Sewing is becoming more popular.

Before you decide to become a famous fashion designer, keep in mind that there’s a long road ahead of you and you won’t become an overnight sensation just by following a few sewing patterns. Patience is a virtue, after all.

You’re probably asking yourself where you can find a teacher to help you with your sewing projects. You’ll find the answer in this article.

If you're looking to learn some basic sewing techniques like threading a needle, making stitches and seams, or making alterations to a garment, there are plenty of ways to get sewing lessons.

How Do You Become a Sewing Teacher?

It’s true that if you’re looking for a sewing teacher, you’ll probably want to know what experience and qualifications they have. While most sewing tutors are women, there are plenty of men choosing to get into sewing.

How much do private sewing tutors cost?
While it'd be great to learn from a fashion great, this is often out of the budget of most. (Source: leoessen)

There are several ways to become a sewing teacher or tutor.

Teachers working in British schools require qualified teacher status (QTS). However, those working in universities or as private tutors do not.

However, anyone who wants to teach in a university will need to teach in a university will require at least an undergraduate degree and will need to know more than stitching and other arts and crafts. They need to have a comprehensive understanding of a variety of techniques and an impressive CV and a good amount of experience.

Don’t forget that sewing is a skill that can be used in a number of different fields. You might want to learn how to sew for one of the following reasons:

  • Clothing (ready-to-wear, made-to-measure, fashion design, etc.)
  • Decorative sewing (interior design, upholstery, etc.)
  • Technical sewing

In fact, sewing isn’t just about sewing a button on, it’s a way to stimulate your creativity. When you sew, you create.

To be a good teacher, you need the right sewing supplies and equipment (a good tutor can show you what you need to get):

  • A serger
  • A sewing machine
  • Sewing books
  • Sewing patterns
  • A sewing kit with thread, needles, and scissors

They’ll use these tools to transfer your knowledge.

Now that you know what a sewing prof does, how do you find the proverbial needle in a haystack?

“I was a beginner before a became a reputable seamstress! I teach my students to have confidence in themselves and to use the needles to make their own unique garments. That’s my goal as a teacher” explains Sylvia, who makes vintage women’s clothing.

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Find a Teacher in a Fashion School

If your goal is to sew professionally and you’re looking for experienced teachers, the best place to look is in a fashion school. They’ll teach sewing, embroidery, etc., and can be found teaching the following:

  • Sewing for beginners workshops
  • Fashion design classes
  • Advanced classes
  • Beginners classes
Which are the best universities for fashion design?
Unsurprisingly, you'll find some pretty good teachers at a university. (Source: TeroVesalainen)

While sewing classes are more expensive in the capital than elsewhere in the country, there are other ways to learn to sew like:

  • Beginners workshops for learning how to sew, making simple projects like a tote bag or pillowcase, and working from a sewing pattern.
  • Summer workshops for those who want to be taught how to sew and meet new people
  • Intensive courses for learning to sew as quickly as possible

The price of a lesson will vary from town to town and from school to school. Some of the more famous sewing workshops in the capital can be rather pricey. The cost for an hour of tutoring, for example, is often between £15 and £50 per hour.

CityAverage Price

Whether you want to customise your wardrobe (or maintain it) or decorate your house with custom cushion covers, by establishing your objectives, you’ll know whether it’s worthwhile going to a fashion or design school.

Would you like to learn to sew online?

Get In Touch with a Teacher from a Sewing Group

Not sure how to make a skirt or repair your blouse?

Don't panic! You just have to attend a beginners sewing class or introductory classes at a sewing group. You’ll be able to found private tutors ready to dedicate their time to teaching you!

Where are the best sewing workshops?
A good workshop will have all the equipment you need. (Source: Kallistii)

Experienced teachers and tutors will ask you what your goals are before joining a class: creating wedding dresses, working with sewing patterns, working with a dressmaker’s mannequin, etc. Most classes tend to last between 2 and 3 hours.

It’s a good idea to take fashion and design classes if you’re serious about your sewing and expressing your creativity. If you attend a school, you have to be ambitious and at the end, you’ll get a qualification.

However, in a sewing group, you can learn just for fun. There are plenty of sewing groups around the country and you can find plenty of them online.

Certain groups will offer students a discount for block bookings or for signing up friends and family members at the same time.

“I started to learn about sewing from a group. It went really well but I preferred working with a private tutor so I hired Maxime, a former stylist who’d travelled the world and had worked on several fashion projects. This helped me work out what my strengths and weaknesses were and I made a lot of progress during my intensive classes.”

Private Tutorials Face-to-face or Via Webcam

There are other ways to learn how to sew:

Which are the best sewing YouTube channels?
Videographers and YouTubers are making some great content for aspiring fashion designers. (Source: JosepMonter)

Would you like to learn how to sew at your own pace from the comfort of your own home?

It’s not complicated. By heading online and checking out YouTube, you can find plenty of sewing channels run by individuals, sewing groups, and workshops. You can access:

  • Tutorials covering specific techniques
  • Learn how to sew by hand
  • Video tutorials for absolute beginners

Some of the best sewing channels include:

  • Thread Banger
  • Professor Pincushion
  • Stitchless TV

There are many advantages to learning to sew online. You can learn whenever you want to. However, watching a video won’t tell you exactly how to sew and where you’re going wrong.

Getting a private tutor is arguably the best way to learn how to sew in the long term. On Superprof, tutors can set their own rates and students can get in touch with them. This means you can find different types of "sewing classes near me":

  • Tutorials for beginners
  • Tutorials for professionals
  • In-home private tutorials
  • Group tutorials and workshops

Our tutors are passionate about teaching people new skills and know how to make their lessons fun and educational according to their students’ needs.

Anyone can learn to sew! You just need to establish your goals, see which methods work for you and get in touch with the right teachers.

So are you ready to learn more about sewing?

Important Things to Know About Learning to Sew at a Glance

What Is a Sewing Tutor?

Their goal is to help you, step by step, to achieve your goals, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert. They’re passionate about their vocation.

Think of them as a private educational coach. While a teacher has to plan lessons (often for groups of students) and follow a curriculum or work towards their students passing exams, a tutor has the freedom to work with their students' own goals and ambitions.

If you tell your sewing tutor what you'd like to achieve, they'll happily work with you to come up with a personalised learning plan and schedule for you.

What Is a Sewing Tutorial?

Whether you’re putting together patchwork, customising clothing, sewing a hem, or mastering cross stitch, a gifted teacher can help you achieve your goals. The main aim is to make you become more autonomous and creative.

Whether you're quilting, hand sewing, machine sewing, doing embroidery, or another textile art, there are beginner sewing tutorials for novices as well as experienced tutors who can help those who require advanced instruction.

Tutorials can take place anywhere, anytime. If you need to learn on the weekends or evenings, you can find a tutor who's available then. If you work nights and need private sewing tutorials during the day, that's not a problem, either.

There's a greater degree of flexibility when you opt for private sewing tutorials. The learning objectives can be agreed upon before you start and they can be changed as you progress. If you find you're progressing more quickly than expected, your tutor will be happy to up the pace!

Need a Sewing teacher?

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