-level. Their one on one tutoring services is aimed at students who need an extra boost to keep up in class as well as those who are aiming high. Almost every tutor is a certified teacher, so trusting their knowledge of the syllabus is easy - and there's also plenty of help for students with upcoming exams!

Whether it's GCSEs, A-levels or 11+ entry exams, Merit Tutors have dedicated courses for the needs of every student. Students take a free diagnostic assessment before they're assigned any work so that they can start from a familiar point and improve at their own pace with a learning plan that has been tailored to their needs and goals.

Merit Tutors also runs a Summer School to help students keep their mental agility up to scratch over the school holidays!

  • Mathematics & Science Tuition

Mathematics & Science Tuition offers private and group tuition in maths and science at GCSE and A-level as well as preparing students for a wide range of entrance exams. This is a very popular tutor for many Londoners, and there are plenty of testimonials to prove the quality of teaching on their website.

Rates start at £65 per hour and increase with the level of tuition:

Academic LevelPrice per Hour
GCSE, Eton, Harrow,
St. Paul’s scholarship papers, Westminster Challenge, 13+Common
Entrance, MYP
A-Level - Undergraduate incl. IB and UKCAT£75
Professional Qualifications incl. GMAT, GAMSAT and QTS£80
Group Tuition (Up to 2 pupils)£40 each
Group Tuition (3-6 pupils)£30 each

The rates for Mathematics & Science Tuition may seem high, but with this tutor's proven track record and given the central location, you're paying for quality.

So what about if your son or daughter is learning a second language and wants to become fluent? Or what if they're preparing for their GCSE French exam? How about adults who have seen the benefits of being bilingual and want to learn a language themselves?

Most people would love to be able to speak another language fluently and studies indicate that our capacity to excel at learning a new language does diminish as we age. What better way then, than to give your child a helping hand and do some extra language tutoring outside of school?

This can be one to one with a tutor or in small groups with pupils of a similar age. Learning another language with others in informal surroundings will encourage them to converse with each other in the new language naturally. Using your new language is the best way to improve vocabulary and fluency and boosts confidence!

Tutors excel at boosting confidence!
More than anything, a tutor empowers learners to believe in themselves Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

Language tutoring companies in London include:

  • The London Language Studio

The London Language Studio offers language services for individuals as well as corporate clients. They tailor each learning plan to the unique needs of each learner to ensure that their goals are met sooner rather than later.

They offer a vast range of languages, including Swedish, Catalan, Polish, Slovak, Italian and even Hebrew to name a few!

Their ethos is based on active learning and the idea that a language needs to be used in order for the learner to become fluent as well as recognising the importance of self-motivation and independent study.

Lessons can be booked in packages of 10 sessions with a free bonus lesson of the same duration on top. Unlike many language tutoring organisations, you can choose from three lesson lengths:

  • 1 hour
  • 1.5 hours
  • 5 hours

So, when it comes to deciding whether you want to learn little and often, or you suit a more intense style of learning, you'll find something that fits you!

  • The Language Class London

At The Language Class, you can learn European languages including French, German, Spanish and Italian, as well as improving your English if you're a non-native speaker.

They tutor private students and corporate clients in one to one or group settings depending on the needs and goals of each individual. In addition to their language tutoring sessions, they also offer intensive courses which aim to speed up the learning process and cement key information.

  • Unique Languages

Unique Languages has a bank of London language tutors which have been recruited after a rigorous application process, meaning that quality teaching is assured.

Many of their teachers are native speakers of the language they speak - and there's no better way to learn how a language is really spoken than by taking lessons from a native speaker!

The list of languages you can learn with Unique Languages is endless, with lessons available in Korean, Czech, Mandarin, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese and German to name but a few. Non-native English speakers can also take classes in business English if they so wish.

  • Talk Languages

With Talk Languages, flexibility is key. You can learn at your own pace at a place and time that suits your schedule.

Your learning plan will be based around your current level of ability in the language as well as your learning goals as the tutor takes your areas of interest into account. You'll also be given tasks to do between lessons to help you consolidate what you've learnt.

  • Lingua Clinic

At Lingua Clinic, you can learn to speak Spanish in a private, group or intensive setting depending on what works best for you. They also provide an online Spanish test for you to test your level of Spanish and help them determine the kind of lessons that will suit your current language skills.

All tutors at Lingua Clinic are native Spanish speakers, giving you the best chance of natural fluency in your Spanish speaking.

You can get in contact with Lingua Clinic via their website.

Are you plugged in to the world wide web?
It is uncommon, in London, to find anyone who doesn't use the Internet! Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

Traditional and Online Tutoring Adverts in London

These days, it is uncommon to find anyone who does not make use of technology, especially the Internet.

Statistics show that Internet usage in the UK has grown, year over year, to take third place on the global E-commerce ranks.

Still, when it comes to something so personal as shopping for a tutor, some might shy away from the digital realm, preferring to search for academic support using more tried and true methods.

The most diligent tutors are aware of that fact and they diversify their advertisement in order to reach the maximum number of students.

If you do not have access to the Internet or prefer to search for a tutor in more a traditional manner, then newsagent windows are a good place to look.

Local tutors will often put up a small flier advertising their services along with a contact number. Bars and cafes, supermarkets and especially your local library and community centre may also have a small adverts board or table where you might find prospective tutors.

If you wanted to launch a tutor search in this manner, you could put up a flier yourself in those same locations, as a 'help wanted' type advert - but make sure you ask for permission to do so first!

It's logical to reason that, if tutors post bulletins, they would also scan such adverts for prospective pupils!

Tutors often advertise in the local press, so be sure to have a look in the small ads section of your local newspaper or town magazine. The beauty of finding a tutor this way is that you know that they will be local to you, so your tutor's travel expenses won't be too much of an issue!

The downside of such advertising is that, often, there is no clue as to whether that tutor has a wealth of teaching experience or is only starting out; what methods s/he employs to teach or what his/her success rate is. And very few of them include testimonials from past students that tutor has worked with!

The phrase 'your reputation precedes you' was built on the concept of being talked up (or down) by others.

Word of mouth is one of the most valuable tools for advertising. Considering that, you may ask around in your neighbourhood; the chances are that somebody else is studying with private tutors.

Even if it is not in the subject that you are looking for help in, that tutor may know someone well-versed in the subject you require. So, whether you ask parents at the school gates or even ask your/your child's teachers for advice, you'll have a contact number for someone in no time.

All of these methods of finding a tutor blend seamlessly with all of the free advertising platforms on the Internet, where tutors post ads for those needing extra help with their studies in their area.

Some of these include:

  • All 4 Kids
  • Gumtree
  • Freeads
  • Net Mums

Net Mums is a particularly valuable exchange platform for tutors who work with younger children.

It is an online community of parents (not just mums!) who all swap helpful tips in child rearing and, especially, education: the best schools, the best teachers... the best tutors.

This is a way you can get feedback about prospective tutors: their fees, their pedagogy, their success in helping their students achieve academic excellence...

Another great way to find a tutor is to head directly to a website dedicated exclusively to tutoring.

Find London Tutors with Superprof

As we mentioned at the start of this article, Superprof is an online platform for tutors and students which works in essentially the same way as other sites meant for a specific market.

For example, the Net Mums site addresses concerns that parents face, including educational issues - and you may find excellent tutors, advertising among all of the other topics of conversation.

By contrast, Superprof deals with education exclusively.

Tutors advertise their services and state their location as well as their willingness to travel, so you can find someone near to you as well as ensuring that their profile matches what you're looking for.

Speaking of profiles: Superprof allots each tutor an entire page to list his/her credentials, experience and other particulars.

Reviewing Superprof profiles will tell you at a glance that tutor's instruction delivery method (by webcam, in person; in your home, his/her home or some mutually agreed upon location, such as the library or a coffee shop), whether s/he works with individuals or in small groups, and how fast you can expect to hear back from him/her once you make contact.

Just take a look at these Superprofs's profiles:

  • Christopher tutors in GCSE Maths and Science, as well as A-Levels Chemistry. He generally responds to inquiries quickly and his students accord him a 5-star rating.
  • He's not to be confused with Chris, a Maths and Physics tutor who gives his first hour of lessons for free!
  • Basit has been voted an ambassador: putting his skills to use helping students advance their understanding of subject material means students consistently rate him the best!
    • Basit also gives his first hour of lessons for free!

In fact, you will find that many Superprof tutors will not charge you a thing for their first hour of instruction. They wish to give you (and themselves) the opportunity to discover if you 'click' - if you will work well together before you hand over any cash. Isn't that generous of them?

There are many benefits to using Superprof in your search for a private tutor. Not only can you look for a tutor in the comfort of your own home, but you can also learn plenty about each tutor thanks to the information displayed on each of their profiles before making contact.

Another great feature of the Superprof platform is that students or their parents can leave reviews for tutors they have worked with. Their doing so may help you to make your decision come time to select your ideal tutor.

Unlike many traditional tutoring companies that may specialise in only one or two subjects, Superprof offers tutelage in a wide range of disciplines, at all levels - from preschool and primary all the way to postgraduate, and every stop in between.

And they don't just tutor in academic subjects, either!

On the Superprof website, you'll be able to find dance teachers, yoga teachers; musical instrument teachers and sewing tutors in addition to finding tutors in maths, English, science and languages.

Are moving to a new city? Superprof is a UK wide tutoring platform and can help you find tutors no matter where you are. You may search for a Guitar teacher in Birmingham or a German tutor in Glasgow.

Don't let homework get you down; let after school programmes help!
If you're struggling in school, you could enrol in after-school programmes Source: Pixabay Credit: Patrice Audet

School Support Programmes in London

If you/your student is struggling academically, an excellent way to help yourself/your child is an after-school club or holiday programme.

Many primary schools sponsor such projects. Through them, you/your child may find help with homework or, indeed, such after-school programmes  may actually incorporate a separate homework club.

High schools and colleges usually host a homework club once a week and they also hold revision classes in the run-up to examinations. Those can be invaluable for worried students as well as for those who like to push themselves.

Some after-school support clubs and programmes in London include:

The After School Learning Centre, in North London and Southgate, works with children as young as four years old, all the way up to 18.

Their long list of enrichment activities includes standard academic subjects such as English and Maths, but they go further. To help hone critical thinking skills, they have a curriculum on verbal/non-verbal reasoning skills, and they host a GCSE revision over Easter holidays. You may even study Mandarin Chinese under their tutelage!

You may visit their website for more information or contact them by telephone; 0208 440 8586

Young Engineers fosters a learning environment through atypical enrichment programmes, such as building with Legos and other building blocks. Such activities help  develop and enhance spatial abilities - the capacity to visualise and solve problems.

Spatial intelligence is a cornerstone of STEM subjects, those being: science, technology, engineering and maths. Studies show that, at present, our country suffers a dearth of students - especially females, who have a firm grasp - or even any desire to study STEM subjects.

Yet those same categories hold the key to our country's future economic viability!

By helping your child develop spatial awareness at a young age, you are indirectly helping him/her acquire maths skills that will serve to boost future academic performance, mayhap even negating the need for tutoring later in his/her academic career!

You can find Young Engineers in west London, by calling 0752 260 2122.

GCSEs are a career-defining event which, naturally, makes them highly stress-inducing. To compound that effect, well-meaning students all over the country drive themselves mad, mentally scurrying hither and yon, trying to find their best study methods.

Enter King's College London GCSE enrichment classes, a study programme developed for the express purpose of developing sound study habits ahead of the exam.

It is true that schools avidly present students with new material but very little focus is given to how students should study for optimal information retention.

To that end, King's College has devised an intense, math-based curriculum that broadens into critical thinking skills development.

Rather than hammering away at what types of math problems you may expect to find on your exam, they highlight connections you may find between the types of answers expected to complete the exam satisfactorily.

Perhaps the best part of this programme is that preference is given to underprivileged students: those in care or who are eligible for free school meals. Those whose parents never had the opportunity to attend university are also expressly welcome.

All sessions take place in the Maths building, just a short stroll away from Waterloo station.

Oxford Encompass Education

If children can't learn the way we teach, perhaps we should teach them the way they learn.

This quote greets visitors from Oxford Encompass Educations's homepage; it expresses an impressive paradigm shift in generally accepted educational philosophy.

Indeed, their learning programmes include a range of student-led teaching techniques, from debate and critical thinking exercises to creative assignments designed to broaden thinking and perspective.

What we particularly liked about their programme is that the learner is always seen as an individual and, to that end, will help create his/her own Individual Learning Plan - an educational roadmap to academic success.

They don't hold courses just for school-aged students! University students, educators and even business professionals can all get in on the fun at Encompass.

For those more mature students, we present The London Business School.

In searching for more scientific approaches to the art of management in the early 20th century, a specific curriculum was designed that included the cornerstones of business management: accounting, communication, business ethics and business law among them.

This type of degree, the Master of Business Administration, now known as an MBA, is one of the most sought-after qualifications of any professional in the business world; one you can attain at London Business School.

This is a world-renowned institution, offering said Masters courses, as well as Executive Education courses and PhDs in the world of business and finance.

They host an intriguing Entrepreneurship Summer School that gives students the opportunity to assess and shape business ideas in strong, practical ways, helping to turn ideas into viable business ventures through research, skills and insights.

Volunteer Tutoring in London

Tutoring can be an expensive proposition, especially in large cities such as London, and it's no secret that students of wealthier homes fare much better on standardised exams, thanks to that help.

Where does that leave students of more modest households?

There are some volunteer agencies whose tutors delight in giving extracurricular help for free. You may find such dedicated souls through Action Tutoring who work with local primary and secondary schools to bring their tutoring programmes to pupils who are preparing for their SATS or GCSEs.

The tutors are volunteers and they will tutor for a minimum of one term, at the same school at the same time each week. The basic aim of these projects is to provide educational opportunities, in the form of free tutoring, to pupils who would not otherwise be able to have private lessons due to financial reasons, to help them achieve their educational potential.

University Student's Union London has a fantastic mentoring programme!

They recruit undergraduate student volunteers to work with students who are struggling academically. These students, who commit to the programme for an entire academic year, tutor in small groups or mentor GCSE-level students through their exam. In fact, there are so many support programmes this organisation coordinates:

  • Youth in Action guides disadvantaged students through social problems they may face
  • Into University ensures that every student has the chance at a university education through mentoring and academic support
  • Team Up connects university students with at-risk kids to help them stay on the safe side of life
  • Reach Out does community outreach as well as school support

Whatever the subject; whichever the case: in such a large, vibrant city as London, there is a tutor for all needs!

If I'm searching for tutors near me, I always use Superprof. With over 1000 subjects and 10,000 tutors, you can learn anything you want.

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