The city of Manchester is known for its architecture, music, nightlife, engineering and scientific output; transport connections, and for also having perhaps the most famous football stadium in the world - Old Trafford.

It was in this city that scientists first split the atom and where the stored-programme computer was developed.

Alan Turing was appointed Reader in the Mathematics department at Victoria University in Manchester in 1948. A year later, he was promoted to Deputy Director of the computing machine laboratory, whereupon he immediately set to work writing software for the Manchester Mark I - one of the world's first prototypes of stored-programme computers.

This brilliant mathematician is as well-known as the father of Artificial Intelligence as he is for his code-breaking skills during World War II!

Today, the city is home to some 530,000 people and three major Universities - the aforementioned Victoria University, now simply called the University of Manchester; Manchester Metropolitan University and the Royal Northern College of Music.

Besides those institutes of higher learning, Manchester is home to several law schools, language schools and numerous adult education centres, to say nothing of continuing education initiatives - in every discipline, all throughout the city.

Forming the foundation of these greater learning opportunities are the over 170 primary and secondary schools in and around Greater Manchester.

No wonder there is such a need for tutors of all types in Manchester! Fortunately, they are relatively easy to find, especially if you know where to look.

Whether you're looking for one on one tutoring or shopping around for online tutoring companies, Superprof now presents you with the best tutors in Manchester.

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Find online Tutors in Manchester for home tutoring
Find Tutors in Manchester for private tuition. (Photo credit: PicsByZuzanna via VisualHunt)

This article will help you to find:

  • Organisations based in Manchester offering private home tutoring and small group tutoring
  • Maths tutors and language tutors throughout Greater Manchester
  • Where to find announcements and Adverts for tutors in the city
  • How to locate Manchester city school support programs

There are many reasons why you may need to find a private tutor.

Maybe you need a boost to help land the promotion you've been angling for at work or you have long wanted to learn new skills - like accounting, so you can sit exams and become lisensed.

Or maybe your child is struggling a little at school - perhaps because of dyslexia or some other learning disability, and s/he is starting to fall behind.

Whatever the reason, there is no end to the possible solutions to help you find a tutor.

There are many online agencies offering tutoring, Superprof being a case in point.

Superprof is a tutor exchange platform that lets students (or their parents) sign up for free. They may then browse verified tutor profiles - all prospective tutors' credentials are vetted before their profile becomes public.

You and/or you student may read about their potential tutors via testimonials left by other students that tutor has worked with, before you arrange your/your child's first lesson.

This online tutoring marketplace has revolutionised the traditional search for one to one tutoring: with this type of online tutor search, you can find a tutor anywhere in the UK.

Why not start by finding a maths tutor in London or an English tutor in Leeds?

Organisations Offering Private Home Tuition

By all accounts, the private tutoring business is booming, here at home as well as abroad, but home tutoring is not a novel concept.

As far back as in Ancient Greece, itinerant teachers would comb the country, looking for a few months' stay on some farm or in a village, earning his keep by teaching reading, writing and the art of oration.

At that time, maths and geometry were not very highly regarded sciences but cultivating the art of public speaking was essential to any young man aspiring to public or political life.

Such wandering educators made their way into towns as well. There, they found a whole new clientèle: merchants's sons, who did need to learn ciphering and calculation. Those teachers adept at arithmetic stood to earn a handsome living indeed!

It was the the tutors engaged by rich families who really prospered!

Not only were they housed in the family compound but they were able to build such a reputation that often saw them making the rounds of elites's homes, educating other wealthy families' sons.

Yes, only sons benefited from such teachings. Daughters could stake no claim to any intellect, unfortunately.

As did the Greeks, so did the Romans, meaning that, when they inhabited our island and, in 79AD, built Mancunium - the fort out of which grew our Manchester, they brought their social habits and constructs with them: orators, scribes, and tutors among them.

The Romans really didn't care to remake native populations in their image; in fact, they were quite happy for indigenous people to remain ignorant - but there is no quelling that British spirit!

Native Mancunians noted the learning activities of their Roman counterparts and set about emulating them. Soon, the Church got involved... and the rest is history!

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From the Romans we picked up on the idea of education!
The Ancient Romans left us more than fine architecture and city planning; they sparked our thirst for education! Source: Pixabay Credit: Mohamad Hassan

Still today, especially as tutoring is the most traditional method of having private lessons, home tutoring can really help pupils in terms of progress and confidence.

The home environment makes learning stress-free, which is especially important for younger learners and those with special educational needs.

In arranging tutoring sessions for yourself or your school-aged learner, you may opt for the tutor to come to your home at a prearranged time every week- or more than once per week, if the need is so great.

No need to worry about transportation fees; the tutor's displacement is usually included in the lesson price (but you should ask about such fees when you interview any prospective tutor, just in case).

One final aspect to consider when scouting around for a tutor...

Most such mentors tutor only in one subject, although many are polyvalent, especially those who work with younger-aged learners.

To get the most out of your tutoring monies, you might search for a French or Spanish native who is a also a Maths teacher.

For this example, we suppose that a student needs a tutor for GCSE test prep in languages and Maths. By engaging a bilingual tutor who is well-versed in Algebra, you may have found two tutors for the price of one!

Here is a list of some tutor organisations in and around Manchester city and within the Greater Manchester area, offering private home tuition:

  • Jasiel Tutors: Unit 2 Whitehouse Works, Clough Road, Manchester M9 4HP
  • Pupils Progress463 Barlow Moor Rd M21 8AU Manchester
  • Northern Training AcademyMemorial Road, 1st Floor, 8M28 3AQ Manchester
  • Home-Tutoring: Advantage Business Centre, 132-134 Great Ancoats Street, M6 2DE Manchester
  • Choice Home-Tutoring: The Coach House, 157 Palatine Road, M20 2GH Manchester
  • Pupils Progress: 463 Barlow Moor Road, M21 8AU Manchester
  • 1-2-1 Tutors: Flat 1, 3 Park Gate Ave., M20 3BZ Manchester

Superprof Tutors in Manchester

As mentioned at the start of this article, Superprof is an online platform that connects tutors with students. It is a global enterprise whose aim is to help students achieve academic success through personal tutelage.

Superprof offers both private in-home tutoring and online tutoring.

In the UK, Superprof boasts over 500 maths tutors, 10% of whom are based in Manchester alone. Check out these great tutors:

  • Peter teaches Maths, Physics, Chemistry; also GCSE- and A-Levels science. He has glowing student testimonials!
  • Clare holds a PhD and loves teaching Maths and Physics in her home. Her students award her 5 stars!
  • Anca teaches Maths and Business up to University level. She works with primary and secondary school students, too
    • her 5-star reviews, along with the fact that she charges only £10 per hour make her a most in-demand teacher!

On Superprof's site, tutors advertise their prices on their profile so you know exactly how much you can expect to pay for each lesson.

Superprof hosts many qualified and experienced tutors so you can be safe in the knowledge that the tutor you choose will help your child achieve their potential.

You can also choose which tutor you would like from their profile and reviews. With Superprof you can learn practically anything, anywhere in the world!

Want to learn Swedish from a native? With Superprof that is not a problem, everything is possible!

Your tutor knows how to combat math anxiety!
Tutors know that maths studies seem to especially cause anxiety Source: Pixabay Credit: PDP

Maths and Language Tutors in Manchester

Private tuition can be tiring for pupils, especially young ones who may already have completed a full day at school.

Nowhere is that more evident than in Asian countries, especially China, where school children are burdened with hours of homework assignments and extra lessons every night. Further aggravating the situation, these same children are treated to all manner of enrichment activities, from English lessons to maths courses, on the weekends.

To take private lessons in this fashion is too exhausting for them and has a detrimental effect - as evidenced by a growing body of reports on the situation. To say nothing of the expense those diligent parents bear in the hope that their progeny will come out on the top of academic ranks.

This situation clearly demonstrates that it is often better to concentrate on the one particular subject that students are struggling with the most and to find a tutor who specialises in that area.

Preferably, one who has a proven track record of empathy and understanding of the difficulties students face in modern education.

It is often the case that pupils struggle with Maths, or particular areas of maths like algebra or trigonometry, for example. To help them achieve the grades they need, a private maths tutor can be indispensable.

Some Maths tutors in and around Manchester include:

Organisation NameStreet AdressPostal CodePhone Number
123 Maths Tuition22, Yew Tree LaneManchester, M22 4DY0161 291 0281
A1 Maths Tuition23, Laburnum AvenueSwinton, Manchester, M27 0DN0161 281 1347
Andy's Maths Tuition22, Sandileigh AvenueWithington, Manchester, M20 3LW0161 283 9594
Maths Tuition West Didsbury5, Georgia AvenueManchester, M20 1LY0779 546 8737
P Leonard Maths Tuition3, Tensing AvenueManchester, M46 9NU0194 287 1508
Swinton Maths Centre375, Chorley RdSwinton, Manchester, M27 6AY0161 794 2662

Learning a language really well is an excellent way to increase confidence and can be the doorway to many opportunities.

Furthermore, learning a second language has been proven to boost cognitive ability and increase attention span - among other benefits.

Consider this perspective: school is hard, so anything associated with school must induce anxiety... including school-related lessons outside of school.

Naturally, the best tutors have workarounds for this type of situations; one of them is distraction.

In military tactics, such strategies are called flanking manoeuvres, and the principle can be applied to learning, too.

Rather than attack the problem of academics head-on, the tutor disarms students' anxiety by presenting them with material that is challenging, not overwhelming or anxiety-inducing. The student, enticed with the prospect of performing well, does the utmost possible to master the new material.

Such teaching strategies tend to have a cumulative effect on students: the more they can achieve, the better they feel about themselves. The more their confidence grows, the more likely they are to believe that they can do anything... a train of thought which ultimately becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you or your child has trouble focusing and grasping new concepts, perhaps an extracurricular language course could be just the flank manoeuvre you've been looking for!

Here, a language tutor would be a great asset as they can work with you/your student on the particular areas of weakness such as critical thinking, understanding and memory building.

Aspects of language learning such as verb conjugation (a great memory building exercise!), pronunciation, vocabulary or just an overall understanding of the language promote overall learning abilities, providing a pathway to greater academic aptitude.

Manchester being all for education and fantastic learning experiences, naturally, you will find plenty of language tutors and schools that teach languages!

Here we highlight just a few, with no particular endorsement or recommendation:

NameArea of SpecialityAddressTelephone
ADC Language TuitionGeneral Language tuition88 Kerscott Rd, Manchester, M23 0GP0783 491 0173
Norman HaynesFrench & German Tuition20 Newhaven Avenue, Higher Openshaw, Manchester M11 1HU,0161 292 6894
La AcademiaGeneral Language tuition13a Wilmslow Road, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 1DW0161 491 1444
University Language CentreA part of University of ManchestterOxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL0161 306 6000
The Language CentreA part of Manchester Metropolitan UniversityGeoffrey Manton Building, Rosamond Street West, Manchester,
M15 6LL
0161 247 2000
Nicoletta HoltGeneral language tutionN/A+44 779 978 6983

Adults can have tutors too!
Tutoring is not just for the young. (Photo credit: wezlo via Visual Hunt)

Tutor Announcements in Manchester

Although statistics show that just about everyone in the UK has access to the Internet, not everyone sees the 'Net as a go-to source for everything.

Particularly for something as personal as tutoring, some people prefer what is called the old-fashioned approach: private adverts.

To find a local individual who tutors without resorting to using a search engine, private ads are an excellent resource to use.

Tutors are savvy of that fact. That is why they take a multi-pronged approach to advertising their business: business cards and/or fliers in local pubs and cafes, restaurants and takeaways; you may even find such averts at your salon or supermarket. Or they may put small notices in newsagents windows.

They may also put an ad in the local paper so it would be worthwhile buying that for the time that you are looking for a tutor.

The local library is also a good place to search, as there is often an announcement board in the entrance. You should also ask the librarian; they are often very knowledgeable with respect to the local area and services offered.

If this proves futile, then an Internet search will succeed. In as large a city as Manchester, there are loads of tutors who advertise online through directories and websites, for example:

  • Gumtree
  • Freeads
  • Home Tutors Directory
  • University Tutor

A note of caution in turning to these resources, now.

There are no laws or regulations governing the tutoring industry in our country.

What that means is that anyone can bill themselves as a tutor and, while most people do have a sincere desire to help you/your child achieve academic success, you will have no way of ascertaining who has a proven track record of teaching prowess and whose pedagogy is less refined.

Here are a couple of pertinent questions to ask when considering engaging a tutor from an advert of any kind:

  1. Does the advert state what level of education the prospective tutor has?

A general rule of thumb is that anyone can tutor up to one year lower than his/her skills set - meaning that an undergraduate student may help an A-Levels candidate prepare for examination and an A-Levels student may tutor a struggling GCSE-level learner.

2. Is there any mention of a DBS? Anyone who works with children must have submitted to a background check.

Other than those two critical factors to keep in mind, resorting to such adverts is a way you may connect with your/your child's ideal tutor.

Good luck! 

School Support programs in Manchester

Schools and colleges often sponsor homework clubs for the duration of the school year and also revision classes in the run up to the exam periods.

This is an excellent opportunity for pupils to deal with any problems they may have encountered in the course of their classroom learning because, among other factors, the classes are often fairly small and more relaxed than traditional lessons.

Homework clubs can help pupils who are struggling in class or who may not be able to complete homework tasks, therefore risking being left behind.

Such clubs are often run by teachers or teaching assistants (for homework clubs in primary schools) and are an excellent resource for parents and pupils alike!

Besides school campuses, you may find homework help at your local library or community centre. In fact, Manchester City Council's library page tells you all about it!

Be sure to ask about any homework clinics they might run...

Tutoring improves knowledge
Knowledge is power. (Photo credit: VanessaO via Visual Hunt)

Are moving to a new city? Superprof is a UK wide tutoring platform and can help you find tutors no mater where you are. Search for a Guitar teacher in Birmingham or a German tutor in Glasgow.

Volunteer Tutoring in Manchester

Much as we'd all like to believe that public education is a level playing field, the truth is that any student's academic success is due, at least in part, to his/her socio-economic status.

The veracity of that statement is underscored by multiple reports of more privileged students benefiting from private tutoring; an educational boost that not everyone has the means to provide for their learners.

To balance that effect, in an effort to target those students who may not reach their full potential due to their social background, many large cities across the UK have become home to volunteer tutoring organizations that offer free tutoring to less privileged pupils, often in challenging communities.

One such organization is Action Tutoring, a registered charity in our country.

Although they are not yet active in Manchester, they keep busy helping students from low-income families leave school with at least 5 A* - C grades. Tutoring usually occurs on weekday afternoons for an hour but there are also some Saturday morning sessions.

However, The Tutor Trust does work in the greater Manchester area.

This is a not-for-profit organization that links undergraduates and other potential tutors with schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods that wish to provide their pupils with tutors.

Since winning their launch grant and registering as a charity in September of 2011, they have helped more than 14,000 disadvantaged pupils hit their stride in the classroom. 

They work with all 10 Greater Manchester education authorities, partnering with more than 300 primary and secondary schools.

For every 6 hours of paid tuition, tutors are expected to give one hour of tuition-free. The prospective tutors near me are selected, trained and insured. The organisation handles the logistics of the lessons and any money raised is re-invested in tuition services at target schools.

It is often said that you get what you pay for but, in this case, that old saw is simply not true - for three major reasons:

  1. Students benefit by rising above their current circumstances to break the cycle of under-achievement and hopelessness that seem to plague the less-fortunate
  2. Tutors find a rewarding purpose in dedicating a bit of their time helping assure the future of students who might otherwise struggle through school or leave school altogether.
  3. We all benefit in that more of our students go on to find not just academic success, but success in life

Whether you are having difficulties keeping up in class or you are the parent of a student who struggles, you now know that there are strategies to help your progress and people who are keen to see you achieve your educational goals.

Through your school or with an advert; with a certified Tutor Trust mentor or a Superprof: all you need to do reach out - we'll be there for you!

There really is a tutor for everyone in the city of Manchester!

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