Students, are you planning on doing a spring clean out and switching up your room? Or perhaps you’ll be moving in to a new student house in September and you’re wondering how you will go about making it a home? Whatever your situation is, it’s always a fun and positive activity to improve your living space. Here are some ideas for decorating your house on a student budget:

  • Sticky wall hooks – These are great if you’re a bit pushed for storage space but your landlord doesn’t allow you to put pins in your walls. You can use them for hanging coats, bags, towels, scarves and even necklaces. They look really cool, as well as being functional.
  • A rug – This is most definitely an investment item. Although they can be fairly pricey, it will add lots of warmth, cosiness and colour to your room as well as disguising any dodgy stains the previous tenants left behind.
  • Fairy lights – Fairy lights instantly transform a dreary room in to a warm, cosy space. Also, they use up to 90% less electricity than conventional lighting so they won’t break the bank.
  • Pimp your walls – Posters are great but they are actually pretty expensive. Instead, why not scour your house for cool things to stick on your walls. You will probably be surprised at the stuff you’ll find in old magazines and newspapers. Or if you enjoy being artistic you could paint or draw a picture for your wall. It’s definitely not essential to fork out ten pounds for a big piece of paper when you can think outside the box instead.
  • A fruit bowl – This is a really cheap and effective way of brightening up your kitchen table. All you need is a cheap or borrowed bowl large enough to put fruit in and your ordinary fruit groceries that you would be buying anyway. This idea might also motivate you to eat more fruit!
  • Cushions – These don’t have to be expensive and they add colour and texture to an otherwise dull bedroom or living room. Alternatively, if you’re feeling creative, cushions are fairly simple to make and that way you can design and decorate them however you like.
  • A corkboard made of corks – If you’re in the mood for a fun creative project then why not reuse corks to make a homemade corkboard? This is not only more sustainable than a conventional corkboard but also more interesting to look at. Click here for instructions on how to make this quirky wall feature.
  • Clever storage solutions – Nothing detracts from a nicely decorated bedroom than clutter. So definitely consider utilising storage solutions such as under bed drawers and shoe racks. It’s all too easy for a student’s bedroom floor to become covered in shoes and clothes.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. Why not spend a little time googling affordable ways to decorate your student house? There are loads of great ideas out there. Just make sure you read your house contract carefully to make sure you won’t be breaking any of your terms of agreement. Have fun!



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