Let's get things off on the right foot: anyone studying economics must surely enjoy intellectual challenges, appreciate the beauty and symmetry of maths and have a fondness for compiling and assessing statistics.

Economics majors must have an eye on social policy that dictates the distribution of resources and be able to detect patterns of allocation of what is formally called scarce desirables: income, power, wealth and prestige.

All of this would be enough to boggle the mind of a mature individual with sharp critical thinking skills who has vast experience in global affairs.

Thus it would be understandable that a relatively young, college-aged student, with only a little education in the ways of life, would need help understanding concepts that power societies around the world.

Fortunately, Birmingham has a couple of colleges and universities with unique and outstanding economics programmes.

If you are enrolled in the University of Birmingham undergraduate course or working toward your Master's degree in Econometrics, you may need a tutor of Economics at some point, to clarify some of the more complex economic theories or distil some of the more convoluted mathematics.

In this article, Superprof endeavours to guide you to the mentor you seek.

Build your confidence through individualized tutoring sessions
Individualized tutoring can help build your confidence! Source: Pixabay Credit: Rawpixel

Ascertaining Your Need

Economics is a multifaceted discipline that incorporates calculus-level mathematics, sociological concepts such as position, entitlement and privilege, and the analysis of distribution and use of resources that make a society function.

But then, the discipline goes further, drilling into specific aspects of the human experience in terms of:

  • microeconomics and macroeconomics
    • the study of individuals or businesses versus the broader view of the economy as a whole
  • environmental economics, dealing with local resources such as farming and forests
  • Developmental economics: how economies develop in emerging countries
  • business economics, focusing on profit maximisation
  • labour economics: the relationship of employers and employees
  • international economics focuses on globalisation and relationships among countries

Acquiring an academic understanding of these ponderous subjects is an exacting proposition.

Developing a capacity for intuitive comprehension of how economics affects everyone on every level of society requires someone passionate about social science, who can break each economic theory down into digestible bites for you to absorb.

While it is true that exams only call for academic knowledge, if you – like so many other future economists, desire a fundamental understanding of these principles, no doubt you would want more than just a superficial grasp of the subject matter that will earn you a decent grade.

You can find an Economics tutor near me here.

Which Degree to Pursue?

Oddly enough, any UK economics student could work toward a Bachelor of Arts – a BA, or a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.

Why there is a distinction between the type of degrees is not known. However, those attaining a BA aver that their field of study focuses more on theory and application, and economic factors that influence policy-making.

The BSc tends to be more technical, with greater focus on mathematics and statistics.

Of the 60 programmes offering Economics L100 degrees in the UK, the overwhelming majority offer the BSc degree.

You might ask yourself at this point: what is your forte?

Do you excel in maths, statistical analysis and detecting patterns?

Or would you find your greatest career satisfaction in applied economics, addressing practical concerns that face our society today?

Where your passion lies – and which degree path you are on would dictate the type of academic tutoring that would best advance your goals.

Putting a bit of thought into exactly what type of help you need will help you winnow down your tutor search to only those with the knowledge, skills and ability to help you.

For example: you might not need an economics tutor that charges £60 per hour if all you need help with is math.

Conversely, even the most advanced math tutor might not help you understand economic theory, meaning you would need private tutoring tailored to the field you wish to specialise in.

How can you fit the cost of private lessons into your budget?
Balancing the cost of a home tutor into a possibly meagre student budget requires finesse! Source: Pixabay Credit: Stevepb

Determining the Most Qualified Tutor

Unlike GCSE maths, algebra, languages and general test prep, economics tutors are far more specialised – and much harder to find.

That means a tutor of economics would most likely be more expensive!

Reflecting on your curriculum and considering the costs, your search for home tutoring may depend on which subjects you need help with: theory, applications, history and yes, even tuition in maths and statistics...

But there is another set of questions to consider: would you want a private tutor, or would your needs best be met by participating in group sessions?

Would you prefer one to one tutoring in home – intensive tutorials on economic philosophy, or might you prefer working with a tutoring services agency, where every educator's credentials and teaching experience have already been verified?

Might you be interested in working with an online tutor?

Inasmuch as you are studying Economics, you may be familiar with Gregory Mankiw's 3rd Principle of Economics, namely that you would want the best value for the lowest price.

In that spirit, let us now find avenues open to the Economics major needing a boost in comprehension.

Finding a Tutor Through the Department of Economics

If you are in fact enrolled at university, or even just starting out in your economics classes – studying for your GCSE or A-Levels, it is quite possible to find a tutor recommended by other students, by your instructor or department staff.

In the UK, there is no law governing who can tutor at what level in any given subject, or what credentials they must possess.

The rule of thumb is that the tutor must be at least one year more advanced than his/her prospective pupil.

Therefore, you might inquire at your school's student union to see if anyone there could recommend a sterling student studying the econ at a higher level than you.

They might also be able to direct you to an Economics study group!

If you are struggling in only a particular aspect of the discipline, such as maths or writing your essays, you may seek out an English tutor, or perhaps math tutoring rather than limiting your tutor search exclusively to those well-versed in economics.

If you have elected to study behavioural economics, you may seek a tutor in psychology or behavioural science!  

One way your search could be made easier would be finding adverts for one on one tutoring posted on dormitory or departmental bulletin boards!

A note of caution in contacting such individuals: verify their identity/credentials prior to engaging them.

Helpful hint: the best tutors submit to a DBS check, will proclaim that they have a DBS and will provide that report on demand.

Your online tutor may form a solid relationship with you
It is quite possible to build a solid relationship while being tutored online Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

Investigate Online Tutoring

While it is true that Birmingham newspapers, and even scholastic news magazines print adverts for a variety of offers – from old textbooks to homework help, you may also consider such announcements posted online.

Sites such as Gumtree and Freeads have listings for tutors. However, as of this writing, there are no economics tutors listed on either site.

Nevertheless, you might find your ideal maths tutor. Or you could post your tutor search ad there.

Consider the MOOCs

Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, are open to anyone who wants to learn anything, including economics.

It might seem redundant to take yet another econ course when your plate is most likely already full, but consider the wisdom of this move, for a moment:

  • You might get a different perspective on the material you find hard to grasp
  • You will definitely have the opportunity to work with fellow students who are earning their qualifications
  • Many MOOCs are free!

In fact, the University of Birmingham hosts such college-level classes, but you will have to be a bit clever to find those related to economics by searching under Social Science rather than Economics.

However, those courses are targeted to the graduate student; besides, you might not find what you need...

Time to look elsewhere.

Hiring a Superprof Tutor

Our Superprof tutor platform boasts six Economics tutors in the Birmingham area. Every one of them offers their first lesson for free, and most of them charge as little as £10 per hour.

All of their profiles have been verified, and all would travel to meet you or provide instruction via webcam, if you so desire.

In fact, if you are not averse to online tutoring, you might engage a Superprof tutor in London or anywhere else in the country... even outside of the country!

Engaging with a Tutoring Agency

If all else fails, you may resort to going the formal route: contacting a tutoring centre.

Again, there are few Economics tutors listed on any agency's roster that we checked on; you may have to focus on the individual aspect of your major that you feel less confident in: maths, sociology or history.

As maths is the most troubling aspect most economics students face, if that is also your trouble area, you may find help with Birmingham Tutors.

This is the rare agency that will do anything to help struggling students, so you may inquire about any help they could provide for your degree plan.

Their price for higher education support is a flat rate of £28 per hour.

You are to be commended for taking on a field of study that many would declare too difficult, or even too boring.

We hope that you find the tutelage you need in order to achieve your goals!

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