Aside from learning general theory about how to run a business, you may be wondering what specific skills you can gain from Business Studies. Perhaps you are thinking of taking GCSE Business Studies but are concerned about how useful it will be to you? But, of course, not everyone who takes the subject is an aspiring business entrepreneur.

Thankfully, Business Studies will allow you to develop a variety of transferable skills that will improve your employability and stay with you for the rest of your life, regardless of what career you choose. So, here is a list of the skills you will develop and perfect throughout your business studies ventures:

  • You will gain a great understanding of how organisations operate. This will be useful for any company you join or interact with and your knowledge of the ins and outs of the running of a business will make you a useful, adaptable and confident employee.
  • Good decision-making is an invaluable quality. Business Studies will allow you to develop the ability to quickly and efficiently make sensible, logical and informed decisions. This will save you time and hassle in both your personal and professional life and will hopefully stay with you throughout your entire life.
  • You will also develop you numeracy skills in Business Studies as you study investment, funding and how to use and interpret financial data. These mathematical abilities are widely useful and will demonstrate to your future employers that you have a logical, analytical mind.
  • Studying how organisations adjust to a changing market will teach you how to be an adaptable, flexible person. This is an extremely useful and desirable quality that will make you more than capable of taking on multiple roles within your career. Also you’ll be more than happy to accept that amazing promotion, knowing that you can step up and adapt to the workload.
  • Business Studies also forces you to be organised and to plan ahead. Learning how to generate marketable ideas, access resources and develop business plans all require a great deal of organisation. This, of course, is a crucial skill that will definitely serve you well no matter what career you decide to pursue.
  • Problem solving is a significant part of Business Studies. Aspects of the course such as coming up with a business plan that works, adapting to changes in the market and deciding whether or not it would benefit a company to employ people all require problem solving. You will become very good at coming up with elegant and logical solutions to problems which employers, of course, love.
  • Presentation skills are really important so a subject that allows you to develop them is a definite advantage. Practising presenting improves your oral communication, diction and confidence, which are all valuable life skills.

As you can see, Business Studies is a useful, practical and fascinate subject that many students enjoy and benefit from. So don’t worry, you’re not signing up to a life of running your own business from scratch. Business Studies is a worthwhile qualification for a variety of careers and will open many doors to you.




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