Following on from our earlier blog post this morning, Simon has been in contact to say that he visited his School and received his GCSE results this morning.


He says ‘I am really pleased. I got 2 A’s, 5 B’s and 3 C’s. This means that I am guaranteed to get into Sixth Form.’

He told me that he was disappointed with his English result – a C, but there seem to be lots of students across the UK with the same problem. The Independent has reported today that ‘concerned teachers have suggested that GCSE English exams were marked too harshly this year after schools reported an unprecedented number of fails among their pupils’.

Simon’s grades may also have been reduced by a general tightening up in GCSE exam grades, following years of what has been reported as ‘grade inflation’. The Independent have also reported that ‘today’s national figures reveal that 69.4 per cent of all GCSE exams were given at least a C grade – down 0.4 percentage points on last summer. It is the first time the A*-C pass rate has fallen in the 24-year history of GCSEs’.

It maybe would not surprise you to learn that Simon used Superprof for online tutoring in preparation for his exams. He studied Maths, his predicted result was D grade and he received a B. Simon says ‘Superprof really helped me get to grips with areas I had big problems with’.

We at Superprof congratulate Simon and our other GCSE students. They have plenty to be proud of, and we are glad that we were able to help.

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