Well the big day has arrived – GCSE results. The day when your efforts over the last two years are brought into sharp focus.

We will be following Simon, a 16 year old State School student from Bristol today. He will be telling us how he feels, share with us his results and his thoughts on what happens next in his life.


I am talking to Simon as he is having breakfast at 8am – much earlier than usual remember it is the school holidays. He aims to get into School at 9am this morning to open his results.

He says ‘I can’t help but feel excited and anxious today, there is so much resting on these results. I am going to get in early today and open my results as quick as I can. If they are good then I can stay on and chat to my mates. If they are not, at least I can get away quickly’.

Simon adds ‘it is going to be a big day on Facebook, everybody will be online sharing their results’.

He hopes that his results meet the grades he wants to stay on at Sixth Form and take A levels. If they do not, he is going to have to make some tough decisions that will certainly impact the next couple of years of his life.

We wish him good luck, and will be speaking to him after he receives his results.

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