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The number of COVID-19 infections seems to be going up across the UK and the measures in place seem to be changing a lot. Certain areas are having stricter measures introduced. Nevertheless, students are back at schools and universities across the country.

After months of not going to school, pupils and students are back at their desks. Since they’ve missed so many lessons, it’s hardly surprising that some may be struggling, need help catching up, or just looking to get ahead. This is where a private tutor can step in.

Academic support has never been more important since education is a bit all over the place at the moment.

So where can you advertise your private tutorials to potential students?

The Importance of an Online Presence for Private Tutors During the Pandemic

Unsurprisingly, a lot of businesses offering private tutoring or academic support saw their turnover decrease. Even though a lot of students were still studying at home, without any exams to prepare for or sit, few of them felt the need to get private tutorials or revise.

How can tutors maintain an online presence?
With many people having to stay home more often, it's never been more important for tutors to maintain an online presence. (Source: kaboompics)

You may have seen a drop in demand for your private tutorials, too. If this is the case, you may have suffered heavy losses to your earnings. Fortunately, with students going back to school and university, the demand should come back. However, we recommend that you get online to make sure that potential students can find you.

You have to have an online presence nowadays given that Google receives 7 billion daily searches! We use the internet for almost every question we have as well as to find services like gyms, our nearest post office, or private tutorials in biology, maths, English, etc.

YouTube can also be used to learn how to do DIY or fix a problem on your computer. That said, face-to-face help is often the best solution. Private tutorials are a great way to learn new skills but with the way the world is at the moment, you might want to shift to online tutorials.

Whether you offer face-to-face tutorials or online tutorials, you’ll want students to be able to find you when they search. Fortunately, you don’t need to have your own website for students to be able to find you online. There are plenty of platforms for private tutors so a lot of the work has already been done for you.

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Classified Ad Sites for Tutors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Just like how you can put up an ad or a poster on a noticeboard in a local business, you can do the same on websites. You can’t really put an ad up on your local baker’s website, but you could put an ad up on some of the most popular classified sites like Gumtree or Craigslist.

These kinds of sites receive a lot of traffic. This means a lot of potential students could see your ad for private tutorials.

A lot of people are finding job opportunities through sites like these, too. A good sign for private tutors, that’s for sure!

It’s usually free to post to Gumtree. Some sites allow you to pay to boost or make your ad more visible.

How can you find students for online tutorials?
If you can no longer teach students from their home, you might want to consider using classified ads to find your students. (Source: ddimitrova)

Make sure that your ad is appealing. You might want to include a photo of you teaching a student. There are also a few other things that you might want to include in your ad:

  • The subjects you teach: physics, chemistry, biology, maths, English, foreign languages, etc.
  • The type of tutorials you offer: tutoring, academic support, exam prep, revision techniques, etc.
  • The levels you teach: primary, secondary, GCSE, A Level, undergraduate, postgraduate.
  • Your qualifications.
  • Your experience.
  • Your pedagogy: what your lessons are like, etc.
  • Where you teach.
  • Your rates.

Don’t forget to keep your announcements up to date and regularly republish them to these kinds of sites.

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This is a website for tutors to find students and vice-versa. Tutors can set up a profile and search for students, and look for tutoring jobs.

The service is free as the students pay for the service. There are options for tutors to teach either face-to-face or online and there's an interactive whiteboard feature they can use when opting for the latter.

Which are the best tutoring websites?
There are a lot of websites you can use to find students for face-to-face tutorials and online tutorials. (Source: feelgoodjunkie)

The site also includes guides on how to start tutoring, pedagogy, revision techniques, and tracking student progress.

Generally, Tutorhunt is aimed at offering private tutorials to pupils in primary and secondary school so if you offer tutorials to adults or university students, you may want to try another platform or service.

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Offering Private Tutorials on Superprof During the Pandemic

Would you like to offer face-to-face private tutorials or online tutorials? Superprof is the way to go!
Our platform helps tutors find students and vice-versa at no charge to the tutor. It’s free to sign up and create your profile on Superprof. The students pay to contact the tutors.

How can you work from home as a private tutor?
If you have a decent webcam and a stable internet connection, you can teach almost any type of private tutorial remotely. (Source: renateko)

You can pay to increase the visibility of your profile if you want. After that, payment takes place directly between the tutors and the students.

You can set your own rates. You can also choose whether or not you want to offer the first tutorial for free. You can offer either face-to-face tutorials or online tutorials or both! Students can search for tutors by locale.

Don’t hesitate to put a good photo on your profile with a title that gives a clear idea of what you offer. You can even add an introductory video.

To get the most out of your profile, we recommend that you encourage students to leave reviews and that you respond quickly to incoming messages from interested students. Good reviews will quickly push you higher up the search results.

On your profile, you can mention how you like to teach, what your tutorials are like, and what teaching experience you have. Make sure you spell-check your profile, too! You want students to see your profile and want to get tutorials from you.

By using several channels, you’ll increase your chance of quickly finding students. Are you still here? What are you waiting for?

Learn more about the measures you should be taking to keep you and your students safe during the pandemic.

With so many children missing out on an awful lot of classes due to the coronavirus pandemic, their education has definitely taken a hit. Even though teachers are back at work and the kids are back in the schools, there will be a number of them looking to catch up or in need of academic support through private tuition.

While the way you offer private tuition may have to change, there's definitely an opportunity to private tutors or teachers looking for more work!

Every cloud, as they say!

Each type of tutorial has its pros and cons and it's really up to you, the measures in place, and the student to decide which type is best. You need to think about the best and safest way to teach your students to ensure that you can keep your tutoring business going.

Face-to-face tutorials can be incredibly effective but in this day and age, it's difficult to know how feasible they are and with the measures in place regularly changing, you mightn't want to start teaching a student face-to-face then have to swap to online tutorials only to go back to teaching them in person.

At the moment, online tutorials seem to be the safest and most stable way to teach. You can also teach online tutorials at any time of the day to students all over the world. As long as you have a webcam, a mic, and a decent internet connection, you can teach students without having to leave the house.

Until things get better, it's unlikely that you'll really be able to offer group tutorials unless you can offer a socially-distanced classroom and the rules and guidelines on gatherings have changed. That said, if you have a good number of students all from the same area, they may be interested in group tutorials once it's safe to offer them.


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