Pretty sad to hear this week that students’ automatic right to one-to-one tuition has had its funding pulled by the coalition government.

In January we blogged about the Institute of London’s initial research into the reading and numeracy programmes which were to be rolled out nationwide in 2011.

Since then the programmes have gone on to produce some pretty fantastic results. The Every Child a Chance trust, the organisation behind the schemes, are working on a report which builds on research already carried out into its successes so far.

Research shows that children who undertook one-to-one tuition in reading saw benefits of up to 2 years advancement in their reading age after 40 hours of personal coaching. On the numeracy programme, just 20 hours of individual tuition returned gains of up to 14 months in some children.

The decision to end the schemes, known as Every Child a Reader and Every Child Counts, will come as a disappointing blow to parents who were experiencing first hand the benefits of one-to-one tuition; a glance at user comments on the BBC News report shows just how popular the programmes were.

We can only wonder where next the axe will fall…


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