Spain and the Spanish language have been generating some interesting statistics around the UK lately.

Well, not exactly the country and its native language but its relationship to us:

  • Of all the possible holiday destinations we have to choose from, Spain, in particular, Barcelona and Andalusia, continue to call us back, again and again, making it the preferred destination for our holidays abroad.

  • In spite of fewer students electing to sit foreign language GCSEs overall, Spanish bucks that trend by showing an increase in the number of students sitting that exam while French and German are lagging.

  • The uptick in numbers continues through A-Levels where, again, with German and French exams waning in popularity, Spanish is on the rise.

  • The trend continues through undergraduate study: Spain is among the most popular destinations for UK students studying abroad.

Blame it on Shakira; blame it on Sangria.

Blame it on all of those exotic Latin dances and the allure of Luis Fonzi’s Despacito: whatever the reason, we and our kids are finding Spanish studies suddenly cool... and that’s a good thing!

Besides the cognitive benefits, one derives from the ability to speak more than one language, the professional and economic opportunities available to those who can speak a second language competently make learning Spanish worthwhile.

Wouldn’t learning French or German be of equal value?

To some extent, yes.

However, with the total number of Spanish speakers worldwide now second only to Mandarin Chinese speakers – English having been relegated to third place, it stands to reason that learning Spanish would better position one to take a competitive role later in life.

Whatever your reasons or those of the students in your clan, Superprof wants to help place you on the front line of benefit and opportunity by presenting you with some of the best places to learn Spanish throughout our country.

See where you can take Spanish lessons London.

Spanish Courses in Glasgow

Getting away from it all to a sunny Spanish speaking region seems a good idea!
A romantic getaway to a Caribbean beach will make good use of your Spanish language skills! Source: Pixabay Credit: Mustang Joe

The cream of the crop of Spanish lessons in Glasgow would surely be had at the Language Hub.

There, you will first encounter a placement test to determine how much Spanish you know and how well you can speak it.

If you cannot speak Spanish at all, you would be placed in their beginners class and, should you wish to learn with your mates, you might all get to learn together – provided you are all starting your language learning experience from scratch.

Naturally, should you have some Spanish skills, you would be grouped with other learners at the intermediate level.

If you were to happen onto Live Language’s foreign language webpage, you would find that the very first language listed is Spanish... could it be because so many people inquire about Spanish classes?

Their three-month course will take you through the basics of grammar while building your vocabulary and practising your Spanish pronunciation.

You never need to worry about overcrowded classes; they restrict their classes to under 15 students in order to maintain the optimal teacher-student ratio.

One most enticing aspect of their language program: they can arrange for a learning session in Spain!

You may choose to sojourn in Madrid or Majorca, staying with a host family and seeing what Spain is like through the eyes of a native.

What a learning experience that would be!

We’ll leave that idea to germinate... or would you like to know of other Spanish courses in Glasgow you might take?

Mariachi music is generally festive
If you enjoy the festive sounds of Mariachi music, Mexican Spanish is the language for you! Source: Pixabay Credit: Ernesto Slava

Spanish Lessons in Leeds

From undergraduate courses at the University of Leeds to adult language programmes at Leeds City College, Loiners are spoilt for choice when it comes to learning Spanish.

If you happen to be preparing for GCSEs or A-Levels, take note of the University of Leeds Spanish language BA programme.

Theirs is a four-year, full-time degree program that permits you to tailor your language learning to your interests.

For example, if you find peace in religious studies, you may take Spanish for Religion. By contrast, if you’re fascinated by advances in medicine, you might focus on Medical Spanish.

If you are not contemplating attending university but still wish to learn Spanish in a structured learning environment, you might consider Leeds City College.

A haven for school leavers and proponents of continuing education alike, their Spanish language studies do not disappoint!

What is particularly great is that they teach language and culture as complementary aspects of learning, through events sponsored by native speakers of various Spanish speaking regions.

One facility whose purpose is to promote Spanish language and culture is Instituto Cervantes.

There, you may prepare for the Spanish Dele – the official exam of Spanish language proficiency, avail yourself to their library and discover Spanish culture through the events they host.

Of course, they also teach Spanish; to adults and GCSE level students.

There are so many outlets to learn Spanish in Leeds! We’ve compiled our top picks in this table:

School NameWhat They TeachPhysical AddressWeb AddressPhone Number
University of LeedsUndergraduate and Graduate SpanishMichael Sadler Building
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT 343 3669
Leeds City CollegeAdults and school leavers
Several locations throughout the city 386 1997
Cactus Language TrainingAdults and Business SpanishVarious locations throughout the cityhttps://www.cactuslanguagetraining.com0127 383 0960
Cervantes InstituteSpanish language and culture
Business Spanish
Test Prep
169 Woodhouse Lane
Leeds LS2 3AR 246 1741

Spanish Classes in Manchester

As our weather is particularly gloomy this time of year, it would be quite natural for our thoughts to turn to sunny escapades in Valencia or Málaga... or did you have mountainous Madrid in mind?

If so, you may want to brush up on your Spanish by taking a Conversational Spanish class with Able Manchester.

You might know of this facility as an English study hub, perhaps meant for native speakers of Spanish to learn our language but you could also learn Spanish in the adult language classes they host.

Incidentally, if you were looking for Spanish lessons for your children, you could find them at Able Manchester too!

Their language courses don’t necessarily drill heavily on Spanish grammar; they are more interested in getting your speaking skills right through a variety of exercises and role-play.

Furthermore, you may brush up on your cultural knowledge through the events they sponsor; you will have ample opportunity to exercise your newfound vocabulary in a social setting... all while having fun!

If you were looking for something a bit more hard-hitting, you may be interested in the University of Manchester’s Spanish courses for all.

You don’t need to be a university student to enrol in these classes; they are for everyone. Nor do you need to have any level of proficiency in Spanish.

You may start in Beginners Spanish or, if you are indeed leaving on holiday in a few weeks, you may select their fast track course, just so you can acquire some language before you leave.

They also have classes for the intermediate Spanish speaker and even for those fluent in the language!

Wait... if one is fluent in Spanish, why would they need classes? Excellent question!

If you have signed up for the Spanish Dele language proficiency exam, you would certainly want a way to exercise your language skills in the run-up to your test day.

Even if you were getting ready for A-Levels or the International Baccalaureate, these classes would help. In fact, undergraduates benefit from them, too.

These are only a couple of possibilities for learning Spanish in Manchester...

Spanish Lessons Near Me in Birmingham

You could catch an authentic Flamenco show in Andalusia with your Spanish language skills
Fancy going to Andalusia to enjoy Flamenco dancing? Best to pick up on Spanish phrases! Source: Pixabay Credit: 691806

As does the University of Manchester, so the University of Birmingham offers open courses in a variety of languages.

Here too the trend continues; Spanish is their most popular selection!

You would study alongside university students taking extracurricular classes and others who are simply interested in learning something new.

Your curriculum would be predicated upon which level of language ability you are currently at.

If you are sure you’re beyond ‘Buenos Dias’ but not quite so sure how close to ‘Buenas Noches’ you actually are, you may take their online placement test, and then check their calendar for the next available enrolment date for your level.

These classes are suitable for GCSE students and above but they are not recommended for younger learners.

Should you need a Spanish teacher qualified to work with young children, you should contact Kidslingo and ask about their Spanish for kids programme.

How early did you want your child to start learning?

They offer a baby program; multi-sensory learning that features music and videos. Once your child becomes verbal, games and storytelling come into play.

Kidslingo accepts students up to 11 years of age, keeping the learning fun and engaging throughout. What a way to prepare your progeny for bilingualism!

Incidentally, Kidslingo operates throughout the country, they are not just for Spanish lessons in Birmingham. So, should you need to relocate, you may take your child’s lessons along!

Spanish Courses in Belfast

As we've mentioned, learning to speak a new language is no piece of cake. Foreign tongues such as Arabic, Japanese, and Thai confuse pupils from start to finish.

Nevertheless, Spanish proves to be relatively simple to English native speakers in comparison to other foreign tongues.

Also, it is worth mentioning that there are many valid reasons to learn Spanish such as the fact that it is natively spoken by over 400 million people worldwide, 20 countries have it as their official language, Spanish is only gaining in popularity, and travel experiences throughout Latin America and Spain will be enhanced.

Can I learn Spanish in Belfast? 

Since Belfast is Northern Ireland's largest city and capital, there are many academic institutes offering supplementary language classes such as Spanish. One of the "coolest" and "hippest" language schools in Northern Ireland is known as Wee Love Languages. Founded by a professional linguist named Alex, Wee Love Languages offers courses in various tongues such as French, Mandarin, and Spanish.

While the previously mentioned language school is a fantastic option, there are other worthy schools such as the Crescent Learning Centre and Queen's University in Belfast that extend interactive Spanish lessons with professional tutors at reasonable prices.

There is no beating around the bush, Spanish is an essential language to learn that can be useful in so many touristic destinations.

If you are a Belfastian and do not wish to undergo Spanish courses at an academic institute, there are online or in-person tutors offering their services on Europe's best tutoring site; which website might that be? Superprof, without a doubt!

Edinburgh Spanish lessons are available around the clock...

Studying Spanish in Edinburgh

Hola. Buenos días. ¿Como estás? ¿De donde eres? ¡Olé!

For many foreigners, Spanish is a sophisticated, enchanting, intoxicating, and intriguing language. Considered a Romance Language, Spanish has stolen the hearts of linguists all over the world and Edinburgh, Scotland is no exception!

Spoken for centuries on the Iberian peninsula, Spanish spread to the Americas and other parts of the world in the 1500s during the Spanish inquisition of lands now known as Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia.

It is important to state that linguists use the term "Castillian" to describe Spanish in its purest form. It is primarily used to separate itself from other common dialects such as Galician, Catalan, and Basque.

An interesting fact about Spanish that many people may not realise is that terms, vocabulary, and accents drastically change depending on each country. For example, a Spainards accent and words used may not be fully understood by a Peruvian; isn't language fun?

Spanish truly is one of the most unique, entertaining, and striking modern languages to grasp; I'm not just saying this because I am fluent, it's 100% true!

Therefore, citizens of Edinburgh may be curious as to where they may attend courses to learn one of the world's most beautiful languages. 

At Superprof, we highly recommend visiting the inlingua school that is located in the heart of Edinburgh to learn more about languages. Past students view inlingua as a fantastic place to brush up on language skills. Group classes are not crowded since courses only feature ten students or less.

The tutors at inlingua in Edinburgh are passionate, talented, and experienced at their craft. Common foreign languages taught at inlingua include Chinese, French, Gaelic, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese, and, of course, Spanish!

Another language school that teaches Spanish and is worthy of special attention in the Edinburgh area is the Berlitz Edinburgh school. It is important to state that the Berlitz method originated in Edinburgh and is now taught and practised in cities all over the world.

Start your Spanish lessons today by attending one of Edinburgh's language schools; you definitely won't regret your decision to do so!

What about Wales? Can citizens of Cardiff learn more about the basics of Spanish without leaving their city? The answer is an astounding YES! 

Learning the Basics of Spanish in Cardiff

While many linguists, polyglots, and intellects suggest that learning a new language is a fulfilling experience that should not be missed, is it really feasible for everyone? Is language learning only reserved for the most brilliant minds? Definitely not!

It is true that some individuals will pick up a foreign language at a quicker pace than others, there are specific tongues that are easier depending on a person's native language. For example, many reports confirm that English native speakers have relative ease grasping languages such as Norwegian, Swedish, Italian, Indonesian, and Spanish.

Why Spanish? Isn't it from a different language family? 

It is important to state that while English comes from the Germanic language family and Spanish comes from Latin, a large part of English is Romance-influenced and connected to Latin.

Therefore, little do people know that it is quite simple to connect English words with the correct Spanish definition. Also, many linguistics studies have been conducted and have shown that after correctly assimilating 1000 of the most commonly spoken Spanish words, learners grasp approximately 87% of conversations.

A major source of stress of native English speakers learning Spanish is the verb tenses. However, many people quickly forget that to be correctly understood by Spanish natives in the beginning only the simple present tense is required.

Have you been convinced citizens of Cardiff?

If so, you'll be happy to find out that there are many language schools in the Cardiff area to learn Spanish effectively with professional tutors at affordable prices.

For example, the Spanish Academy has two locations in the UK and the Cardiff centre is located at 18 Park Grove near Cardiff University. Classes conducted at the Spanish Academy in Cardiff are flexible, can be in-person or via online tuition, and are reasonably priced starting at only £23 per hour.

Also, if you're a student in Cardiff looking for a smaller language school, consider the Light House Spanish Academy that boasts personalised courses for each student at a time and place convenient for the learner.

Without a doubt learning more about a foreign language can be a fulfilling experience if you are motivated and have a qualified tutor to guide you along the way.

We've already mentioned this fact, and we'll keep doing so because it's true, but the best in-person or online tutors in Cardiff and the surrounding towns are found on the Superprof website. Some advantages of choosing a Superprof tutor include the facts that the first lesson of courses is always 100% free and subsequent classes can be found for less than £15 an hour!

Paella in London tastes decidedly different than in Spain
Why settle for a Paella at Costa del Sol when you could enjoy authentic Spanish cuisine in Spain? Source: Pixabay Credit: Giro Chantal

Finding Spanish Classes in London

Our country’s capital being a global city, host to businesses and individuals from all over the world, why should it come as any surprise that opportunities to learn Spanish in London abound?

You might find the teachers at the aptly named Spanish Lessons in London to be dynamic and engaging.

Your first meeting with them would consist of an interview to determine why you want to learn Spanish.

Are you hoping for Conversational Spanish lessons so you can enjoy a more intense holiday experience abroad or are you preparing for an exam; a formal assessment of your Spanish language ability?

For business or for pleasure, Spanish Lessons London has a Spanish course for everyone!

How about Spanish lessons at the International House?

Here again, the teachers tailor their curriculum to your language learning needs. You may enrol there without knowing so much as ‘Hola!’ and come away with ‘Querido, yo te quiero...’ - maybe even in time for Valentine’s Day!

The best way to beat the post-holiday blues is to get yourself engaged in something productive – that is one reason why so many people make New Year’s resolutions!

One way to keep your resolutions is to embroil yourself in something so fun, so stimulating and worthwhile that you won’t think for a moment of stopping.

Learning Spanish surely qualifies!

Now that you know where, all around the UK, you can find such lessons, you may join the ranks of those who have already made Spanish THE language to learn this year.

It's important to state that taking Spanish lessons in London or in any other city at an institute is not the only option. There are many online courses that offer flexibility no matter which UK city you are based in...

Taking Spanish Courses Online

For busy adults and denizens of the digital realm otherwise known as teenagers, perhaps the most effective way to partake of Spanish lessons is online.

Consider the case of the busy parent: s/he has a work schedule to adhere to and family concerns to manage such as maintaining the home, buying and preparing food and seeing to the health and wellbeing of the entire family.

Just thinking about it is exhausting!

Who has any real desire to rush out for lessons after doing the nightly tidying up?

Another reason to consider online lessons is the cost: with virtually no business overhead to cover, Spanish teachers online are free to set reasonable prices for their one on one language lessons.

Finally, the selection of Spanish teachers available for online instruction is far greater than you might find in traditional learning setups.

Were you hoping to learn Mexican Spanish so you can discover Chichen Itza and explore the rest of the Yucatán Peninsula?

Or, inspired perhaps by Luis Fonzi and West Side Story, you might want to learn Puerto Rican Spanish and maybe explore the rest of the Caribbean Islands.

By searching for your best teacher online, you may choose a Spanish instructor based on which region of the Spanish speaking world they hail from so that you can learn both the language and culture that sparked your interest.

Other than finding your ideal Spanish tutor on Superprof, you may try your luck with Italki, a global tutor marketplace for language learning.

Simply scan teacher profiles until you find one or more likely candidates, check their calendar to see if your schedules are compatible and reserve your lessons!

Live Lingua works in much the same way except for how tutors’ rates are set: on Italki, teachers set their own rates and Live Lingua establishes a base schedule of fees that are listed right on their web page.

In either case, lessons are delivered strictly online, via Skype or whichever video platform your chosen teacher specifies.

Superprof, by contrast, has more than 7,000 Spanish teachers all across the UK.

So, if you prefer an in-home Spanish tutor; one who would work with small children and adults alike; one who might take on a small group of Spanish learners or work one to one, then the choice is clear.

Isn’t it?

Need a Spanish teacher?

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