Edinburgh, being the capital and the fastest growing city in Scotland, is a wonderfully vibrant and diverse place to live. With a wonderful and intriguing history, gorgeous architecture that brings tourists from around the world, and the most green space per capita of any city in the UK, its population enjoys a wonderful quality of life.

And, with some of the best opportunities in Scotland, if not the UK, it is also a great place to study – at any level and for any subject. That’s whether you are looking to study in the city at university level, or if you are joining secondary school here – the institutions on offer are great.

Edinburgh prides itself on its educational excellence – and has done, honestly, since the days of the Scottish Enlightenment.

With this in mind, you would imagine that the tutoring services on offer – and the range of different local tutors available – would be quite impressive. And you would be totally right. There is not a better place for private tutoring in the country, whether that’s in academic tutoring, languages, or music.

So, well done for choosing Edinburgh. Not let’s get you looking at the best tutors available for you.

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Find a private tutor in Edinburgh

Why Get a Private Tutor?

Home tutoring used to work a little differently. Your parent would notice a sign in the local shop window advertising maths tuition or language lessons. And then, after a phone call, your personal tutor would turn up on your doorstep.

Finding Your Private Tutor is So Easy.

Whilst this still happens, it’s much less common. Rather, as with everything in the modern world, the internet has revolutionised home tuition – making it safer and easier to find a tutor that is perfect for you and multiplying the choice available.

These days, you can find a private tutor – an English tutor, a French tutor, or a chemistry tutor – on almost every street in Edinburgh. And the point here is convenience: never has it been so easy to receive supplemental instruction.

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Improve Your Chances of Success.

Beyond this, however, the main argument for private tuition is in the effect that it will have upon your grades. Of course, you can practise essay writing by yourself, or develop the necessary knowledge of science and engineering.

However, having an expert by your side to discuss the issues with which you are struggling – or to give that essay a second pair of eyes – is a huge asset for your studies. And whilst the positive effect of a private tutor on your academic success has been proven by studies, tutors will also help to build confidence. This is something that is almost as important for success as the right knowledge.


But this is not the end of the story. Having a private academic mentor can be great for more reasons than your mere academic success.

Private tutors know how it feels to go through entrance exams, test prep, and studying in general. And, experienced with the pains of students, they know exactly how to deal with all the emotion.

You should think of the tutor-student dynamic as more of a human relationship than a brutal transaction. Because you can learn from tutors in more ways than merely regard the success academically.

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Make the most out of your private tuition.

Edinburgh’s Opportunities for Finding Private Tutors.

As we said, there are plenty of options for private tuition in Edinburgh these days. Whether you are looking for a trigonometry or algebra tutor, a language tutor, or a private music teacher, there are so many places to find them.

We’ve listed some of the best in town here. But, given that there are so many, and given that you can find one-on-one tutoring on platforms as diverse as Facebook and Gumtree, we advise that you spend some time finding the home tutor that works best for you.

When there are so many – and whilst the average quality remains very high – some may not be as professional as you would like or expect. So, meet your tutor before you commit to their lessons.

Other than that, we hope you find the tutor that you need!

Find an Academic Tutor for Any Subject.

Academic tuition is a mighty great industry – and it is important that you are shrewd in picking the perfect tutor amongst the many offering tutoring services.

You’ll find that there are lots of tutoring companies offering tuition in maths, science, and English. With all this choice, make sure you pick the right one.

Practice the Core Subjects with Kumon Maths and English Tuition.

Kumon is the largest provider of supplementary teaching in Britain. Founded over sixty years ago in Japan, it claims to have tutored over four million people since.

They are a pretty big deal, and they have ten tutors across Edinburgh – from Morningside to Murrayfield to Portobello.

Whilst their specialism has historically been in maths, they have since started to offer English tuition too.

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Improve Your Grades with Kip McGrath Tuition Centre.

Based in Marchmont, the Edinburgh centre of Kip McGrath offers tuition in English, Maths, and exam preparation, and specialised tuition for people with dyslexia and dyscalculia.

This is another international company that combines worldwide services with local success.

All the tuition takes place in the Marchmont centre. So, maybe this won’t be convenient for some.

Aim for an Entrance Exam with Explore Learning, Edinburgh.

Whilst offering popular maths and English tuition from their centre in Murrayfield, Explore Learning offers specialist training for students hoping to sit exams for entrance into private schools across Edinburgh.

So, if you are hoping to attend Fettes or Merchiston Castle School, Explore Learning can help you do that. And on a schedule that works around you.

Take Lessons that are Fun with MagiKats Maths and English Tutoring.

What distinguishes MagiKats from other tuition providers in the UK is their emphasis on fun.

We all know that maths and English can be a little dry. Yet, these guys on Leith Walk are determined to make your learning and productive and enjoyable as possible.

It’s a laudable aim – and they have great success rates, for students of all ages.

Study for All Academic Subjects with Edinburgh Tutors.

A local tutoring business, Edinburgh Tutors offers private tuition in all school subjects – from biology to business studies, from philosophy to French.

Set up in 2002 – and accredited by the national Tutors’ Association – Edinburgh Tutors do a mean job of providing the tuition that you specifically need.

Based on Duncan Street in the Southside, they are an excellent source of tutoring expertise.

Find Your Perfect Private Tutor with Superprof.

At Superprof, we provide a platform that connects students to tutors – of any subject that you could possibly imagine. With literally millions of tutors worldwide – offering lessons in over a thousand subjects – Superprof provides the tools you need to achieve your aim.

There are hundreds of tutors available in Edinburgh. Offering the first hour free, you’ll have the opportunity to find the best tutor you can.

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With a personal tutor, you can consolidate all the things you learned in class.

Try Private Tuition in Music.

Edinburgh is full of opportunities for music tuition too. And whether it is knowledge of the theory you want – or dedicated support with your instrument of choice – there’ll be someone there to help you.

And there’s always Superprof if you can’t find what you need elsewhere.

Learn an Instrument at the Morningside School of Music.

Based, obviously, in Morningside, the Morningside School of Music have been offering award-winning music tuition for years. And they have a wealth of very experienced staff, specialising in any instrument that you could be reasonably expected to want to play.

From the ukulele to the violin, the bass guitar to the clarinet, the Morningside School of Music has got your musical needs covered.

Take Theory, One-to-One Lessons, or Workshops at Most Entertaining.

Most Entertaining are based between Glasgow and the capital, with their Edinburgh centre at Summerhall. Focusing on piano, violin, and guitar – as well as music theory up to grade five – they have a reputation for being solid musicians and educators. Check them out.

Languages Tuition in Edinburgh.

As a hugely international city, Edinburgh is full of language schools and of teachers hoping to share their native language with you. Whether it is English you have come here to learn – or a second language – you’ll find the opportunity here.

Here are just a couple.

Speak Spanish with Spanish Connection Edinburgh.

Spanish Connection focuses – predictably – on Spanish, either one-to-one, in pairs, or in larger groups. They also provide dedicated courses for kids and for the DELE – the Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Private English Lessons at BSC School of English.

One of an infinite number of English language schools in Edinburgh is the British Study Centre on George Street.

If you are hoping to do a course in General or Business English, a CELTA, or an IELTS, this is the place to come.

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