As in the rest of the UK – where it is thought to contribute six billion pounds to the economy – the private tuition industry in Belfast is booming. One-on-one tutoring, home tuition, and tutoring online are becoming, increasingly, the way in which people learn.

You can attribute this to whatever you want: a greater competitivity among students – and parents – for the limited number of top school and university places; dissatisfaction with the quality of teaching at school; or a willingness among individuals to invest more in their education.

Whichever way you look at it, though, private tutors are beginning to number in their millions across the UK. And this makes it much easier – and, simultaneously, much more difficult – to find the quality supplementary education that you want for yourself or your child.

Here, we want to give you a helping hand to navigate Belfast’s busy private tutoring scene. So, we’ve collected some of the best, most reliable, and most convenient names there are in town.

Whether it is a language tutor, a maths and science tutor, or a musical instrument tutor that you’re looking for, we’ve tried our best to make your job of finding them as it easy as it can possibly be.

We hope you find it helpful!

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A private tutor can change your life - and your grades!

Why Use a Private Tutor?

A private tutor is a real investment. We understand this. However, it is an investment with massive returns – both in the immediate term and the long.

There is a whole load of benefits to getting yourself or your child a home tutor – from the simple fact of greater academic success and improved study skills to greater confidence academically and a new level of emotional, intellectual, and academic support.

It’s not just supplemental instruction on a maths exam that tutors provide, nor help with essay writing. A personal tutor – if you choose the right one – can help a tutee in all sorts of ways.

Parents often want to see an immediate bump in academic results as soon as they have found and paid for tutoring services. And whilst the best tutors provide this, they should also be offering a relationship with the student that transcends the pure academic tutoring. Good tutors should build trust with their students – and inspire in them a passion for learning.

It’s this that will improve their grades even more in the long run.

Whether it’s a chemistry tutor or a French tutor, an algebra tutor or a tutor for an Oxbridge application, the support that tutors provide can be indispensable.

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Belfast’s Buzzing Tutoring Scene: Where to Find a Great Private Tutor in Belfast.

As you’ll see below, there are really many options for someone in Belfast looking for tuition of any kind. Spread right across the city, there are institutions offering private tuition, and there are hundreds of individual, self-employed tutors ready to come straight to your home.

So, you can rest assured that the physics tutor or the Spanish tutor that you are looking for in Belfast is there ready and waiting for you. The trouble is knowing where to look.

This all depends on the subject and form of tuition you would like. Because whilst academic tutoring companies and individuals are spread pretty much across the city, for language lessons you might have to head into the centre.

However, these days – and this is part of the reason for the boom in private tuition – we have this thing called the internet. Whilst local tutors do still put up ads in the windows of shops, an easier route for you to find a tutor that suits you is online.

And we’re sure that you have embarked on that Google search of ‘find a private tutor Belfast’. You never really know what you are getting this way. So, the first rule of finding a private tutor: meet the person by whom you’ll be tutored before you book any lessons!

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Belfast is a great place to find private tutoring

Academic Tutors – For All Subjects.

Belfast has its fair share of academic tutors, teaching everything from language and literature to numeracy, science and engineering. Just take the time to look through your different options and find the one that suits you best – in terms of geography, schedule, and cost.

Find a Private Tutor for Any Subject, at Any Level, with Aspire Tutors.

Aspire Tutors are a well-respected and high-achieving academic tutoring company based, in Belfast, on University Street – yet they have centres across the UK.

These guys are rare among tutoring companies because they offer academic support throughout the entirety of your academic career – from primary school through to when you are at university.

They can arrange any specific subject in which you would like support, too. So, they provide quite an excellent all-round service.

Get a Maths Tutor or English Tutor – or a Tutor for the Transfer Test – with Explore Learning, Belfast.

On the Lisburn Road, Explore Learning are another UK-wide tutoring agency. The difference here, however, is that they direct their expertise into three specific things: English tuition, maths tuition, and preparation for the Transfer Test.

So, if your child wants to attend an independent or grammar school, test preparation tuition with Explore Learning might be the best way to do that.

Their website, by the way, shows proven results.

Take Classes with a Science Tutor at FirstRate Tutoring.

Based in Bangor – but attracting students from Belfast and beyond – FirstRate Tutoring is run by Dr Grant Jordan, an incredibly well qualified tutor of science. He used to work at the universities of Cambridge, Bath, and Ulster – among others – so he’s got a whole lot of experience.

It’s science only here, yet this only lets him maintain his academic strength and focus across different students. And whether you’re aiming for GCSEs or for a degree, he’ll be able to help.

Meet Your Perfect Private Tutor with Superprof.

Where tuition centres demand that you travel across town, a freelance tutor provides a flexible schedule and a willingness to travel – without sacrificing the quality of the service.

At Superprof, we connect budding students to local, qualified tutors through our online platform. In Belfast, we have 580 tutors available for home tutoring or for tuition online.

Whatever it is you want to study – including languages and music – and at whatever level you’ll find it here. And you’ll get your first session free.

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Get yourself a private tutor - and watch your grades improve.

Belfast’s Private Language Tuition.

In comparison to academic tuition, people usually want something a little different from their language training.

So, whether you are hoping to learn English, become an English teacher yourself, or learn one of any of the languages under the sun, there won’t be any problem finding the right thing for you in Belfast.

Take Language Classes at Queen’s University Belfast.

Queen’s University is, obviously, one of the city’s hubs of learning. Their Language Centre currently offers language courses – both in person and online – in twenty-two different languages, from Cornish to Cantonese, from Polish to Latin.

It’s a great way to learn languages, as, backed by the university’s stellar reputation, there’s no risk that this will be anything but properly excellent teaching.

Find English, TEFL, and CELTA Classes at International House.

Belfast’s International House is the home for English language tuition in the city. Attracting international students hoping to learn English and CELTA students hoping to teach them English, there is a great big lovely vibe of lots of different learning.

In the afternoons, the House offers one-to-one classes in English, at a minimum of five hours a week. If you are serious about learning English, then this is the place to come.

Private Music Tuition in Belfast.

Music lessons provide extra logistical considerations. It’s not like you can just rock up with your book and a pen.

So, depending on where you are, you might have to consider the practicalities of getting yourself – or your child – to the tutoring centre. The easiest way in all this is to see if you tutor can come to you.

Source a Music Tutor through Music First NI.

On Botanic Avenue, Music First NI is an independent music school in Belfast offering lessons in singing, piano, guitar, and theory and composition.

They offer individual tuition in any of these instruments and subjects to people of any ages. Unlike a lot of music tuition in the UK, their prices are actually reasonable.

Search a Database of Music Teachers at MusicTeachers.

MusicTeachers is an online database which, associated with the Musician’s Union, lists some of the accredited – and most reliable – music teachers in Belfast and the surroundings.

You’ll find any instrument that you can imagine – and you’ll know that they will be reliable, qualified, and experienced.

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